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Aaron Bushnell, Free Palestine

Requiescat In Pace, Aaron Bushnell Free Palestine: The Self-Immolation By Aaron Bushnell At The Israeli Embassy (3:08)(To view with many links, click the link below.) “My name is Aaron Bushnell. I am an active duty member of the United States Air Force, and I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I am about to […]

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The Ominous Change At The Federal Reserve by Mark R. Elsis

From Jewish Janet L. Yellen,To Gentile Jerome H. Powell,And What The Dow Jones Did. “I am writing for humanity in a world eaten by usury.”Ezra Pound As of today, October 31, 2023, the United States national debt is $33.7 trillion. Incredibly, the national debt has increased just over $600 billion this month alone. That’s 20 […]

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Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? (17:35)

Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? (17:35)(To view with many links, click the link below.) Jews Archive Subscribe To The Newsletter Support Honest, Independent, And Ad-Free News

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The Ever-Escalating Downfall Of Man Bathing In An Absence Of Interest by Gary D. Barnett

This is a subject upon which I have touched or written about extensively for a long time, but it is of vital importance if the bulk of society is ever to come to terms with the fact that their freedom and prosperity are wholly dependent on their own efforts, and never to be left to […]

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Armed IRS And ATF Gun Raid In Montana: What Should Be Learned? by Gary D. Barnett

Armed IRS And ATF Gun Raid In Montana: What Should Be Learned? On June 15th, 20 armed IRS and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco, and Firearms) agents raided, according to the owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters and others, his gun store in Great Falls, Montana. This was first and foremost, an IRS operation, with help […]

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Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Palestinian Two-Year-Old by Philip Giraldi

While Blinken tells AIPAC of Team Biden’s “iron clad” support for Israel There would appear to be no limit to Israeli bestiality towards the Palestinians and likewise no limit to how much that brutality has been enabled by the positions taken by successive US governments and the national media. Indeed, the self-defined Jewish state, which […]