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$1.68 An Hour, $862,000 Homes. LA Is America’s Future by Video Rebel

Latina illegal aliens are working for as little as $1.68 an hour in clothing sweat shops in Los Angeles according to Zero Hedge . A real estate agency said home prices have dropped to an average of $862,000 in Los Angeles county though Black people and illegal aliens in Watts can buy homes for as little as $549,000.
The average rent in the US has increased 8.85% per year since 1980 so today the average renter pays 45% of their income for shelter. It used to be 25%. The average rent for the 50 largest cities for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1,879. All of this rent gouging might be due to the increase of America’s population from 180 million in 1960 to 223 million in 1980 to 336 million today, all thanks to legal and illegal immigration with a major assist from US welfare laws.
That is America’s future according to liberalism. The Biden administration allowed 6.1 million illegal aliens into the US so far. There are other implications: Drug cartels seem to have infiltrated our electoral process and have stolen elections in Arizona and likely elsewhere. Unaccompanied children have been accepted as immigrants and assigned custody in some cases to drug cartel pimps. Some of these children are as young as six.
Years ago the FBI used to publish updates on the status of gangs whether they be in prison, outlaw motorcycle gangs or drug gangs. The latest report was from 2015 and published in February 2016. Seems the modern FBI and DOJ do not want the public to fret about increases in gang activity since 2015 and the return of Open Borders. Fentanyl laced with xylazine would seem to be a problem for every state government in the US but not so for Mexican and Central American (MS-13) drug cartels and the liberals in the US Congress, the Senate and the Biden admin.
Liberals seem to like the increase in human trafficking of children and the increase in drug related crime.

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