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The Universal War Against Mankind by Gary D. Barnett

Extreme Domestic Terrorism Has Taken Control Over America And The World
We live in a time when the ‘elite’ web of rule, the real power behind the throne, and enforced by the state’s political actors, controls the masses because it controls the politicians, the courts, the military, the monetary system, and therefore the entire government. Due to the very long term, incremental, and purposeful dumbing down of society, most do not realize the monumental risk we face due to this terroristic plot designed by what can be referred to as the “State.” That plot has always existed, and is meant only to gain money, power, and total control over the people, and to create a global technocratic governing system run by the few. In fact, this is already in place, and is in the final stages of completion. This is missed by most, because they are concentrating on the minutia, allowing themselves to be purposely divided, voluntarily voting for masters, hiding from the truth, and complying with most every order given without question.
The ruling ‘elite’ are evil, and therefore, governments under the command of these elites, meaning all higher level, and most lower level governments, are evil as well. I do not use this term lightly, as many will argue that this description is overused, but in this case, this evil is so dark and treacherous, intentionally pursued, and premeditated, that it has been accomplished without conscience or compassion for its many victims; victims made up of common people everywhere.
It is imperative if any truth whatsoever is sought, that all in any position of power, whether local, state, or federal, never be trusted regardless of feigned hyperbole or rhetoric. This attitude is completely foreign to most in this country, so any reversal in thought and action will have to be accomplished by large numbers of independent individuals acting as one without any collective guidance. Looking toward false hope, or false gods, or concentrating on the minor and not so minor details of this nefarious takeover coup, instead of concentrating on the big picture, is mandatory if any relief is to be achieved. The politicians and political system are of course corrupt, controlled, and are the bane of humanity, so any acceptance of this rule is a submission to false authority, and an admission of voluntary servitude.

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2 Replies to “The Universal War Against Mankind by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Well King Charles just said at the WEF that all of them together as a privatisation military operation need to join forces to overthrow all opposition from any governments to the establishment of the new world order, no doubt with him having the Throne.

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