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The Solution: Kill All The Grabblers by The Onion (2:38)

The Solution: Kill All The Grabblers by The Onion (2:38) (To view with many links, click the link below.) The Solution: Kill All The Grabblers by The Onion (2:38) (To view with many links, click the link below.) The Onion Archive Subscribe To The Newsletter Support Honest, Independent, And Ad-Free […]

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How Blackrock’s Larry Fink Created The Global Energy Crisis by F. William Engdahl

Most people are bewildered by what is a global energy crisis, with prices for oil, gas and coal simultaneously soaring and even forcing closure of major industrial plants such as chemicals or aluminum or steel. The Biden Administration and EU have insisted that all is because of Putin and Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. This […]

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Israel Assassinated President John F. Kennedy by Mark R. Elsis

If you would like to know who the real perpetrators behind the assassination of President Kennedy were, it was Israel. Their motive was they desperately wanted to obtain nuclear weapons. Juxtapose this with the evidence that non-proliferation of nuclear weapons was the most vital issue of the Kennedy presidency. He would not let Israel or […]

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Goodbye G20, Hello BRICS+ by Pepe Escobar

The increasingly irrelevant G20 Summit concluded with sure signs that BRICS+ will be the way forward for Global South cooperation. he redeeming quality of a tense G20 held in Bali – otherwise managed by laudable Indonesian graciousness – was to sharply define which way the geopolitical winds are blowing. That was encapsulated in the Summit’s […]

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Beijing Warns US Of ‘Red Line’ In Relations by Ilya Tsukanov

China-US ties have sunk to their lowest point since the normalization of relations in 1979, with problems stemming from the trade and tech wars launched by the Trump administration in 2018, complemented by the Biden White House’s repeated violations of the One China policy on Taiwan. Taiwan is a security “red line” for China which […]

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A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson (.pdf Book and Audio Book)

In a ‘History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind’ ex-South African banker, the late Stephen Goodson explains how the Central Banking “scam” originated, and how those who run it have throughout history used their power to subvert governments, and manufacture wars that not only produced vast profits, but frequently to topple ‘regimes’ whose […]

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Big Picture, 2022 Midterm Elections Highlight The Distinct Difference Between Ballots And Votes by Sundance

As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes. It appears in some states this is the ‘new normal.’ Where votes were the focus, the Biden administration suffered losses. Where […]

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Who’s Afraid Of US Troops In Ukraine? by M. K. Bhadrakumar

Very innocuously, the Biden Administration has ‘sensitised’ the world opinion that American troops are indeed present on Ukrainian soil in Russia’s immediate neighbourhood. Washington made a “soft landing” with an unnamed senior Pentagon official making the disclosure to the Associated Press and the Washington Post. The official gave an ingenious explanation that the US troops […]

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The Conspirators by

The Democrat party have demonstrated judicial malfeasance by their flagrant abuse of power starting with the fabricated dossier during the Trump administration, the groundless impeachment trials and false witnesses, including the partisan arrests, framing, and imprisonment without trial of peaceful and innocent protesters on January 6th. Political persecutions through one-sided commissions and communist-style show trials […]