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The U.S. Navy Is Trying To Build A Ghost Fleet by Peter Suciu

The Ghost Fleet Overlord program is part of the Navy’s effort to accelerate the adoption of autonomous vessels within its fleet, which could help expand the reach of manned vessels. According to the DoD, the autonomy includes more than just straight-line passage through large areas of the ocean; as it also involves such things as […]

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The Environmental Trade-Offs Of Autonomous Vehicles by Institute of Physics

Optimistic predictions expect reliable autonomous vehicles to be commercially available by 2030, at a time when mobility is undergoing a profound shift away from traditional modes of transportation and towards door-to-door services. Previous analysis suggested that public transport will lose market share to autonomous vehicles, but the environmental impact of changing transport use has hardly […]

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Baidu Rolls Out Paid Driverless Taxi Service In Beijing

Chinese tech giant Baidu rolled out its paid driverless taxi service on Sunday, making it the first company to commercialize autonomous driving operations in China. Unlike previous Baidu autonomous driving demonstrations in Beijing, this was the first time there was no safety driver sitting behind the wheel. Instead, a safety member was seated in the […]