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If Real Freedom Is Sought, The Government And Banking System Must Be Abolished? by Gary D. Barnett

A Philosophical Rant
The next time any of you walk or ‘crawl’ into a secret voting booth, behind dark curtains, alone and without being driven by force, consider that you are just voluntarily choosing a master selected for you, and in that process, you have become a slave to the state.
Government is criminal. Police and military are criminal enforcers of government. Modern central banking and money production are criminal. Surveillance is criminal. Censorship is criminal. The entire state apparatus is criminal, and should be permanently crippled. All government, and therefore all political states, always and only act with violent force. The essence of government is that it grows like a cancer, infecting everything it touches; it expands its powerful bureaucracies exponentially, and therefore is pure evil. There is no such thing as good government.
If any take offence to this position, if any side with those politicians they mistakenly refer to as ‘leaders,’ if any support the state in its efforts to steal, control, and murder, if any give their allegiance to politicians or the nation state, if any worship the state as God; then you will always be the problem, and never the solution. Freedom is the natural state of intelligent men, but freedom cannot, and never has existed when government is present. By ignoring government en masse, by never obeying orders handed down by the state, by never complying with any draconian measures demanded by government, by never allowing the theft of your property and earnings by the state; then and only then can you claim to be free.

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2 Replies to “If Real Freedom Is Sought, The Government And Banking System Must Be Abolished? by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Germany had good government, Libya had good government and Russia has decent government.. Good men can create good government. What we have is Jewish Communism, the minute you have a Rothschild central bank you are Communist and ruled by Jews. Hitler showed the way, Ban Usury, nationalize the central bank, promote the family unit, ban communist propaganda and expel the Jews. Greatest economic miracle in history in only 3 yrs, most productive and wealthy middle class ever. US exceptionalism is based on stolen German patents.

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