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Defensive Racism by Edgar J. Steele (Book)

An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences
An overview of racism in America and chilling forecast of things to come, such as emerging intact from the coming economic meltdown and breakup of America, presents a bold, powerful, and persuasive argument to deal with racial differences we all recognize, yet pretend not to notice. Only the true racist, who hates others irrationally, based only upon skin color, will find this book unrewarding.
“We all have a role to play. Don’t despair at your own talents… Don’t try to be better than anybody else. Just try to be better than yourself”

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One Reply to “Defensive Racism by Edgar J. Steele (Book)

  1. this is perfect. we all wish people to succeed, thrive, and live in peace. if they are unable to do that, they can choose to cultivate the traits that they are deficient of, if they have the mental capacity to do that. if they don’t, despite the good wishes of millions of people, nothing will change for them. this is honesty. thank you for being the voice of reason, love, hope and wisdom.

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