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October 7 by Mark R. Elsis

October 7 Was An Inside Job (55:55)by John Hankey October 7 (59:58)by Al Jazeera Investigations Really Happened On October 7 (16:01)by Double Down News Article: To The Newsletter Honest, Independent, And Ad-Free News Is The AnswerMark R. Elsis

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‘Welcome To The BRICS 11’ by Pepe Escobar

‘No mountains can stop the surging flow of a mighty river.’ With the addition of six new members that add geostrategic clout and geographic depth to the once sputtering BRICS, the multilateral institution is now gathering the momentum needed to reset international relations. In the end, History was made. Surpassing even the greatest of expectations, […]

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Iran After That Persian Gulf Summit In Beijing by Video Rebel

The Chinese have announced a Persian Gulf summit in Beijing. China had brokered a deal to restore diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (MBS) had been begging for a summit with President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran for several months. Perhaps MBS has seen articles planted in US […]

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How Is This A Thing? by Computing Forever (11:06)

How Is This A Thing? by Computing Forever (11:06) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) How Is This A Thing? by Computing Forever (11:06) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) Computing Forever Archive Subscribe To The Newsletter Support […]

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Is Saudi Arabia About To Normalize Ties With Israel? by Robert Inlakesh

US President Joe Biden is set to visit both Saudi Arabia and Israel, with many speculating that a normalization deal between the two Middle East regimes will be top on the agenda. According to all signs that we have received, is there any indication that Riyadh will sign a normalization deal with Tel Aviv & […]

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Reports Of OPEC+ Death Are Greatly Exaggerated by M. K. Bhadrakumar

The fact that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states held a joint ministerial meeting with their Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Saudi capital of Riyadh at this point in time in global politics conveys a powerful message in itself. To drive home the message in no uncertain terms, the Saudi Foreign […]

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EU Stumbles Over Russian Oil Slick by M. K. Bhadrakumar

The European Union officials are insisting that oil sanctions against Russia are coming. On Sunday, France’s Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili was certain that “we will reach (an agreement) by the end of the week.” But the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has warned EU that it would be impossible to replace more than […]

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Enemies Within And The Discomfort Of Truth by Alastair Crooke

Is Europe’s ‘totalitarianism’ of today of a more refined type – not so-violent, and therefore deserving of a ‘pass’? Remember Jamal Khashoggi? I knew him a little, meeting quite a few times over the years. Clearly he was no regime ‘hack’. He had his differences with the Saudi leadership, but he was essentially a Saudi […]