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My List Of America’s Top Ten Worst Presidents by Chuck Baldwin

To be sure, it’s quite a challenge to try and pick America’s top ten worst presidents when so many qualify for the distinction. But then again, I am personally quite convinced that the ones who made my list truly deserve their ignoble entry.
So here goes: America’s top ten worst presidents.
1. Abraham Lincoln (Republican)
Without an ounce of doubt in my mind, Abraham Lincoln is America’s absolute worst president. He did not free a single slave; but what he did do was begin the process of enslaving free men. It is no hyperbole to say that Lincoln truly governed as a dictator, not as a President.
Virtually every single problem we are having today (and have had ever since Lincoln’s presidency) with an overbearing, encroaching, authoritarian federal government in Washington, D.C., came as a result of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. EVERY SINGLE ONE!
Abraham Lincoln destroyed the Washington/Jeffersonian model of American government and replaced it with an imperial White House. His own statements prove that he cared absolutely nothing for the black race and was indeed himself a racist—unlike many leaders of the Confederacy, such as Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, etc., who publicly and adamantly spoke in support of the end of slavery and never said anything remotely derogatory or racist against the black people.

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One Reply to “My List Of America’s Top Ten Worst Presidents by Chuck Baldwin

  1. Woodrow the snake Wilson .Lyndon body bags Johnson Ronny mc Donald Reagan .Geraldine Fraud Ford .
    I’ll think of more I’ll revise Trance formation of America

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