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Freedom’s Only Chance Is To Eliminate Constitution Worship From The Minds Of All Thinking Individuals? by Gary D. Barnett

Given all that has happened over the past 233 years, and especially the past three years, one might wonder why it is so vital to scrap the U.S. Constitution, (and eliminate government rule) and to cease immediately what in many cases could be considered Constitution worship. In fact, most will take considerable offense at the suggestion that the Constitution is a heinous document and a fraud, and in great part, has been the foundation of our liberty destruction. After all, many actually believe that this politician’s dream came directly from God. This could not be so if the American masses had not been duped into believing that a piece of parchment created and drafted in secret, in the dark of night, behind closed and locked doors; and by the very worst and most depraved element of society, politicians, was meant only to expand the powers of a centralized federal (national) government to levels so extreme as to defy sanity.
If any think the current Constitution was created, drafted, and implemented in order to restrict a federal government that was already impotent, please refrain from embarrassing yourselves any longer. One reading of the first Constitution of the United States, The Articles of Confederation, should open your eyes to the deceit and propaganda surrounding the current Constitution, and any notion that it was designed to restrict the federal government in any way, or meant to protect freedom, liberty, or any sovereignty of the individual. The opposite of course is true, as I described long ago.

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2 Replies to “Freedom’s Only Chance Is To Eliminate Constitution Worship From The Minds Of All Thinking Individuals? by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Just unbievabke Yes let’s have anarchy chaos lawlessness. Sure. Freedom Victory to most psychopathic predators and the strongest most evil ruthless.

  2. Problem is the USA is not operating under the real Constitution but rather one substituted by the corporation that was selected to run the USA from the US/Washington. Real Constitution is “Of” the people the fraud is “For” the people. The Constitution is not the problem, the federal reserve act is the problem and the religion that goes along with it, America is infested by Jews and resembles the Weimer Republic far more than a Constitutional America. Put the blame where it belongs.. leftist retards and the Jews who brainwash the weak-minded halfwits.

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