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Statement Of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò On The Scandalous Proclamation Of March 31 As “Transgender Visibility Day” by “President” Joe Biden

The word Apocalipse, in Greek, means unveiling, revelation. This revelation, in Sacred Scripture, concerns first and foremost the objective reality of Good and Evil, that is, the collective awareness of the ongoing war between God and Satan, between the children of Light and the children of darkness. The unprecedented and scandalous proclamation of March 31 […]

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In Black And White by Dave Gahary And Ayo Kimathi

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”Henry David Thoreau“An excellent, must-watch eight-part series, for those who are open-minded and truly care about the truth, by two astute, Jew-wise gentlemen, who are most definitely striking at the root of the evil in our world.”Mark R. […]

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The Bulk Of This Population Has Been Rendered Mentally Harmless By The Elimination Of Individuality by Gary D. Barnett

Many wonder why things are as they are today, why unique and sovereign individuals gather in large groups en masse, (as one) why they seek and embrace the herd mentality, and why they demand a dominate government, when this behavior can only lead to a loss of identity and an elimination of all critical thought. […]

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Just Beneath by Caitlin Johnstone

Don’t let the fraudulence of this civilization eclipse the supernova of authenticity hidden just beneath that thin membrane. Don’t let the vapid artificiality of mainstream culture cause you to miss the weird magic of life as it actually is. Don’t let the barrage of advertisements screaming “THIS IS NEVER ENOUGH” distract from the symphony of […]

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The Kingship Of Christ Is Not Limited To The Church, But Extends To All Nations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

The doctrine of the kingship of Christ constitutes a discrimen between the Catholic Church and the “conciliar Church;” indeed, it is the point of separation between Catholic orthodoxy and neomodernist heterodoxy, because the followers of laicism and liberal secularism cannot accept that the Lordship of Our Lord extends to the civil sphere, thereby removing it […]

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The End Of Roe v. Wade And The Empire: Peter Helland Talks With Dr. E. Michael Jones (55:34)

The End Of Roe v. Wade And The Empire: Peter Helland Talks With Dr. E. Michael Jones (55:34) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) The End Of Roe v. Wade And The Empire: Peter Helland Talks With Dr. E. Michael Jones (55:34) (To view full screen, also with […]