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Celebrating 25 Years Online: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Interviews Mark R. Elsis (1:48:23)

Celebrating 25 Years Online: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Interviews Mark R. Elsis (1:48:23)
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I have been enlightening humanity online since Saturday, May 3, 1997, when I started to create the Lovearth Network of websites. At one point there were over 1,000 websites online. It was by far the largest Network of websites ever created. Today there are only a few dozen remaining, with almost all of my energy now going to

In today’s show originally broadcast exclusively on on May 3, 2022, Andy is joined by Mark R. Elsis, for a show entitled, “Celebrating 25 Years Online,” on the 25th anniversary of Mark’s website, which was launched on Saturday May 3, 1997.

We discussed: Mark’s over 1,000 websites; Mark’s documentary “Strawberry Fields – Keeping The Spirit Of John Lennon Alive”; Mark’s near death experiences; the two saddest events in Mark’s life; Cardinal Spellman’s hypocritical support of the Vietnam War; how Mark never lost his faith but lost his faith in the political machinations of the Catholic Church; Mark’s childhood realization that he was living in a violent insane asylum; when Mark met Bobby Kennedy; why John Lennon was assassinated; the John Lennon vigil that Mark was a part of, which took place outside the New York City Dakota Building where John had been shot only hours before; what happened when Mark spoke to Michael Jackson for an hour and the outcome of this; some of the famous people Mark has spoken to in his New York City taxicab over the years; Mark’s involvement in the Jerry Brown Presidential Campaign in 1992; and many other topics.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Interviews Mark R. Elsis, May 29, 2017 (1:35:01)
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Interviews Mark R. Elsis, about his John Fitzgerald Kennedy Timeline (now 423 pages), published to commemorate the one hundredth Birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, May 29, 2017.

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