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Living In A Fascist Country by Dr. Vernon Coleman

The move towards the Great Reset started many years ago. Here, below, is a small taste of the advice I included in my book Living in a Fascist Country which was published in 2006 – that is now 17 years ago.
Everyone must report cash transactions to the police. If you buy a car with cash, pay for a holiday with cash, buy furniture with cash then you will be considered a possible money launderer and reported to the authorities. The people accepting your cash must report you or they will face prison.
Remember that banks cooperate with the authorities. If they think any of your transactions are suspicious (and that’s a very subjective thing) they will tell the Government. If you sell your car for more than £3,000 and pay in the proceeds as cash you will be reported to the authorities as a possible criminal.
America has introduced regulations (which are, of course, now slavishly followed by the British authorities and by British banks) which are said to be designed to catch money launderers, criminals and terrorists. (They aren’t, of course, but that’s what they say they are for.)
If a bank thinks you might be guilty of something they must send either a Suspicious Transaction Report or a Suspicious Activity Report to the authorities. They will not tell you that they have submitted one of these reports. Even if the teller is your best friend they will not tell you. They are not allowed to.
What counts as a suspicious transaction?

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