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Bilderberg 2023 Annotated Members List by Video Rebel

The Bilderberg Society was founded in 1954 by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and David Rockefeller with the assistance of the Dutch royal family. They discuss their agenda which we can see as public policy shifts within the next few weeks. Currently,they have strong links with the World Economic Forum at Davos.Their announced agenda includes AI, […]

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$1.68 An Hour, $862,000 Homes. LA Is America’s Future by Video Rebel

Latina illegal aliens are working for as little as $1.68 an hour in clothing sweat shops in Los Angeles according to Zero Hedge . A real estate agency said home prices have dropped to an average of $862,000 in Los Angeles county though Black people and illegal aliens in Watts can buy homes for as […]

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US Dollar And Military Both In Their Death Throes by Video Rebel

NATO is a cause of war and instability in Europe. Without NATO we may have a real prospect of peace. ~ Alexander Mercouris of the Duran Alex also said that the US administration has been trying for 6 weeks to get President Xi Jinping of China to take a phone call from President Biden. All […]

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Bankers Plan To Kill The Dollar And You – Really Soon by Video Rebel

Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary and ex-Federal Reserve Chairman, is presiding over the death of the dollar. Others are responsible for the bioweapons that are attacking us and our food supply.Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase is getting billions in deposits every day from depositors at small and regional banks. He is gladly depositing that money […]

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Iran After That Persian Gulf Summit In Beijing by Video Rebel

The Chinese have announced a Persian Gulf summit in Beijing. China had brokered a deal to restore diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (MBS) had been begging for a summit with President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran for several months. Perhaps MBS has seen articles planted in US […]

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Why Western CBDCs Will Fail by Video Rebel

The US Dollar, I believe, will collapse before the US presidential elections in November 2024. I also believe Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will fail for all Western countries. The next big geopolitical move will be the unwinding of the absolute disaster of the NATO project in the Ukraine. There were 40,000 NATO soldiers in […]

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Neocon Successes Afloat Until They Sink by Video Rebel

The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it created out of nothing. William Paterson 1694, 1stGov of the Bank of England. John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln paving the way for the end of the non-interest bearing Greenback. Wilkes was the name of unrelated neighbors in Baltimore. Booth is from the […]

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Things To Come Before November 2024 by Video Rebel

I am absolutely certain the US dollar will die before the November 2024 elections. I am also certain that we will have Nationwide Food Riots before the end of summer 2024. I have also said before that America might not be able to have presidential elections in 2024. Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, predicted […]

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Iran: Summer Offensive 2023? by Video Rebel

Iran is going up the escalator while America is going down very quickly. I would not be surprised if America was incapable of holding national elections in November 2024. Iran is not normally an offensive power but I am convinced they will correct past humiliations in their region in 2023 or 2024 at the latest. […]