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Israel’s War Crimes Have Killed Americans by Philip Giraldi

If the president loves to honor the military, start with the U.S.S. Liberty Imagine if you will a ship from a nation not at war with anyone sailing in international waters on a quiet June day being suddenly attacked by unidentified warplanes and torpedo boats, their markings covered up to conceal their country of origin. […]

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GMO: Bad For The Soil And For You by Video Rebel

If you give a mouse a choice between GMO and heirloom corn, he will not eat any of the former until he has eaten all of the latter. There seems to be a shortage of NPK fertilizers. Farmers are paying up to $186,000 to fertilize their corn fields. But what are we getting from that […]

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The True Importance Of The Bucha False Flag: A Change Of Narrative by Andrei Raevsky

So, as predicted by pretty much everybody, the long announced false flag has happened. Yes, it was very poorly executed, botched really, but in a way this makes it even MORE effective? Why? It conditions the public of Zone A to uncritically accept any fairy tale, no matter how stupid, illogical and otherwise going against […]

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The Future Of Digital Cash Is Not On The Blockchain by Gilad Edelman

If you want the privacy of paper money, you need something that leaves no paper trail.“If we’re to have a public option for digital finance, it needs to include everyone,” says Raúl Carrillo, a researcher at Yale Law School, who like Grey consulted on the legislation. “A key part of that is being able to […]

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Calculating The URF For Miscarriages Using The DMED As A Base Data Set by Jessica Rose

Alright, I got a lot questions and ‘remarks’ about this so I am updating it to address the comments.1 I will lead with a fact. The background rate of spontaneous abortions according to Dr. Nathan T. Thomas (Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology) is 1/5 women with a recognized pregnancy. Fifteen to 20 percent of […]

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‘Cloak And Dagger’ Military-Intelligence Outfit At Center Of US Digital Vaccine Passport Push by Jeremy Loffredo and Max Blumenthal

Described as “the most important organization you’ve never heard of,” MITRE rakes in massive security state contracts to pioneer invasive spy tech. Now it’s at the heart of a campaign to implement digital vaccine passports. While vaccine passports have been marketed as a boon to public health, promising safety, privacy, and convenience for those who […]