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Women In Scripture – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Saints Peter and Paul, on women, teach the same –
It’s up to the men to lead them, in God’s name.

Surely few readers of these “Comments” realized, before reading those of last week, in just how many places the New Testament addresses directly the question, so vexed today, of man and woman. Or, when they see these quotes are gathered together, how much they say the same thing, and how far what they say departs from the teaching and practice of modern man and woman. Let us comment on the quotes:?—
Gen. II, 18–24: A helpmate
Even before the very first woman was created, she was designed by God to be oriented towards her man; to be his faithful wife (“two in one flesh”), to enable him to have children and make a family (as no other man could do), to make a new generation (“leaving father and mother”), to continue mankind, eventually to populate the earth (and not de-populate it: Gen. IX, 1, 7). All of this Adam immediately understood. Today’s feminists try to get away from this orientation to man, but it is far too deep in their nature, and to any degree that they succeed, it is a disaster for women and men. See MIGTOW, a reaction of men to the feminism denaturing women. Man and woman are designed by God with a marvellous complementarity, as of head and heart in a human being, they need one another, and nature will always bring them together.
Gen. III, 16: The Fall: punishment, submission
Even before the Fall, Eve was subordinate to Adam, because in God’s Creation there is everywhere order and hierarchy, not equality and disorder. To man God gives gifts of reason to make him the head of family and society, to woman He gives gifts of love to make her the heart of family and home. But while before the Fall this natural subordination of woman had been painless, after the Fall by which Eve had made Adam fall, as part of her punishment by God, this subordination became painful. By supernatural grace in a Christian marriage that pain is eased, but by pride in feminism the pain becomes only worse.
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2 Replies to “Women In Scripture – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. It’s more specific It says Woman is Never to rule over man .no queens or empresses like Cleopatra no female priests ,no cops or ceos or even bosses

  2. If you like what was written here, then, I’m sure that you’ll appreciate the videos/work of a champion of traditional family life and happiness, named Pearl Davis, also known as Just Pearly Things on youtube.

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