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2024: The Year The Israel Lobby Loses Its Grip On The World? by Video Rebel

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Israel cannot defeat Hamas. Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah. Israel cannot defeat Iran. So the Israeli leadership has decided to go to war with Hezbollah knowing that a sufficient number of atrocities will bring Iran and hopefully the US into the war. They hope that the US will blow up the Mideast and somehow the Israeli politicians will still have jobs and the Israeli voters will have a half way livable country.

But they seem to ignore what is happening in Yemen. The US cannot defeat the Houthis and are in no position to fight Iran. The US seems to believe the propaganda written by the Military Industrial Complex. In reality both Russian and Iranian radar can detect stealth aircraft. And the Patriot anti-aircraft and missile defense system is highly inferior to the old Soviet S-300 which first saw duty 46 years ago in 1978.

NATO (which should stand for Not Altogether Thought Out) allowed the US and possibly Britain to attack and destroy 2 Russian long range radar systems that would have alerted them and their Iranian allies of an Israeli attack. Putin responded by sending advanced missiles to all US adversaries around the world in preparation for the next phase which most likely would be an attack on Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah responded by releasing a 10 minute video taken in daylight by drones of lucrative targets in and around Haifa. Lots of chemical and petroleum storage units. Lots of industrial targets from Rafael Industries, an Israeli state owned company that supplies them with advanced weapons.

Nasrallah also said they had new weapons the Israelis and Americans did not know they have. That was the case in 2006 when Hezbollah used an anti-ship missile that killed half a dozen Israel sailors taking their ship out of action.

I am thinking of more advanced drones, a more precise long range missile and maybe some anti-aircraft weapons for use against helicopters and jets. The Russians have developed a tactic of combining drones and missiles to successfully attack in coordinated waves sites protected by US Patriot systems in the Ukraine.

The Houthis recently sank a ship using a naval drone. I would not be surprised to see Hezbollah using naval drones against Israel and even the US and Cyprus.

It seems Israel has been using Greek Cypriot air bases for training purposes to attack Lebanon.

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Video Rebel Archive With 73 Posts

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