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Beware Of The Push To Accept Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing by Gary D. Barnett

The entirety of the political process, its supporters, the alternative media responses, and the absolute consuming nature of each and every ‘back-story’ about one or another politician or commentator jumping on board with every staged ‘news’ event, is a pathetic display of either ignorance or complicity among those mistakenly thought to be ‘objective’ seekers of truth. When it comes down to accuracy concerning these manufactured plots and fake concerns for the ‘rights’ of others, beware of the B.S., as it will quickly fill yours boots with excrement.
If one desires to know the truth, or anything of value, it is imperative to disregard most all media reporting, regardless of whether mainstream or alternative, with of course the exception of the very few who continue to out all this propaganda coming at you from all sides every day. A new story seems to erupt constantly, putting in the limelight these and many other shady political characters being portrayed as heroes or saviors of freedom, when in fact, the opposite is usually the case.
Remember that almost everything offered in the so-called ‘news,’ regardless of most presenters, is meant to distract, establish a falsehood, steer opinions, brainwash, or achieve one or another nefarious agenda. Always question everything, and be very wary of those promoting their views as gospel. Take the time to research and study on your own, and wait to see where these events and supporting lies attempt to take you. It will not ever be what you were told.

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