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An Abundance Of Russian Game Changers by Video Rebel

The two biggest Game Changers are the destruction of the well trained Ukrainian professional army and their reserves plus the overwhelming support from Africa and other Third World nations for Russia against NATO Neocolonialists.
The Ukrainian men in that professional army and and their reserves were either killed or severely wounded.
I have seen videos of men resisting the Ukrainian draft. One threw a rock and hit his commissar in the head. One man saw a nearby beehive and threw it at his commissar. Many others had to be beaten into submission and dragged off to the draft board.
I have seen lots of videos of elderly men and men with serious disabilities, such as, spinal cord injuries and epilepsy drafted into the Ukrainian army and sent to the frontlines. One battalion of almost 900 men was composed entirely of men who were recovering from wounds. They were lightly armed and sent into battle as human sacrifices ahead of a mechanized brigade of 3,000 or so men.
A lot of these men went to the frontlines and followed Russian directions from their cell phones telling them where to surrender. One commander who had been sent from his hospital bed directly to the frontline surrendered with his men. One man drove a truck load of ammunition to the Russian lines where he surrendered. One man in a unit of injured men was sent to a trench where everyone fell asleep. They all surrendered to the Russian soldiers who woke them up!
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