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“The Globalist Cabal Want To Establish The Kingdom Of The Antichrist On Earth” by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

“These murderers will soon find themselves answering for their crimes,if not before the tribunal of the world, then certainly before God.” Editor’s note: The following is the full text of a message from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò for the “First Health Holocaust Remembrance Day.” Dear Friends, I am grateful for the invitation of Professor Massimo […]

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Biden Cares More About Ukraine Than He Does The United States—Fauci Cashes In Big From Covid Vaccine Royalty Payments by Chuck Baldwin

What’s the old saying? Oh, yes, “Better late than never.” No idiom better fits the articles of impeachment recently filed against Joe Biden. MSN has the report: It’s official: Articles of impeachment have been introduced against President Joe Biden following the investigation into his complicit involvement in his son Hunter’s illegal overseas business deals.Biden is […]

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There Was No Pandemic by Denis Rancourt

Interestingly, none of the post-second-world-war Centers-for-Disease-Control-and-Prevention-promoted (CDC-promoted) viral respiratory disease pandemics (1957-58, “H2N2”; 1968, “H3N2”; 2009, “H1N1 again”) can be detected in the all-cause mortality of any country. Unlike all the other causes of death that are known to affect mortality, these so-called pandemics did not cause any detectable increase in mortality, anywhere. The large […]

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Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? (17:35)

Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? (17:35)(To view with many links, click the link below.) Jews Archive Subscribe To The Newsletter Support Honest, Independent, And Ad-Free News

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Truth Unchained (Six Episodes) Peter Gumley Interviews Bishop Richard N. Williamson

An insightful six-part series where Peter Gumley interviews Bishop Richard N. Williamson on a wide variety of historical and religious issues. Bishop Richard N. Williamson Archive Subscribe To The Newsletter Support Honest, Independent, And Ad-Free News

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Diabetes Epidemic Caused By Covid-19 Jab by Dr. Vernon Coleman

There has been a surge in type 1 diabetes among children and teenagers. A survey of 38,000 young people (reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association) showed that the rise is substantial. Doctors are said to be confused. They shouldn’t be. I warned that this would happen. And I warned that the covid-19 […]