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Bankers Plan To Kill The Dollar And You – Really Soon by Video Rebel

Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary and ex-Federal Reserve Chairman, is presiding over the death of the dollar. Others are responsible for the bioweapons that are attacking us and our food supply.
Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase is getting billions in deposits every day from depositors at small and regional banks. He is gladly depositing that money at banks like First Republic that are on a list of banks that must be saved. I heard a talking head say America only needs 4 or 5 banks.
How did we get here? It started with the assassination of President Lincoln whose non-interest bearing Greenbacks were the subject of derisive editorials in London newspapers in the 1860s. A hundred years later President Kennedy issued a few billion dollars in Treasury Notes which also bore no interest. If lone assassins did not despise interest free money, we would live in an entirely different world. Last year the taxpayers paid $706 billion in interest payments on a national debt that need not be. This was a gift from us to Bankers who gave themselves the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing.
In 1910 agents of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Warburgs drafted legislation for the Federal Reserve Bank which gave Bankers the divine right to create money, both printed and checking account, and to charge us interest on their creations.

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