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guns and government by el gato malo

demolishing straw men and engaging in a thought experiment
of all the topics of american debate, nothing brings out the truly bad takes and outlandishly awful framings quite like the second amendment. but even among these endlessly inept interpretations and outlandish straw men, one may find some real insight because as is so often the case the folks seeking to abridge the liberty and agency of others do so by projecting their own aims and ends upon them. the big state is everywhere and always coercive. there is no other way to “provide” these services and benefits. they must be taken. a road may be provided by erecting tolls and therefore only those who use it will pay. that is consent. universal healthcare cannot work that way. it cannot be a system of user pays or of consent. it takes from all (under threat of violence and a taking by force of property or liberty) whether they consent of not. validating such by “democracy” is impossible. just because a crime is popular with 60% or even 90% of people makes it no less a crime nor any less a violation of rights. it actually serves to make these offenses greater by hiding the nature of the act behind legalism and enforcing it through armed agents of government.

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