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Toxic Stress – The Deadly Epidemic by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, `‘he Spectator’ magazine described Vernon Coleman as ‘marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible’.
We live in strange, difficult and confusing times.
In some ways, largely material, we are richer than any of our ancestors.
In other ways, largely spiritual, we are infinitely poorer.
Most of us live in well-equipped homes that our great grandparents would marvel at. We have access to (relatively) clean drinking water at the turn of a tap. We can obtain light to work by and heat to cook by at the flick of a switch. Our homes are stuffed with possessions. We have automatic ovens, washing machines, tumble driers, dish washers, food blenders, vacuum cleaners, television sets, DVD players, computers, mobile telephones and a whole host of other devices designed either to make our working hours easier or our leisure hours more enjoyable. If we want to travel anywhere we can climb into our own motor cars or we can (sometimes) use public buses, trains or aeroplanes.
We have become so dependent upon these ‘things’ that when they break down we become aggressive and irritable. We can’t cope without them.
We are surrounded by the gaudy signs of our wealth and the physical consequences of human ambition and endeavour, but loneliness, unhappiness, anxiety and depression are now commoner than ever before in our history. There has never before been so much sadness, dissatisfaction and frustration as there is today. The demand for tranquillisers and sleeping tablet has risen steadily throughout the last few decades as our national and individual wealth has multiplied.

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