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Bill Murray Leaving The Nursery At Dawn by Mark R. Elsis

Meetings And Stories, Chapter 3

It was either a very late Saturday night or a pretty early Sunday morning. But that depended on who you were and how you looked at the world. The one undeniable thing is that this brief meeting occurred on the first full day of the magical summer of 1980, June 22.
I worked hard that night, as I almost always did, and had already driven my taxi for 11-plus hours. I was in the East Village section of Manhattan and was looking for one last fare before I called it a night. It was then that I noticed that there weren’t any taxis lined up at The Nursery, so I parked in front of the notorious after-hours club on the west side of 3rd Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets.
I stepped out of my Peugeot 504 taxi to stretch my legs and was leaning on the front passenger side door, facing the club. I was soon immersed in the beautiful time of day in transition, as another nighttime in the Big Apple was making way as the dawn of a new day was quickly creeping in.
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Meetings And Stories
The Wondrous Journey Of My Life
by Mark R. Elsis

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