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The Ominous Change At The Federal Reserve by Mark R. Elsis

From Jewish Janet L. Yellen,
To Gentile Jerome H. Powell,
And What The Dow Jones Did.

“I am writing for humanity in a world eaten by usury.”
Ezra Pound

As of today, October 31, 2023, the United States national debt is $33.7 trillion. Incredibly, the national debt has increased just over $600 billion this month alone. That’s 20 billion dollars per day.

During the last fiscal year of October 1, 2022, through September 30, 2023, the United States spent $879 billion in interest payments on our $33.1 trillion debt. We were paying this debt back with an interest rate of just below 3%. These rates have subsequently risen and are now above 5%.

That means for the $20 billion we added to the national debt each day this month, we will pay $1 billion in interest. If we kept this up for the whole fiscal year, we would spend $365 billion on interest. Then add the outstanding $33.1 trillion owed that’s rolled over incrementally. If this happens at the new 5% rate or possibly higher, the interest payments on this debt will quickly escalate to a point of no return.

The debt can has been kicked down the road as far as possible and is about to rear its ugly head. The increasingly visible inflation tax we now see may soon turn into the ruin our lives hyperinflation tax.

Who Owns The United States’ National Debt?

The United States’ national debt falls into two categories. The first part held by the public accounts for 80% of the $33.7 trillion. As of the most recent Treasury statement, it was $27 trillion. The second part is called intragovernmental holdings; these are debt obligations that our government owes to its own agencies. This part accounts for almost 20% of the national debt, or $6.7 trillion.

Of the $27 trillion in national debt held by the public, the following is a breakdown of the entities who own the debt: Federal Reserve with $8.8 trillion, Foreign with $7.7 trillion, Mutual funds with $3.9 trillion, Depository institutions with $1.8 trillion, Pension funds with 1.4 trillion, Insurance companies with $400 billion, US savings bonds $200 billion, and other with $2.8 trillion.

I searched around but have been unable to find who these other undisclosed entities are. I would like to know who owns this $2.8 trillion of our debt cause they were probably paid about $90 billion in interest during fiscal year 2023. Could it be some form of a diabolically complex derivative grift that is stealing about $250 million a day? Since I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this hidden-in-plain-sight enigma, it feels nefarious to me. That would highly suggest the money changers are behind it.

Federal Reserve with $8.8 trillion, Mutual funds with $3.9 trillion, Depository institutions with $1.8 trillion, Pension funds with 1.4 trillion, Insurance companies with $400 billion, and undisclosed others with $2.8 trillion equals $19.1 trillion. That is 56.7% of the total national debt of $33.7 trillion. If you take out the $2.8 trillion to the undisclosed others, you have $16.3 trillion, or 48.4% of the total national debt of $33.7 trillion.

Who owns the entities that 48.4% to 56.7% of the total United States debt is paid to yearly? My speculation is that it’s primarily Jewish. That means of the $879 billion paid out in interest last fiscal year, Jewish oligarchs received a significant proportion. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d conservatively say of the $879 billion paid, they received at least 33.3%. That adds up to $293 billion given to this misanthropic and usurious tribe last fiscal year alone.

These ill-gotten avaricious funds have been surreptitiously finagled from us since the usury-paying 16th Amendment and the fraudulent Federal Reserve were both created in 1913. Because of this, the Jewish oligarchy now has complete control of the matrix.

by Mark R. Elsis

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2 Replies to “The Ominous Change At The Federal Reserve by Mark R. Elsis

  1. We are , like most Us families, only one catastrophic event away from total bankruptcy.
    Our debt is too far gone to ever go away.
    Israel knows it, they know Yellowstone is our Achilles heel.
    They are making us the 1# enemy of the world by funding Israel in this inhumane war against innocent helpless defenceless people of Gaza and the west Bank.
    God will bring Justice to this world, but the USA will have to pay a very high price for serving His and our most wicked and deceitful enemy the Ashkenazi, and their cruel needless and unfounded bloodbath.

    1. i understand your concerns and desires for the future. if i understand correctly, in America, we can expect to continue to have a reasonably good standard of living, even if it is going to be much less than it was before. correct me if i’m wrong, but, i sense that people will have stronger communities if they are able to stay small, focused, and based on mutual interests, mutual common values, and family love.

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