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Yoda’s Evil Deluded Twin, Janet Yellen, Declares World Bankers’ Dictatorship by Barbara Boyd

On April 13th, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave a speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington. In the speech, “On the Way Forward for the Global Economy,” Yellen chillingly sketched the new “globalist order” she fantasizes will emerge from the Biden Administration’s provoked war with Russia in Ukraine—while portraying herself literally as “the world.” It was a prelude to the International Monetary Fund and Group of 20 finance ministers and central bankers meetings this coming week in Washington and Indonesia, in which the globalist financier cartel hopes to further their plan for a world Green financial dictatorship.
Like everything else coming from Washington these days, Yellen’s speech itself was dangerously and grandiosely delusional. She spent most of it hailing the “cooperation” she thinks she has achieved in the financial war she is leading against Russia while threatening any nation refusing to cooperate—like some junior mafia boss.
But the hate campaign the U.S. and the British believe they have so exceptionally executed against Putin with the aim of achieving regime change, has only resulted in soaring approval ratings for Vladimir Putin in Russia. Further, the vast majority of the world’s population—living in Russia, India, China, Hungary, Eurasia, the Middle East, most of Latin America and Africa—has refused to participate in the proposed economic destruction of the Russian state. To a significant extent, the same nations have refused to cooperate with the central bankers’ Green New Deal and Great Reset, while paying lip service to decarbonization goals. At the 2021 Conference of the Parties 26 (COP 26) Glasgow conference, Russia, China, and India refused to commit the economic suicide demanded. They have not backtracked since.

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