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The Unforgiven by Good Citizen

They all have it coming.
Historians still get the details of the Spanish Flu pandemic completely wrong. They lie about Polio and its “vaccine”. The details of the cause of every war for the past century are fabrications. Every major society-altering event of this century is part fable, part government cover-up. If you still believe conspiracy theories aren’t all rooted in facts or actual conspiracies you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and consider your own future in those Hobbesian terms ‘poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’
At present, those who control all information are rewriting history while erasing the Internet. They’ll stop at nothing to keep their false narratives on the tongue of every person to try and cover their crimes. Now they’ve unleashed their credentialed liberal midwits to do damage control and call for a “truce”, on terms they’re fabricating, based on the past two years of abuse, neglect, harassment, discrimination, and a constant assault on human bodies that they want washed from peoples memories. Sometimes words around here are repeated like a broken record, if only because they can never be repeated enough: The worst people in the west are in positions of power everywhere you look. From corrupted and fully captured bureaucratic agencies to seats of government to the corporate offices of Plandemic regime communications and stenography to the embarrassingly inept taxpayer-funded ivory towers.
The most likely explanation? Emily Oster is another clueless midwit who, even after the past two years, still trusts the state, trusts the experts (thinks herself one), trusts “the science” and still has no idea what really happened and therefore is about as qualified to teach a course on “COVID” at an Ivy League University as Bill Gates is to teach a class on morality and ethics at ADX Florence Supermax in Colorado, where he should be in solitary awaiting his execution for crimes against humanity. Poor Emily Oster claims she fell for the little things at the start and it was like being in the dark. She didn’t know cloth masks did nothing, social distancing was pointless, and all of it was part of a psyop to dehumanize people while rendering them scared shitless so they went and got injected with the only viable aforementioned “cure”. Emily Oster is such a devoted midwit to regime tyranny, she is capable of simultaneously virtue signaling (no shaming others) while championing the use of coercive and dehumanizing discriminatory measures to get those deadly toxins injected into as many bodies as possible who didn’t want them.

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