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Armed IRS And ATF Gun Raid In Montana: What Should Be Learned? by Gary D. Barnett

Armed IRS And ATF Gun Raid In Montana: What Should Be Learned?
On June 15th, 20 armed IRS and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco, and Firearms) agents raided, according to the owner of Highwood Creek Outfitters and others, his gun store in Great Falls, Montana. This was first and foremost, an IRS operation, with help from the ATF, both federal agencies. According to sources reporting, and what the IRS claims, this raid was meant to gain financial records, but all Form 4473s held by this store were said to have been seized, even though the supposed warrant did not mention these forms. Apparently, the IRS stole all of these forms held by Highwood Creek Outfitters during this assault, and without cause to do so; or at least this is what is being presented.
As an aside, the Great Falls Police Department, according to local TV station KRTV, confirmed that they were informed in advance of this raid, and participated by providing ‘security,’ but the Montana Department of ‘Justice,’ claimed no involvement, although an IRS spokesperson confirmed their presence at the store. This is all par for the course, as government agencies, state and federal, are birds of a feather, and lie and collude during these attacks against society.
Concerning government, absolutely no one at the local, state or federal level, including the mainstream media, can be trusted to do the right thing, protect any liberty of the individual, or tell the truth about any assault on what is falsely referred to as the ‘public.’ Nothing should be believed unless it can be factually verified, as the corruption and gross fraud connected with these entities is rampant and all-consuming.
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