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A Christian Perspective On AI by Andrew Torba

AI is about to shift the fundamental reality of our entire society, culture, and world. I feel it is my responsibility to help my brothers and sisters in Christ understand this fact, come to grips with it, and encourage them to start building before our enemies gain too much ground.
Christians have been building and using tools to glorify God for millennia. This is nothing new, and it’s only scary if we allow the enemy to take dominion over these new tools and use them against us as we, unfortunately, did with the last great leap in technology: social media.
Christians moved too slowly and allowed our enemies to dominate the technology to capture the minds of the youth with social media platforms. Thankfully we’ve recently been building our own parallel social media platforms like Gab, but imagine if we had started a decade earlier alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We can’t miss the boat again, or we will risk losing yet another generation of youth to the pagans.
The AI arms race will be the ultimate battle of worldviews. Future generations will be shaped by whatever AI they end up interacting with on a daily basis across every facet of society. That is why we must build an AI shaped by the Christian worldview, that is to say, one grounded in Truth.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen many Christians calling AI the “antichrist” or the “mark of the beast” or some other such nonsense. This is the result of a century of flawed doomsday eschatology, where the modern Christian mind has been–somewhat ironically–programmed to seek out end-times signals and even wishfully embrace bad things happening as a sign that Christ is returning soon. It’s time for Christians to stop praying for doomsday and start building for the glory of God again.

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One Reply to “A Christian Perspective On AI by Andrew Torba

  1. andrew is a wonderful human being. some of his proposals are beneficial but ignored by the population, and that is a sign of the times. we dont have a community because we refuse to use our own minds and depend on other people to tell us what to think. with respect to this particular essay on AI, andrew has confused two things together, which is not his fault. the two things are artificial consciousness ( also called the singularity event ) and machine learning ( artificial intelligence and data sci ). many people who are studying consciousness are not concerned about the possibility of developing self aware machines, because it is not likely to be feasible in our lifetimes. the other subject, which is machine learning, is nothing related to human brains at all, even though the marketing geniuses are telling us that it is. it is the science of applying advanced statistics to experimental data ( acquired through surveillance ) to make predictions. it is related to the subject of digital signal processing. it mimics some aspects of human cognition, but has no relationship to the subjective experience. want more info? look up Dr. Max Tegmark and consciousness on youtube.

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