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To expose and overcome the satanic forces we must defend freedom of speech today. publishes 6,000 or more informative articles, memes, news stories, and videos yearly. There are 1,000 or more posts published on the home page, 4,000 or more on 24/7 News, 1,000 or more on the memes page, and 1,000 or more videos on both of my video channels. In addition, I also publish the videos of the week and the quote of the day. All posts are acquired from independent, reliable sources and posted on an ad-free website.

Don’t be evil Google, has transformed into the embodiment of evil and is censoring almost all independent articles, news stories, and videos. is preserving these articles, news stories, and videos with an archive of over 15,000 posts making sure they stay accessible to freethinkers who want honest information. About half of these posts, the ones on, are searchable by over 1,200 categories. There you will find copious amounts of facts on almost any issue. You can search the other half of the posts on 24/7 News by going through each month and simply doing a find-on-page search with whatever keyword you choose.

I’ve been online for over 25 years and built the largest network of websites on earth with selfless dedication, hard work, and using my financial resources. For the last two-plus years, it’s been my intention to make the preeminent source of honest, independent news and videos.

I will work more than full-time on, as I’ve done since I first started publishing on June 21, 2020. I will publish 6,000 or more handpicked articles, memes, news stories, and videos yearly, just as I’ve done for each of these first two years. Henceforth, I will email the Newsletter to subscribers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be 42 or more news and video posts in each issue. Every week you will receive 126 or more informative posts acquired from independent, reliable sources and completely ad-free. I will publish 48 weeks a year with one week off each season.

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