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We Throw Away A Third Of The Food We Grow: What To Do About Waste by Kamran Mahroof and Sankar Sivarajah

One-third of all food produced each year is squandered or spoiled before it can be consumed. Research also suggests that high-income countries waste as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces. This food waste then ends up in landfills to rot—which releases greenhouse gases. And when this is combined with the amount of energy it takes […]

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Florida Manatees Are Dying At An Alarming Rate by Jenna Romaine

“They listened to anti-manatee groups and prematurely took manatees off the endangered species list.” From the beginning of the year through May 21, 2021, 749 manatee deaths were recorded by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In 2018, a record-high of 804 manatee deaths were reported, with 2021 on track to surpass that. Conservationists […]

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Why Have The Jews Been Expelled From So Many Nations? (9:09)

Why Have The Jews Been Expelled From So Many Nations? (Really Starts At 2:10) (9:09) (To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.)