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The Great Reset: Depopulation by Video Rebel

The US has been printing money by the tens of trillions of dollars to cover for what Wall Street stole from us. They are allowed to steal from us by the tens of trillions. That is in the Talmud – “It is lawful to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their […]

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The Irish Holocaust by Christopher Fogarty (Book / Free eBook / Petition / Website)

Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect”by Christopher Fogarty are offering this historical masterpiece free to everyone! The book is also available in hard copy format direct from Christopher Fogarty, (email: and he will sign and inscribe any message you so desire, the cost is $25 + shipping or you can […]

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Never Forget: Holodomor Memorial Day by Andrew Torba

In 1932 and 1933, 7 Million (estimated) Ukrainians were massacred by genocidal famine ordered by the Bolshevik government. Many were Christians. Students do not learn about the Holodomor in middle school, high school, or even college. There aren’t dozens of major Hollywood films depicting the horrific events that took place. Our politicians aren’t referencing the […]

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Bill Gates And The Uncertain Future Of Food Security by Dustin Broadbery

As we approach a winter of discontent and Global food systems go from bad to worse, there’s trouble in paradise. At the root of these problems, Government responses to COVID-19 have contributed to a six-fold increase in famine-like conditions as global supply chains collapse, and field trials for gene-edited crops and farm animals begin in […]

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Treachery By US Army Generals In World War II by Tales Of The American Empire (13:34)

Treachery By US Army Generals In World War II by Tales Of The American Empire (13:34)(To view full screen, also with many links, click the link below.) If You Find Informative, Please Make A ContributionDonate today and support the work I do seven days a week. Each day I publish more than a dozen […]

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We Throw Away A Third Of The Food We Grow: What To Do About Waste by Kamran Mahroof and Sankar Sivarajah

One-third of all food produced each year is squandered or spoiled before it can be consumed. Research also suggests that high-income countries waste as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces. This food waste then ends up in landfills to rot—which releases greenhouse gases. And when this is combined with the amount of energy it takes […]