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Everything Is Now Going To Get Much Worse by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Supermarkets are reporting that shoppers can no longer afford meat or dairy products and have become vegan. It has been reported that households which eat vegan or vegetarian can save a third on their food bill. These new vegetarians and vegans aren’t changing their diets because they don’t want to eat animals or because they know they will be healthier: they’re being forced into changing their diets. And what is happening is exactly what the conspirators want. The plan is to stop anyone eating meat or dairy produce and to force everyone to eat laboratory made food. They’re doing it, predictably, by making meat and dairy produce too expensive.
Those little pictures which computer savvy people put on their emails are everywhere. I’m told that even blokes are using them. That’s not right. Real men might eat quiche, I suppose. (Though only as a last resort – just before they start eating grass and wasps.) But they surely cannot use those little picture things on their emails. They’re for children and girls.
I wish investment companies would stop making investment decisions according to the dictates of the eco-morons. If I want to give money to save the icebergs I’ll give money to The Iceberg Foundation. If I want to help climate cultists I’ll give them a tube of glue. I don’t expect investment companies to use my money to satisfy their sanctimonious cowardice.
The global obsession with mental illness (brought to life by the British royal family) is nauseating. The royals know nothing about mental illness – either as sufferers or as healers. They should shut up, polish their tiaras and concentrate on opening supermarkets and planting trees.

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2 Replies to “Everything Is Now Going To Get Much Worse by Dr. Vernon Coleman

    1. have some plant base organic cracker that are hard for me to digest. they sat on my stomach for over six hours, churning. soy base. I’m guessing soy roots and maybe gmo.

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