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The Continuous And Terminal Political Gaslighting Of The American Masses by Gary D. Barnett

The term “gaslighting” is a relatively modern term, although it was the title of a 1944 movie of the same name, but has actually only been in vogue for a short period of time. The current purposeful use of the word gaslighting in all circles of the mainstream and many alternative sources, is in fact a form of gaslighting itself. If this is confusing, it is because it was put into the general everyday language intentionally, a smoke and mirrors technique, so as to cause a particular reaction. A little known term has now become mainstream, and this happened almost overnight. In the context of this essay, I am using the term in the sense of large scale political manipulation, not personal relationship matters. Obviously, lies are constantly used to achieve nefarious ends, and in many different manners, but when used as a control measure for the masses, it has especially largescale and devious intent.
In order to gaslight (fool and confuse) the many at once, a combination of truth and lies are necessary, as gaslighting is dependent on clouding reality to imitate fiction, by using believable lies to create doubt in the minds of otherwise seemingly sane people. This tactic is especially effective with those who are weak, self-conscious, dependent, committed to collectivism, or consumed by fear. That is why it is so useful to the narcissistic monsters who make up the ruling and political classes, whose only mission is to plant false narratives in the minds of their flock, so as to gain total control over them.

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