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Documents Reveal Dutch Government Is Working With World Economic Forum To Implement ‘The Great Reset’ by The Exposé

Documents released in response to an FOI request submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives show that the Dutch Government is colluding with the World Economic Forum to implement The Great Reset. ‘The Netherlands is the proud host of the Global Co-ordination Secretariat (“GCS”) for the worldwide network of Food Innovation Hubs’, wrote Foodvalley; the leading European innovation hub in this network. “It was great to have support for the initiative by Foodvalley members Mengniu Dairy, DSM and Unilever this week at the online WEF Davos panel session on the transformation of food systems,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on 26 January.
Foodvalley’s article continued: “More than 20 organisations are already working together as Food Innovation Hubs in Colombia, India, Europe, South-East Asia and several countries in Africa. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has provided multi-year support for the development of a Food Innovation Hub in India and several public and private sector partners have committed in-kind resources to support the development of hubs in various regions.” What Foodvalley did not mention is that the Netherlands was host to the GCS because the Dutch government was planning to fund it. Foodvalley also avoids pointing out that the initiative has “special attention for development and implementation of key enabling technologies e.g., Digitalisation Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, biotechnology and micro and nanotechnology in the Agri-Food sector.”
by The Exposé

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One Reply to “Documents Reveal Dutch Government Is Working With World Economic Forum To Implement ‘The Great Reset’ by The Exposé

  1. Because they’ve a Monarchy and it’s the great restoration to Monarchy and feudalism under the Pope. Just jargon Ed into seeming something new. It’s a reset back the beginning. Before they set up Paris Russia China ww1 and 2 to get rid of their rivals for numeto uno Royal
    God isn’t it obvious??? ? ?

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