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There Is Always Hope, And There Is Always Wonder by Caitlin Johnstone

I often hear talk of how depressing it is to learn the truth about what’s really going on in our society and in our world, including in the comments sections of the places my own writings appear. I’m always being asked for advice on how to keep going on when everything seems so dismal. This […]

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They Want Your Money And Your Life by Dr. Vernon Coleman

It is now abundantly clear that the move towards a digital, cash-free world is accelerating. We are heading into the jaws of the Great Reset at frightening speed. Make no mistake about it, the conspirators are unlike Highwaymen such as Dick Turpin who always gave their victims a choice. The conspirators want your money AND […]

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JFK And America’s Destiny Betrayed by Laurent Guyénot

A Review of DiEugenio’s “Foreign Policy Coup” Theory Investigators tracking Johnson end up finding a snake pit of sayanim in his White House, as did Phillip Nelson in his second and third books (LBJ: From Mastermind to “The Colossus” and Remember the Liberty). Jefferson Morley, investigating Angleton, saw him in cahoots with the cream of […]

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Scary Truths About Doctors by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Doctors are threatening to go on strike. Before you start to worry please read the following paragraphs taken from my book Betrayal of Trust – first published in 1994 and just republished in paperback. Everything in the book is still valid – and scary. ‘Even more startling, perhaps, is the evidence of what happens when doctors […]

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Spiritual Life Is Not Therapy by Robert Cinque

Spiritual Life is a demand, not therapy. It is an ordeal of confrontation with everything we do and don’t do that obstructs the Current of Life. Spiritual Life is not about finding God either, since God is not lost, it’s about finding the ways in which we withdraw, contract, and isolate ourselves from our Core […]

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Why Western CBDCs Will Fail by Video Rebel

The US Dollar, I believe, will collapse before the US presidential elections in November 2024. I also believe Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will fail for all Western countries. The next big geopolitical move will be the unwinding of the absolute disaster of the NATO project in the Ukraine. There were 40,000 NATO soldiers in […]

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America’s Churches Are Dying; Illinois Sheriffs Defying The State’s “Assault Weapons” Ban; Davos Attendees; Israel Is An Apartheid State by Chuck Baldwin

There is much news worthy of discussion this week. In today’s column, I have chosen four items to share with readers.  America’s Churches Are Dying I have written much on this topic in past columns. Here is a most recent report confirming the fact that America’s institutional churches are rapidly dying. A recent study examining […]

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You Get What You Pay For by Robert Cinque

Like good little boys and girls, we sit like mice in front of the TV, lapping up the stories, one right after another, as if they were mother’s milk. The Doctors in White Coats, the Priests and their Holy Scriptures, the Scientists and their Microscopes know what’s going on, thank God. The world is so […]

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Can Suing The Government, Pharmaceutical Industry, And Mainstream Media, End Tyranny? Absolutely Not! by Gary D. Barnett

This subject can only be approached with extreme pessimism, because in order to gain real and honest justice in this heinous system, one must deal with the courts. It should be obvious to most, but it is not, that all courts are in fact an arm of, and an integral part of the State. In […]

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All Quiet (Panic) On The Western Front by Pepe Escobar

The mainstream media of the collective West, in unison, will be spinning non-stop, for a week, all the “news” that are fit to print to extol new declinations of The Great Reset, re-baptized The Great Narrative, but actually framed as a benign offer by “stakeholder capitalism”. These are the main planks of the shady platform […]