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The Ever-Escalating Downfall Of Man Bathing In An Absence Of Interest by Gary D. Barnett

This is a subject upon which I have touched or written about extensively for a long time, but it is of vital importance if the bulk of society is ever to come to terms with the fact that their freedom and prosperity are wholly dependent on their own efforts, and never to be left to kings, rulers, presidents, technocrats, or governments. To depend on the State for any redress of grievances, for any return to a freer society, or any expectation of justice in the face of beastly State aggression, domestic or foreign, is asinine. It is the equivalent of expecting the willing slaveholder to lead efforts to free all slaves. This attitude has seemingly consumed the indifferent masses to such an extent, as to have caused total blindness to the reality of their own plotted demise.
Indifference, apathy, laziness, cowardice, and dependence, are the foundations of bondage, and the epitome of consenting to your own servitude by acquiescing to a master or master class of power-seeking monsters. Actually, these attitudes are what are sought by the ruling ‘elite’ and their cadre of controlled and complicit pawns in politics and government. For without a mindless and obedient populace, rule by the few is impossible to achieve, which means that the collective proletariat must be convinced by lies and extreme propaganda that their very existence must be subject to the rule of oppressive and authoritarian government in order for any ‘civilized’ harmony to endure. This ‘thinking’ is of course not only ludicrous, but completely backward, and antithetical to liberty or any honest societal harmony and cohesion.
Most believe that liberty can only exist when rules and decrees defining ‘legal rights’ are present, and outlined in some sort of official set of heinous restrictive ‘laws,’ authoritative ‘declarations’ or some bogus constitution. This is an example of total confusion, and a gross misunderstanding of logic and personal responsibility. For the entirety of history, there have been those who sought rule over others, so governments in one form or another, with few exceptions, have perpetually existed throughout man’s time on earth. Considering the flaws of the human animal, this is no surprise, but what is much more troubling, is that the common man has never figured out that he has failed to achieve his own pure and independent freedom since the beginning of time, and has always depended on others to achieve the task of securing his individual liberty. So long as this empty and psychotic mindset is present, enslavement of the masses will reign supreme.
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