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David Irving: History Is Politics And ‘Free Speech’ Comes With A Price

David Irving

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2 Replies to “David Irving: History Is Politics And ‘Free Speech’ Comes With A Price

  1. My local used books store posted they had come into possession of a collection of Irving’s books, many of which were signed by Irving. At the time I had no idea who Irving was, but as I like to read the comments I quickly learned that he was a horrible person, a holocaust denier. The comments were many and went even deeper to say that the bookstore would be boycotted until the books were gone. That was enough for me, obviously what Irving had to say carried weight, I arrived at the bookstore 15 minutes before they opened the following morning and bought as many as I could afford. I believe in the historian that has been imprisoned for what he has written, faced a team of lawyers backed by millions of Hollywood dollars, and is repeatedly attacked by zionists and their brainwashed supporters. Irving is the genuine article.

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