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The Two Gravest Threats To Our Liberties by Chuck Baldwin

No! Russia is not one of the two gravest threats to our liberties. In fact, a Russian threat is not even in the top ten—or twenty. If anything, the way the War Party in Washington, D.C., and other Western capitals are exacerbating and extending the conflict in Ukraine, we can thank them for the risk of global conflict.
The two gravest threats to our liberties today are 1) The Covid tyranny, and 2) Red Flag gun confiscation laws.
The most serious attacks against our liberties ALWAYS come from within our own government.
I’ve spoken and written copiously regarding the Covid tyranny. Today I’m focused on the burgeoning Red Flag gun confiscation laws.
While the U.S. Supreme Court last week handed down two laudable—and constitutionally powerful—rulings, overturning Roe v Wade and affirming the absolute right of the people to keep and bear arms by overturning New York State’s tyrannical gun control law forbidding New Yorkers from bearing arms, the U.S. Senate, with the assistance of 15 neocon Republicans, passed the most draconian gun control bill in decades: a bill that in effect creates a national Red Flag gun confiscation law.
Not only does the bill infringe upon the freedom of 18 – 20-year-olds to purchase and own a firearm without excessive government restriction, it provides millions of taxpayer dollars to BRIBE states to enact Red Flag laws.
Make no mistake about it: This is backdoor gun control of the most nefarious kind.
This law allows police personnel to raid your house and seize your firearms without you being accused of a crime, without you threatening to commit a crime, without you committing a crime, without an investigation as to why your firearms are being seized, without legal representation and without due process.

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2 Replies to “The Two Gravest Threats To Our Liberties by Chuck Baldwin

  1. “the greatest threats to Americas democracy WILL come from Prince’s and POPE’S” George Washington.

  2. The greatest threat to liberty is JEWS. Fucking Christ wake up and quit blaming what the Jews are pushing rather than the Jews themselves, as stupid as blaming guns rather than criminals. Stupid article.

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