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“Tyranny is a habit which may be developed until at last it becomes a disease. I declare that the noblest nature can become so hardened and bestial that nothing distinguishes it from that of a wild animal. Blood and power intoxicate; they help to develop callousness and debauchery. The mind then becomes capable of the most abnormal cruelty, which it regards pleasure; the man and the citizen are swallowed up in the tyrant; and the return to human dignity, repentance, moral resurrection, becomes almost impossible.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In Moscow, Xi And Putin Bury Pax Americana
In Moscow this week, the Chinese and Russian leaders revealed their joint commitment to redesign the global order, an undertaking that has ‘not been seen in 100 years.’
What has just taken place in Moscow is nothing less than a new Yalta, which, incidentally, is in Crimea. But unlike the momentous meeting of US President Franklin Roosevelt, Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in USSR-run Crimea in 1945, this is the first time in arguably five centuries that no political leader from the west is setting the global agenda. It’s Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin that are now running the multilateral, multipolar show. Western exceptionalists may deploy their crybaby routines as much as they want: nothing will change the spectacular optics, and the underlying substance of this developing world order, especially for the Global South. What Xi and Putin are setting out to do was explained in detail before their summit, in two Op-Eds penned by the presidents themselves. Like a highly-synchronized Russian ballet, Putin’s vision was laid out in the People’s Daily in China, focusing on a “future-bound partnership,” while Xi’s was published in the Russian Gazette and the RIA Novosti website, focusing on a new chapter in cooperation and common development.
by Pepe Escobar

Russian Nuclear Response To NATO. Liman, Bakhmut, Avdeevka. Military Summary And Analysis March 25, 2023 (24:08)
by Military Summary

Iran-Backed And US Occupation Forces Currently Battling In Eastern Syria, Reports Of Casualties
US forces occupying Syria’s northeast are in a high state of alert, and there are reports of ongoing gunbattles with Iran-backed militias into the night hours. It’s being widely acknowledged as the most serious fighting involving American forces there since 2019, with some of the latest rocket launches targeting Omar oil field, which has long been held by US and Kurdish forces. “The conflict in northeast Syria escalated on Friday as Iran-backed militias launched a volley of rocket and drone attacks against coalition bases after American reprisals for a drone attack that killed a U.S. contractor and injured six other Americans,” The New York Times reports late in the day Friday.
by Tyler Durden

Minnesota Nuclear Plant Announces Shutoff Plans After Second Radioactive Water Leak
A nuclear power plant in the US state of Minnesota will be shut down for repairs after leaking radioactive water for a second time, the owner of the facility has announced. The news comes amid a period of increased scrutiny of the frequency of industrial accidents in the United States. Xcel Energy said on Thursday that it had detected a second leak of tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, from the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant, which sits on the Mississippi River upstream from the state capital of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The plant will be powered down in order to perform the necessary repair work. “While the leak continues to pose no risk to the public or the environment, we determined the best course of action is to power down the plant and perform the permanent repairs immediately,” Xcel Energy President Chris Clark said in the news release. “We are continuing to work with and inform our state, federal, city and county leaders in the process.”
by Fantine Gardinier

Syrians Have Every Right To Attack US Occupiers: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
The western world is solemnly commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Iraq invasion by blindly following the US into more conflict and militarism while repeating all the same kinds of mass media malpractice. If you think it’s a coincidence that the western world suddenly got super-duper interested in China’s human rights record right when China began threatening US planetary domination, then you’re a bootlicking moron who deserves to be shamed in public. A leaked 2017 State Department memo explicitly acknowledged that it’s US government policy to ignore the human rights violations of US-aligned nations while attacking them in nations like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. Stop buying into this performance.
by Caitlin Johnstone

Hospital Admissions Double – And It’s Got To Be Down To The Vaccines
The writer is in New Zealand
Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health has revealed a massive 103 per cent increase in hospitalisations among 12 disease categories measured in 2021 following the mRNA rollout. This calls into serious question the safety of medical interventions such as mRNA vaccines which penetrate the cell wall and re-program activity in the cell cytoplasm. NZ had very few cases of Covid in 2021 due to draconian restrictions. Therefore the only reasonable cause of the disease increase is mRNA vaccination. There were 38,178 extra hospitalisations in 2021 across the 12 categories compared with 2019 figures. The Ministry of Health tracks 37 disease categories, and figures for the remaining 25, including cancer, have not yet been released. These figures alone mean that New Zealanders had greater than a 1 in 90 chance of hospitalisation within one year of Covid vaccination. You can read a longer discussion of the figures here. Similar disastrous figures have surfaced in official data from Western Australia (greater than 1 in 100 chance of serious injury).
by Guy Hatchard

Global Enslavement: Life In A 15-Minute Prison City (8:22)

How To Remove Graphene Oxide, The Dangerous And Undisclosed Ingredient In COVID Vaccines, From The Body
Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and is even in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health. The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid. The good news is, now that graphene oxide has been identified as a contaminant, there are ways to remove graphene oxide from our bodies and restore your health. This is a holistic approach of using several different methods simultaneously for the best effect. Including, specific supplements to degrade the graphene oxide in the body, and controlling EMFs in the environment to minimize graphene oxide activation. This information comes from several sources and is based on scientific studies. Links are reference below.
by The Exposé

Pentagon Leaders Say New Budget Will Help Prepare For War With China
Gen. Milley says the budget is meant to prevent war but ‘prepares us to fight it if necessary’
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told Congress at a Thursday hearing that the Pentagon’s 2024 budget request will help the country prepare for a future war with China. Milley insisted the Pentagon’s massive $842 billion budget request is meant to deter war but said it will also prepare the US military to fight one. He told the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense that deterring and preparing for a conflict “is extraordinarily expensive, but it’s not as expensive as fighting a war. And this budget prevents war and prepares us to fight it if necessary.” The Pentagon identified China as the “most comprehensive and serious challenge to US national security strategy” in the 2022 National Defense Strategy, and lately, US military leaders have been speaking more explicitly about how they’re preparing for a direct war with China despite the risk of nuclear war. President Biden has also vowed to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.
by Dave DeCamp

Iraq And Syria Survived The U.S.-NATO Attack And The Destruction
March 2003 and March 2011 have a great deal in common, but that is not where the story begins, Steven Sahiounie writes.
The 20th anniversary of the U.S. attack on Iraq for regime change coincides with the 12th anniversary of the U.S. attack on Syria for regime change. March 2003 and March 2011 have a great deal in common, but that is not where the story begins. The destruction of two nations, sitting side by side in the Middle East, began in 1996 with the strategy paper called “A Clean Break”, written by the man known as “The Architect of the Iraq War”. “A Clean Break” was authored in part by Richard T. Perle, an American Jew from New York. Being born a Jew is not paramount to this story, but being an Israeli agent is. There should be a test when working on sensitive and top-secret plans for the U.S., that your allegiance is sworn to the U.S. and no other country on earth. Perle was an American, but his allegiance lay elsewhere.
by Steven Sahiounie

PLA Expels US Warship For Second Consecutive Day From Territorial Waters Off Xisha
A US warship was expelled again from Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) when it attempted to trespass for a second consecutive day on Friday. Calling the US move an escalated provocation, Chinese experts said the PLA should remain on high vigilance. Without authorization from the Chinese government, US guided missile destroyer the USS Milius on Friday illegally entered Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands again, sabotaging the peace and stability in the South China Sea, Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson at China’s Ministry of National Defense, said in a press release on Friday. The PLA Southern Theater Command tracked, monitored and warned away the US warship in accordance with the law, Tan said.
by Liu Xuanzun

Lucy, A 13-Year-Old Who’s Blind And Neurodivergent Plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 In B Flat Minor (2:54)
(To view with many links, click the link below.)

Catholic University To Host Lecture By Lesbian Professor On ‘Ending White Christian America’
The promotional flyer for the event claims that the ‘murders’ of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other African Americans are the consequences of a ‘white supremacist system grounded in Christian history, texts, ideas, and institutions.’
(LifeSiteNews) — Villanova University near Philadelphia is set to host a lecture by a Black lesbian LGBT activist on “the end of white Christian America.” Naomi Washington-Leapheart, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, is scheduled to speak at the Falvey Library on Wednesday, March 29 from noon to 1:30 p.m. The school’s Center for Peace and Justice Education and the Theology and Religious Studies department are co-sponsoring the talk. A promotional flyer for the event, which is titled “A Womanist Path to Ending White Christian America,” claims that the “murders” of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other African Americans are the consequences of a “white supremacist system,” one that is “grounded in Christian history, texts, ideas, and institutions.”
by Stephen Kokx

People Can Win
We’ve been trained to think that endless rule by tiny minorities of really horrible people is the natural order of things, but that turns out to be just another lie
This is what I choose to think, this weekend evening. We don’t have to concede to a future of always being at war somewhere abroad, and with each other at home. We don’t have to put up with a government that doesn’t tell us anything. Most of all, we can go back to enjoying life, on our own terms, without stressing over an endless succession of panics invented by politically insecure losers. We can do so much better, and we will, because this place is ours to run, a fact the singing censors should never have let us remember.
by Matt Taibbi

QAnon Shaman T-Shirt
The most interesting man in the Capitol. Jacob Chansley will be released shortly, thanks to public outcry and Tucker.
by Aye Magine

France Slammed For ‘Excessive Force’ Against Protests
The violence must stop, said the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner
The French government has used disproportionate force against demonstrators protesting the pension reform, in violation of their freedom of assembly and expression, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatovic said on Friday. Mijatovic described the circumstances of the pension protests as “concerning,” adding that “sporadic acts of violence by some demonstrators or other reprehensible acts committed by others during a demonstration cannot justify the excessive use of force by state agents.” While some “violent incidents” have taken place, including against police, they are “not sufficient to deprive peaceful demonstrators from enjoying the right of freedom of assembly,” she said, adding that the French authorities have an obligation to protect peaceful protesters and journalists from both police violence and fringe demonstrators. “While a state may have the authority to use force, in particular to restore order, such use must only take place as a last resort and in strict compliance with the conditions of necessity and proportionality,” said the commissioner. “Violence, wherever it comes from, can in no way be used as a means of resolving a social and/or political crisis.”
by RT

Bought To You By Pfizer (0:55)

The CIA, The FBI and their bots and the mainstream media claim that covid-19 was made in a lab – and they’re obviously wrong
The conspirators are now enthusiastically promoting the idea that the covid-19 infection was man-made. They are doing this to restore fear in the virus and they’re keen to do this in order to have some success in promoting the lethal covid-19 jabs. The theory that covid-19 is a weapon was created to promote fear and it is now being pushed hard by bots, establishment figures and people who aren’t afraid to show that they know nothing whatsoever about epidemiology – which is here the key science. I knew three years ago that covid-19 was not a serious threat for several reasons. One reason was that I knew that the ordinary common-or-garden flu can kill 650,000 people in a six month winter flu season.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

No Guilt, No Shame: Western Leaders’ Excuses For NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia
Air attacks by NATO forces on Yugoslavia began this day 24 years ago. Between 1,200 and 2,500 people died within two months, and many more saw their lives crumbling into pieces when the US-led coalition unleashed war and destruction in the midst of Europe. The decision to bomb Yugoslavia was made without the approval of the UN Security Council, and the order was issued to the commander of the allied forces, US General Wesley Clark, by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. Politicians, generals, and journalists from Europe and America engaged in an abominable competition, trying to justify the massacre and sugar-coat the violation of international laws. The claims of the then-leaders of Western countries are displayed in this Sputnik gallery – alongside the results of the alliance’s brutal operation.
by Sputnik News

Melting Glasses: The Glass-To-Liquid Transition
The process of liquid-to-glass transition is a complex procedure in science, as is the glass-to-liquid transition known as glass melting. In a new report published in Science Advances, Qi Zhang and a research team in physics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in China assembled colloidal glasses via vapor deposition and melted them to observe the glass transition dynamics. The structural and dynamic parameters saturated at different depths to define a surface liquid layer and a glassy intermediate layer. The scientists observed single-particle kinetics with various features to confirm the theoretical predictions of melting for the glass surface layer.
by Thamarasee Jeewandara

A Ray Of Light
In the Encroaching Darkness of Oppression
I awaken to life every day now, aware that it is far different from life just a few years ago. I see the encroaching darkness of oppression. I am fully aware of the increasingly scarce liberties. I feel the nudging of authoritarian masters intent on moving us toward fear and blind compliance. Emotional balance and hope is a survival tool now. There is little room for despair or fear, or even grief. Despite the dreadful losses of the last three years that weigh on my soul like a boulder, I must face forward and seek out the next steps possible toward reviving liberty. So, I seek out rays of light.
by Peter and Ginger Breggin

Four Cold Hard Facts (0:16)

Times Have Changed’: Saudi Arabia To Reopen Embassy In Syria, Angering US
Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad continues to be brought “in from the cold” and back into the Arab regional fold at rapid pace, with Reuters confirming on Thursday the prior rumors that Saudi Arabia and Syria were on the brink of fully restoring diplomatic ties. They will now reopen embassies – a huge step. Is a return to the Arab League next? “Syria and Saudi Arabia have agreed to reopen their embassies after cutting diplomatic ties more than a decade ago, three sources with knowledge of the matter said, a step that would mark a leap forward in Damascus’s return to the Arab fold,” Reuters reports.
by Tyler Durden

They’re Rebooting “Axis Of Evil” On The 20th Anniversary Of The Iraq Invasion
The western political/media class has suddenly resurrected the phrase “Axis of Evil” in recent days to refer to the increasing intimacy between Russia and China, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Famed Iraq War cheerleader Sean Hannity appears to have kicked things off last week, saying on his show that “a new Axis of evil is emerging” between China, Russia and Iran, a slogan that has since been echoed numerous times this week. On Tuesday former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Fox News that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are “two dictators that have said they are unlimited partners,” asserting that “This is the new Axis of Evil, with Iran being their junior partner.”
by Caitlin Johnstone

Government Demands TikTok Stop Spying On Americans As That’s Their Job
WASHINGTON, DC — As TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced questioning from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Capitol Hill, leaders from the United States government issued strong demands that TikTok stop spying on American citizens because that’s the government’s job. “Stay off our turf!” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said to assembled members of the press. “How can the federal government be expected to effectively spy on all of our citizens if we’ve got this TikTok app and the Chinese Communist Party getting in our way trying to do the same thing? If anyone is going to be violating the privacy of the American people, it should be us!”

The US’ Rejection Of China’s Peace Plan For Ukraine Exposes Its Warmongering Intentions
By rejecting Beijing’s 12-step proposal, Washington exposed its warmongering intentions for the rest of the world to see and vindicated Moscow’s criticism that it wants to fight this proxy war “to the last Ukrainian”. The majority of the international community that resides in the Global South and which is most adversely affected by the systemic consequences of this conflict, particularly the food and fuel crises catalyzed by Western sanctions, had their perceptions of US soft power shattered once and for all. Bloomberg cited an unnamed Biden Administration official on Thursday to report that “the US is worried about being backed into a corner over the Chinese proposal. Regardless of the US reservations, dismissing it outright could let China argue to other nations that are weary of the war — and of the economic damage it’s wreaking — that Washington isn’t interested in peace.” Alas, that’s precisely what America has done by acting as if China isn’t a serious mediator and that its peace plan is unrealistic.
by Andrew Korybko

The Dystopian 15-Minute City Must Be Stopped (6:55)

Ginger Helps Relieve Inflammation Caused By Rheumatoid Arthritis
The swelling of joints in the hands and feet, often a case of rheumatoid arthritis, can cause significant pain among sufferers. Studies reveal that ginger can be used to help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis’ persistent symptoms
Medicinal herbs such as turmeric, cardamom and ginger have long been found to have therapeutic and healing effects on illnesses that target the bones in the feet and knees, including osteoarthritis.[i] In a new study, however, researchers observed the effects of ginger on rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes pain and swelling of joints in the wrists, hands and feet. There is an approximately 2% incidence rate of rheumatoid arthritis around the world, with at least 1.3 million Americans affected by this painful disorder.[ii]
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

Washington Used 300 Tons Of Depleted Uranium In Iraq: Moscow
As the world observes the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war, western officials have tried to whitewash the devastating effects depleted uranium can have on the civilian population
The Commander of the Russian army’s Radiological, Chemical, and Biological Protection Forces, Igor Kirillov, on 24 March accused the US of using “no less than 300 tons of depleted uranium” during the early years of the Iraq war. “In 2003-2004, the USA extensively used such munitions in strikes on targets in Iraqi cities: Amarah, Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Fallujah. According to the UN, the US used no less than 300 tons of depleted uranium in Iraq,” Kirillov told reporters on 24 March. He added that the resulting radioactive fallout in Fallujah alone was “worse than what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” “This city is still called the second Chernobyl,” the Russian official stressed.
by News Desk

Lockdowns Made People Support Lockdowns
And made them think Covid was worse than it is
Why do so many people still support lockdowns? In a poll I referenced yesterday, only 27% of Brits think that lockdowns were a mistake. 54% disagreed with the statement “In retrospect, lockdowns were a mistake”. The Guardian published a piece yesterday called “Three years on, there is a new generation of lockdown sceptics – and they’re rewriting history”. The article is bad enough but the comments are even worse. Why, after lockdowns pushed hundreds of millions of people into poverty whilst simultaneously transferring unprecedented amounts of wealth upwards, do the left still support lockdowns? Yes, there are flawed studies showing how well lockdowns work and how many lives they saved but there must be something else.
by The Naked Emperor

What Else Are The “Experts” Ignoring?
Banks paid record high prices to buy US government bonds using their depositors’ funds. The Fed failed to notice. Then when the Fed aggressively raised rates, they failed to predict that asset prices (including bonds) would plummet in value, causing widespread solvency problems at banks. Banks have even reported $600+ billion in unrealized bond losses to the Federal Reserve– one of the banks’ primary supervisors. And yet the Fed still failed to notice. In fact just three days before Silicon Valley Bank went bust, the Fed insisted to Congress that everything was fine in the financial system.
by Simon Black

What Is Brainwashing? by Academy Of Ideas (11:56)

Color Photos Of The ‘Titanic’ That Bring It Back To Life
On April 15, 1912, the Titanic-then the world’s largest and most luxurious passenger ship-sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg, taking more than 1,500 lives with it. In 1985, the wreckage of the Titanic was discovered by a French and American expedition about 12,500 feet below the ocean’s surface, and since then, many artifacts from the ship have been recovered. Over 100 years after its fateful maiden voyage, color photos of the Titanic have been restored using cutting-edge technology.
by Carl Seaver

How Inflation Destroys Savings
As I showed in an article entitled ‘The Real Inflation Figure in the UK is now over 35%’, on 13th March 2023’ the real inflation rate is far higher than the Government and the mainstream media is telling us. If you had £1,000 in a bank or building society on 1st January (or in a sock under the bed) then it will be effectively worth £650 by Christmas 2023. And by Christmas 2024 it will have lost another third and will have a purchasing power of a little over £400. If inflation continues at the present rate your savings will be worthless in just a few years’ time. This is how inflation does damage.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

ACH (2098) Dr. Patrick Slattery – The Bloviators #1 – How The Mainstream Media Are Are Using Their Coverage Of The Sven Longshanks Trial To Restrict Freedom Of Speech (Audio 53:38)
In today’s show originally broadcast on March 22 2023, Andy presents “The Bloviators” with his co-host Dr. Patrick Slattery for a show entitled, “How The Mainstream Media Are Are Using Their Coverage Of The Sven Longshanks Trial To Restrict Freedom Of Speech.”
We discussed: how “The Bloviators” show is a rebranding of our “Boomercalifragilisticexpialidocious” show; the three wise monkeys; when we first heard the term “bloviate”; the vague terminology used in hate speech legislation; the BBC and Daily Mail articles on Sven Longshanks; the mainstream media’s selective reporting on crime; why many Americans feel they live in a stateless nation; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Deceptive Daisy’s Ability To Create Fake Flies Explained (Text and Video)
A male fly approaches a flower, lands on top of what he thinks is a female fly, and jiggles around. He’s trying to mate, but it isn’t quite working. He has another go. Eventually he gives up and buzzes off, unsuccessful. The plant, meanwhile, has got what it wanted: pollen. A South African daisy, Gorteria diffusa, is the only daisy known to make such a complicated structure resembling a female fly on its petals. The mechanism behind this convincing three-dimensional deception, complete with hairy bumps and white highlights, has intrigued scientists for decades.
by University of Cambridge

Xi Jinping And ‘Dear Friend’ Putin Agree That ‘Change Is Coming’ In Final Exchange In Moscow (0:46)

Hyperstitions And The Cult Of Steered Progress
Hyperstitions – the ability of humans to create their own future. But is this one genie we don’t want to let out of the bottle? There’s a word that has buzzed for years through futurism circles: hyperstition. The definition of which is roughly as follows: as superstitions are irrational fictions that humans create around things from latent fears or misunderstanding, hyperstitions are the logical extensions of that. They are preconceptions about the future, which are ‘self-fulling’; fictions that become reality, simply because we have subconsciously driven them into life by way of imagining them. But a disturbing trend has seen futurists using hyperstitional thought to advocate taking up the mantle as humanity’s saviors, in envisioning a ‘better world for all of us’.
by Simplicius The Thinker

Arrested Democracy Essential T-Shirt
Democracy is under attack by governments that say they are democratic institutions, but are really not. The Democrat Party in the U.S. is one of them. They arrest peaceful protesters and people who speak the truth while they let agent provocateurs commit violence and burn down stores but do not arrest or prosecute them. We have hipocrisy not democracy.
by ShipOfFools

Putin And Xi Standing Firm On The Right Side Of History
The world is changing before our eyes. Western imperialist regimes are being exposed for the warmongers they are, and a new multipolar order of partnership and peace is emerging.
The historic summit this week between the Russian and Chinese leaders provoked paroxysms of angst in the Western media. President Vladimir Putin’s hosting of China’s Xi Jinping in Moscow was presented as the “world’s two most prominent autocrats” purportedly establishing a hostile “anti-West axis”. The American and European media – slavishly echoing the talking points of their imperialist regimes – were in hyper-bogeyman mode. The meeting of Putin and Xi was distorted in every way to appear as something illegitimately threatening and sinister to the Western “rules-based global order” (euphemism for Western capitalist privileges and predation.)
by Finian Cunningham

Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything
They can sink ALL of the U.S. aircraft carriers, all at once
When it comes to all matters military, I have been following a handful of analysts among whom Croatian Admiral Davorin Domazet (retired) emerged as perhaps my favorite. He has deep and detailed command of technical matters (like Andreiy Martyanov he insists that you can’t prevail in modern warfare without deep knowledge of of advanced mathematics and probability). More importantly, he has perhaps the clearest understanding of the broad historical context of today’s clash between Russia and the western powers.
by Alex Krainer

Jogger Ain’t Having It With Door-To-Door Snake Oil Salesman (5:02)

Smoke, Mirrors, And Fake News About AI
There used to be a meme where you’d start a sentence on a mobile phone that would suggest words above the keyboard, and you keep picking the middle suggestion until you completed a sentence. This was an admittedly simple AI, generating text, predicting what the next word could be. We are not much further along than this today, although the AI does have a better vocabulary this time around. While it can certainly be useful, the current generation of “AI” is not remotely intelligent. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t remember anything, and it doesn’t have a personality. Much of the coverage of it is as fake as the propaganda that led to the Iraq War.
by Fosco Marotto

The Real Aggressor Is America, Whose Megalomania Threatens Russia
The United States is not interested in peace in Ukraine and will continue to provide Kiev with military assistance until Russia is weakened, Oskar Lafontaine, co-founder and former chairman of the German Left Party, said on German television. He is convinced that NATO’s eastward expansion provoked Moscow, because no state wants a knife to its neck. Americans should not do to other countries what they would not like to be done to them, emphasizes the German politician.
by Michael Walsh

Mystery Object Found Near Nord Stream Pipelines Could Point To Culprit
Russia says it is supporting efforts to recover forensic evidence from the underwater site of the Nord Stream sabotage blasts, which may provide clues as to the culprit behind it. Images of a new mystery object have emerged, with Moscow saying it is vitally important that it be carefully examined. The Kremlin in a Friday briefing called the recovery and examination of the object “critically important” as it has been discovered lying next to one of the damaged Nord Stream pipelines. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a daily briefing: “It is critically important to determine what kind of object it is, whether it is related to this terrorist act – apparently it is – and to continue this investigation. And this investigation must be transparent.”
by Tyler Durden

Turkiye ‘Reviewing Options’ For Syria Withdrawal: Report
Ankara says that the long-planned four-way meeting between Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkiye could happen ‘within days’
Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar released a report on 23 March claiming that Turkiye is willing to make concessions regarding the fate of its military presence in Syria, and is reviewing options to set a timeframe for the withdrawal of its troops from the country. This comes in light of Damascus’ repeated insistence that the continuation of normalization efforts between the two countries depends on this condition. “Turkish officials are studying, at the present time, several options regarding the fate of the Turkish military presence in Syria and the possibility of setting a schedule to end it in connection with field, humanitarian and political developments,” Syrian opposition sources told Al-Akhbar.
by News Desk

Some Police Stepped Down In Paris And Joined The People (1:04)

France Protests Said To Be ‘Out Of Control’
Police clashed with over a million demonstrators opposed to President Macron’s pension reform
French authorities struggled on Thursday to suppress the protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. Over a million demonstrators took to the streets across the country in what some security sources described as an “insurrection” against the government in Paris. Tens of thousands of workers went on strike and protesters blocked public transportation, schools and oil refineries. Attempting to break up the protests, police used tear gas, water cannons, flash-bangs and batons. Videos making rounds on social media showed heavily armored officers clubbing unarmed demonstrators.
by RT

From Iraq Into The Abyss?
Iraq Plus 20 Part II
Unless we change course, the Pentagon budget and military contractors will soon command over 50% of U.S. discretionary spending. Congress has recently given the Administration an historic $858 billion for defense, an astounding $45 billion more than requested, to help sustain at least 750 military bases in 80 countries. This is a classic definition of a national death march. Today, amidst rising the interest rates, bank failures, layoffs in tech, and with food prices rising sharply, the U.S. is drastically cutting food stamp benefits! We can’t feed our own people, but we have unlimited money for contrived wars everywhere. It is time to ask, what the hell is the end game? Is there anyone who does not understand that a U.S.-initiated war with China and Russia means assured annihilation? It is time to demand that those who had have led us in this direction be voted out or removed from public office. We must learn and then teach that it is not patriotic for a nation to wage aggressive war. Aggressive war, as the U.S. practiced in Iraq, does not extend prowess, but instead shows the absence of a moral code and the weakness of our craven, fearful leaders’ minds and the spirits. True strength extends from moral, not military authority. True patriotic leadership focuses on the needs of the American people and on taking care of things here, at home, in the United States.
by Dennis Kucinich

USA Today Again Picks Biological Man As ‘Woman Of The Year’
The individual is pushing gender change surgeries for children in Minnesota
The media outlet has chosen Leigh Finke as its ‘woman of the year’ for Minnesota. Finke was the first transgender legislator to be appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives in November. USA Today says the awards are a way of highlighting “local and national heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.” Finke has made it a priority to ensure children are allowed to have access to gender altering surgery, recently sponsoring a bill to make Minnesota a “trans refuge state.” As we highlighted last week, the Democrat Governor and lieutenant governor of the state are on an executive mission to force state agencies to push “gender-affirming” health care.
by Steve Watson

Teacher Expresses Concern Johnny Is Not Transitioning Up To His Full Potential
SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A local teacher was forced to schedule a conference with a student’s parents to express growing concern that their young son Johnny is not transitioning up to his full potential. “I had such high hopes for Johnny,” said teacher Lori Jameson (who transitions to “Lawrence” on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but remains “Lori” on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). “He seemed like such a bright little boy when the school year began, but we’re at Spring Break now, and he still hasn’t expressed a desire to transition to a different gender. So disappointing!”

Cluster Bombs And Abrams Tanks: US Moving Closer To Hot War With Russia (28:16)
The takedown of a US unmanned aerial vehicle near Crimea earlier this month may signal that Russia has had enough of US involvement in the Ukraine war. But Washington keeps pushing for new “wonder weapons” to be fast-tracked to Ukraine. How much further can DC push before a big push-back? Cluster bombs, Patriot missiles, and Abrams are all being readied for transport. This time will new weapons turn the tide?
by The Ron Paul Liberty Report

US Rulers Keep The Masses Divided And Distracted From Demanding Justice
Political tribalism protects America’s leaders from being held accountable for everything from failed policies to war crimes
Washington is where securing political power means never having to say you’re sorry – regardless of how many thousands or millions of people you might have gotten killed. Tribalism is what keeps the perpetrators from ever being held accountable. Consider, for example, this month’s Axios/Ipsos poll showing that more than six in ten US adults believe that George W. Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq was a mistake. While it might seem encouraging that most Americans have come to realize that the Iraq debacle was a bad move – sort of like recognizing that the sun comes up in the East – a glance beneath the headline number reveals that voters haven’t really learned anything. You see, two decades on from a war that was started on false pretenses and was illegal under the UN Charter, 58% of Republicans still believe that the Bush administration was right to launch the invasion (compared to 26% of Democrats). They still feel this way despite a bevy of troubling truths that should be clear to everyone by now, including the fact that the whole basis for the invasion – the hype that Saddam Hussein had obtained weapons of mass destruction – was a sham.
by Tony Cox

US Attack On Syrian Army Leaves Several Dead, Occupation Base Bombed In Response
The US airstrikes came in response to a drone attack that killed a US contractor and injured several other troops
The US occupation base in northeastern Syria’s Al-Omar oilfield was attacked with rockets on 24 March, just hours after the US army bombed several locations in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor on Thursday night. The US bombing was in response to a drone strike on its base in northeastern Hasakah’s Kharab al-Jir military airport, which killed a US contractor and injured several others, CENTCOM said in a statement on Friday. “This evening, we responded to an attack on our forces that killed an American contractor and wounded our troops and another American contractor by striking facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps,” CENTCOM said. “We will always take all necessary measures to defend our people and always respond … We are postured for scalable options in the face of any additional Iranian attacks,” it added.
by News Desk

Serbs Aware Of UK’s ‘Gift’ For Ukraine: NATO Poisoned Serbia’s Soil For Billions Of Years To Come
The radioactive substance that contaminated Serbian soil during NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 is still killing people, Dr. Zorka Vukmirovic, former scientific advisor at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, told Sputnik, commenting on London’s plans to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium shells. As one of the most glaring examples of the terrible consequences, she pointed to the depleted uranium bombing of a telecommunications station near Vranje in Serbia’s south in the spring of 1999 and the repercussions for the workers who had cleaned up the area around the destroyed facility. Seven of them have already died of cancer, and the eighth is suffering from cancer as well. “It is a well-known fact that NATO has admitted to having dropped 10 tons of depleted uranium ammunition on the territory of Serbia. It was important to show where these munitions were used. A map was made in consultation with our army, which concluded that it was 15 tons of depleted uranium. The map was supplemented with some locations, and the map turned out to be far larger than NATO was trying to present,” Vukmirovic specified.
by Sputnik News

Was The Iraq War The Biggest Con Of The 21st Century?
The Iraq War was spawned by a deadly combination of political depravity and media complicity. Unfortunately, on the twentieth anniversary of the war, both elements of that conspiracy are being whitewashed. Instead, politicians and their pundit accomplices are prattling as if the Iraq war was a well-intentioned mistake, not a crime against humanity. In the days after 9/11, when pollsters asked Americans who they thought had carried out the 9/11 attacks, only 3 percent of respondents suggested Iraq or Saddam Hussein as culprits. But President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney worked ceaselessly to convince Americans that Saddam was the 9/11 culprit. Official propaganda trumpeting the Saddam/al-Qaeda link was the linchpin for exploiting 9/11 to justify war.
by Jim Bovard

WEF Wants To Introduce An International Policy That Would Require You To Euthanize Your Pets To Reduce The Carbon Footprint Worldwide. (2:26)
WEF has apparently ordered MSM to push this narrative.

The Lockdown Lunacy In Retrospect
How and why most of the world succumbed to the lockdown lunacy.
The failure of lockdowns.As is well established by now, lockdowns were an almost complete failure as a strategy to suppress or contain the flu-like novel coronavirus: in most cases, lockdowns failed both to “flatten the curve” in the short term and to reduce cumulative excess mortality in the long term. Indeed, no-lockdown states achieved a perfectly average or even a below-average pandemic excess mortality compared to their regional peers, as shown by Sweden in Western Europe, Belarus in Eastern Europe, Florida in the United States, Brazil and Nicaragua in Latin America, Japan in East Asia, or Tanzania in Black Africa.
by Swiss Policy Research

Stop Noahide Law – Table of Contents
Repeal All American Public Laws And Proclamations Recognizing The Noahide Laws
by Vincent Bruno

Returning To Neocon Roots – DeSantis Backtracks On His Tucker Carlson Ukraine Position As Territorial Dispute, Now Says “i Think It’s Been Mischaracterized,” And “putin Is A War Criminal” (Text and Video)
After attempting to navigate through the politics in order to curry favor with the base republican voters on a Ukraine position, when confronted by Piers Morgan who is a pro-NATO war voice, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now says his former position on Ukraine has been “mischaracterized” and Vladimir Putin “is a war criminal.” The walk back highlights once again that Ron DeSantis is an empty vessel using poll testing to formulate his policy stances.
by Sundance

US Officials Really, REALLY Want You To Know The US Is The World’s “Leader”
n response to questions he received during a press conference on Monday about Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin cementing a “new era” in strategic partnership between China and Russia, the White House National Security Council’s John Kirby made no fewer than seven assertions that the US is the “leader” of the world. The illusory truth effect is a cognitive bias which causes people to mistake something they have heard many times for an established fact, because the way the human brain receives and interprets information tends to draw little or no distinction between repetition and truth. Propagandists and empire managers often take advantage of this glitch in our wetware, which is what’s happening when you see them repeating key phrases over and over again that they want people to believe.
by Caitlin Johnstone

France – This Is Not Democracy, It’s Tyranny Against Unarmed Citizens (0:13)

Is It Me Or Has The World Gone Mad?
A doctor who repeatedly sent explicit photographs to fellow medical students was found guilty of serious misconduct by a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing. The doctor told the GMC to strip of him of his title ‘doctor’ and said that he would never practise medicine again. But the MPTS decided that to remove his name from the medical register would not be proportionate. He was suspended for 12 months. On the other hand, doctors who told the truth about the covid-19 fraud were struck off the medical register apparently with enthusiasm. I know of one such doctor who has been off the medical register for four years so far.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

I Am The “US-Based Kremlin Intermediary” That Tried To Help Tucker Carlson Book An Interview With Putin
Tucker Carlson accused the NSA of spying on his personal communications when he tried to schedule an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I can corroborate his story.
On March 10, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told the Full Send podcast that the US government “broke into [his] text messages” in the summer of 2021, just months before the launch of Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Carlson claimed the spying occurred as he was planning a trip to Russia, where he hoped to record a conversation with the country’s president. According to Carlson, he learned of the surveillance after a US government source arranged to meet him in Washington and proceeded to share information with him that only someone with access to his private, personal text messages could have known. “This person’s like… ‘Are you planning a trip to go see Putin?’ This was the summer before the war started. And I was like, ‘how would you know that? I haven’t told anybody,’” Carlson recalled. “I was intimidated,” he added. “I’m embarrassed to admit, but I was completely freaked out by it.”
by Anya Parampil

Americans Face A Rapidly Encroaching ‘Emergency’ CBDC Power Grab
The ruling class may pursue a Hail Mary pass to restore their control over the system.
The American financial system is threatening to come apart at the seams, and for the people who control the levers of power, the only way to patch things up may involve the installation of a monetary Social Credit Score system. In recent years, America’s fiat fractional reserve system has transformed into a faith-based credit system, and the people who use the dollar are losing confidence in a system that relies entirely upon their complete and total trust. Should our collective faith in the system continue to decline, the American ruling class will decided that their path forward involves regrasping full control of their confidence scheme through the implementation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
by Jordan Schachtel

Trans Women Banned From Female Athletic Competitions
The World Athletics Council says it will continue to “maintain fairness” for women in sports
Transgender people will no longer be able to compete in female sports competitions, the World Athletics Council has ruled. From April on, any athlete who has been through male puberty will not be allowed to compete in women’s track and field events, regardless of their current hormonal levels. “The Council has agreed to exclude male or female transgender athletes who have been through male puberty from female world ranking competitions from March 31 this year,” said Sebastian Coe, the head of the organization, at a press-conference on Thursday. He said the Council held discussions with stakeholders, including 40 national federations, the International Olympic Committee and trans groups about the topic of transgender athletes. The majority agreed that trans athletes should not compete in female events. “Many believe there is insufficient evidence that trans women do not retain advantage over biological women and want more evidence that any physical advantages have been ameliorated before they are willing to consider an option for inclusion into the female category,” Coe said. “We continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” he added.
by RT

Lady Michèle Renouf Presents Unique Excerpts From Her Film Israel In Flagrante (36:40)
Former British Army personnel who served in Palestine during the period from 1945 – 1948 give their unique first hand accounts of the dangerous situation at that time. Michele Renouf uncovered their eye witness accounts of Zionist terror organisations, and made a film of their experiences, which has been shown to Parliamentarians in London’s Palace of Westminster. This video shows excerpts from her films: Palestine Scrapbook and Israel in Flagrante: Caught in Acts of Swindlespeak, the loss, firstly by stealth then later by sheer brute force, of the indigenous Palestinians’ ancestral homeland.

The 7 Most Controversial Psychological Experiments Of All Time
Psychology is a fascinating field that seeks to understand the human mind and behavior. Psychologists have uncovered numerous insights into how we think, feel, and act through research, experiments, and observations. However, not all psychological experiments have been met with widespread acceptance and approval. Some experiments have been so controversial that they have sparked ethical debates and even legal action. From the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment to the controversial Milgram obedience study, let’s delve into the details of each experiment, examine the ethical considerations that arose, and discuss their lasting impact on psychology.
by Carl Seaver

Mom Files Lawsuit After Being Reported To Law Enforcement For Questioning “Polysexual” School Poster
Angela Reading’s Facebook post was treated as a security threat.
A mother of two in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit over an alleged smear campaign spearheaded by a military officer after she made a post on Facebook opposing a “polysexual” poster at her seven-year-old daughter’s school. The lawsuit, which the Thomas More Society filed on behalf of Angela Reading, alleges that North Hanover Township’s police chief together with military personnel at the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst demanded the removal of her Facebook post, portrayed her as a “security threat” and reported her to several law enforcement agencies in an attempt to silence her.
by Ben Squires