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July 19, 2024, 24 Posts Published And Archived

What’s Wrong With The West (1:28:25)
Knowland Knows Interviews Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson
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Knowland Knows

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

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Trump Assassination Attempt
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This page is updated regularly with pertinent articles, news, photographs, quotes and videos.
by Mark R. Elsis

Quote Of The Day
‘Human beings are born with different capacities.
If they are free, they are not equal.
And if they are equal, they are not free.’
Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy, Jr.
25 years of lies
It is beyond any doubt that JFK, Jr. was about to launch his political career. Keep in mind that he was only thirty eight years old at the time his plane went down, at the exact minute he didn’t place that widely reported calm call to the FAA, awaiting landing instructions, which the coast guard assigned a petty officer to discuss with the press. The exact minute that lawyer Victor Pribanic, who never replied to me when I was writing Hidden History, heard an explosion in the sky in that location. The exact minute a still unidentified guest at the upcoming wedding of Rory Kennedy, referenced by Fox News reporter Shepard Smith, heard or saw the same explosion as Pribanic, and the deeply vanished Martha’s Vineyard Gazette reporter. All “mistaken” in the exact same way, as happened with so many regarding the JFK assassination. Just imagine if Wayne Madsen had launched that investigation, with the power of JFK’s son’s name behind it. Picture the impact of a close Kennedy family member finally breaking their incomprehensible silence and stating the obvious; that the official lone nut theory of his father’s death was absolute nonsense. And JFK, Jr. might have been doing so from the floor of the United States Senate. He was considered a shoo-in, and his candidacy was more than a rumor. Fortunately for the Deep State, once JFK’s son was conveniently out of the way, the path was cleared for the Queen of Corruption, the beloved Hillary Clinton. But JFK, Jr. wasn’t a mere victim of the extensive Clinton Body Count. He was eliminated by the same powerful forces who killed his father.
by Donald Jeffries

Tying Crooks Into A FBI And Secret Service Conspiracy
How might the pieces fit together?
Okay, so there’s a malicious Secret Service and a 20-year-old attempted assassin. What’s the connection between the two? The Secret Service doesn’t go out and solicit deranged leftist attackers. The likely scenario is that the FBI groomed Crooks from orders-on-high2 and, when certain he would make an attempt, informed the higher-ups who then leaned on the Secret Service to allow the attempt to happen. The motives for this were discussed in the first post on this topic: to create enormous Republican chaos before Trump had announced a Vice President (and there was no clear successor or front-runner to take the helm), as well as possibly to instigate the fabled Redneck Rebellion in order to then brutally crush it to formally usher in a hypercharged surveillance state, which will be discussed in perhaps my next post. By the way, it was difficult to do research for this post because both Bing and Google are heavily censoring search results. If you Bing images “Thomas Crooks” for example, nothing relevant comes up. They’re only getting better and better at censorship as the AI improves; eventually we will hit a point where globohomo will have total information control and we will not be able to find evidence supporting things we know to be true, or past events. Lastly, if one accepts that this was a conspiracy, it looks like they very may well try again as a Plan B, possibly using an explosion by “Iran” as “revenge” for the murder of Soleimani in order to both eliminate Trump, push the U.S. into another Middle Eastern war on behalf of Israel, and use it as an excuse to clamp down on free speech on the internet.3
by Neoliberal Feudalism

The Parents Of Thomas Matthew Crooks Called Police Before The Assassination Attempt To Warn Them (1:17)

FBI Releases Questionable Timeline of Shooting (Text and Videos)
The counter-sniper who ultimately shot Crooks HAD to have seen the shooter when he took aim from the roof’s ridge. The kill shot hit Crooks when his head was positioned 3-5 feet downslope of ridge.
The FBI just released the following timeline of the Trump and Crooks shooting.
5:10 p.m. Crooks first identified as a person of interest.
5:30 p.m. Crooks spotted with a rangefinder.
5:52 p.m. Crooks spotted on the roof by USSS.
6:02 p.m. Trump takes the stage.
6:12 p.m. Crooks fires first shots. Crooks shot 26 seconds later.
Given that the team on the north barn may not have been able to see the entire east side of the ridge, the obvious choice was to assign each of the four riflemen to scope a particular section of the ridge. The two riflemen on the south barn could indeed see the ridge behind which Crooks popped up to take aim. It’s very hard for me to believe that at least one of the riflemen did not see Crooks aiming his rifle in time to shoot him before he fired. According to the FBI, even after Crooks completely gave away his position by firing from it, it still took the counter-sniper 26 seconds to return the fatal shot. Something must have caused the counter-snipers to hesitate.
by John Leake

The Bullets Of An Assassin
The bullets of an assassin shook the world on Saturday, July 13. Dark forces are at play that want the war against Russia to continue, and they are willing to be ruthless, to murder even their own leaders if it means they can get their way, and if they can do that, what will they not do? We have entered a very dangerous time. The bullets of an assassin shook the world on Saturday, July 13. Shot by a sniper at a campaign rally in a small town in Pennsylvania, Presidential candidate and former President Trump survived by a hair’s breadth as the assassin’s bullets just missed the centre of his head, which he moved as he spoke, and hit his ear as it whistled by. Photos of the bullet can be seen in many posts online. Trump went to the ground of his own accord and it seemed to be seconds before any security people began to surround him, and then after assuring themselves the sniper was “neutralised” brought him to his feet, at which Trump, to assure the world he was still alive, raised his fist in salute and shouted in defiance at those who tried to murder him, “fight, fight, fight.” Who Is Responsible? Those who are behind this assassination, for no one can believe that this sniper acted alone, are exposed by the news coverage and political statements made after the shooting. CNN stands for most of the US media, attempting to downplay the crime as an “incident,” running headlines the he suffered a “fall”, without stating the cause, even interviewing talking heads who called for “unity” in the face of an attempt on the life of the main opposition candidate, one of whom accused Trump’s defiant raised fist as more proof of how dangerous a man he is to “American democracy.” Similar treatment was given to the crime by other US mass media. To watch the news coverage immediately after the shooting was an journey into a parallel world where the BBC, which had reporters there covering the events, interviewed multiple witness stating that they saw the sniper go towards the building and climb onto the roof, that they alerted the police and Secret Service near them, but that the security services did not react at all until after the shooting took place, and all of them stated they were sure the police and Secret Service had to be involved. But if you went back to CNN, the only thing they were showing was some “expert in security” talking about proper security protocols as if the identity and motives of the assassin were of no importance nor how he could get so close to Trump without being stopped.
by Christopher Black

Tucker Carlson Speech And Q&A At Heritage’s 2024 Policy Fest (40:57)

Saudi Arabia Could Break The West’s Financial Architecture
Seeing efforts to seize Russian assets in the US and the EU, rich Gulf investors are getting worried about the safety of their own wealth
Private property has always been regarded as something sacred for humanity. Today, however, this sanctity and inviolability of private property are under threat. In the modern world, where economic and political instability are becoming increasingly common, the legal systems and international agreements designed to protect property rights are facing new challenges. Asset confiscation, economic sanctions, and political pressure threaten the traditional notions of property inviolability, forcing people to reassess their beliefs and seek new ways to safeguard their interests. Last week, global media outlets reported that at the beginning of this year, Saudi Arabia hinted at the possibility of selling some of its European debt holdings if the G7 countries moved forward with plans to confiscate nearly $300 billion of Russia’s frozen assets. This information came from sources familiar with the situation, adding a layer of complexity to the already tense geopolitical landscape. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance communicated to some G7 partners its strong disapproval of the proposed measure, which was intended to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. One insider described the communication as a veiled threat, highlighting the kingdom’s serious intent to protect its financial interests. The Saudis specifically mentioned French Treasury-issued debts, underscoring their strategic approach to leveraging their economic influence.
by Murad Sadygzade

My Questions Regarding The Trump Shooting
Okay. Okay. Every talking head from every medium in the world has already given their analysis of the Trump shooting in Pennsylvania. I almost decided to NOT write on this because, after all, virtually everything that can be said about it has been said—everyone from the conventional, mockingbird media to the most fanciful conspiracy theorist and everyone in between. But, alas, here I am writing about the Trump shooting. At this point, I have mostly observations and questions regarding those observations—quite a few questions. My biggest questions concern the Secret Service (SS) itself. I’ve heard people say that the SS was ordered to “stand down,” thus giving the shooter a prime position and plenty of time to take his shot. I even saw a video of one guy who claimed to be one of the SS snipers in the now-famous photos who said he had the bad guy in his sights for over 3 minutes and was ordered to not fire. I will not even begin to comment on the legitimacy of that claim. But based on the reasonable takeaways from the footage that we all have seen repeatedly, I have several serious questions, most of which concern the Secret Service as an agency. First, it defies all logic that the professional federal agency tasked with the sole responsibility of protecting America’s presidents, vice presidents, their wives and families as well as the major presidential candidates could be as lax, as unprofessional and as downright inept as what we witnessed last Saturday. What? A twenty-year-old man with a rifle climbs on and then crawls across the roof of a building a mere 130 yards away from Trump? Are you kidding? That’s Keystone Cops-level incompetency. Why did the SS NOT recognize that rooftop as a high-priority area and have agents posted there before people even started arriving? Even amateur security people would have noticed and protected that vulnerable position. To me, that is the single most glaring question in this entire episode. To not have protected that position was imbecilic to a magnitude that was off the charts. Use any word you want: Stupid. Inept. Idiotic. Sophomoric. Moronic. Dumb. Unbelievable. Unfathomable. Nincompoopish. They all fit. I can easily understand why some people are saying that the SS was told to “stand down” or deliberately leave this location unguarded. It’s hard to fathom a professional agency trained to protect America’s presidential personnel showing themselves to be that inept.
by Chuck Baldwin

The Stakes Just Went Up (3:42)
by Peter St Onge, Ph.D.

Major News Outlet Urges Media To Bury Iconic Trump Photo Due To “Free PR” Concerns
A major news outlet’s photo editor criticized the widespread publishing of a dramatic photo depicting former President Donald Trump just moments after an assassination attempt, calling it unintentional “free PR” for Trump, and calling for it to not be shown. The editor, whose identity remains confidential, emphasized the potential danger in glorifying such an image, according to an Axios analysis of media trends. The photo shows Trump right after a bullet narrowly missed him at a rally in Pennsylvania. Captured by Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci, the image went viral, showing Trump, bloodied but unbowed, raising a fist to his supporters as he was hurried off stage, flanked by the Secret Service, with the American flag in the background. Despite its acclaim as a symbol of defiance and resilience, the photo editor and a photographer from the same outlet have advised against its frequent use in the media, warning that it could inadvertently serve to enhance Trump’s public image positively. Trump himself commented on the photo’s impact in an interview with the New York Post, proudly noting the iconic status of the image and the unusual circumstance of surviving such an ordeal, saying, “A lot of people say it’s the most iconic photo they’ve ever seen. They’re right and I didn’t die. Usually, you have to die to have an iconic picture.”
by Cindy Harper

Israel Approves Resolution Rejecting Creation Of Palestinian State
Arab-Israeli Member of the Knesset Aida Touma-Sliman told the government that she calls ‘upon all the states that did not recognise until today, the Palestinian state… Please recognise the state of Palestine.’ She explained that this recognition ‘is the only way to save the two people from those fascist crazy government who is ruling’ Israel. This came as the Knesset voted overwhelmingly to pass a resolution rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state. The resolution — passed 68-9 — altogether rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state, even as part of a negotiated settlement with Israel.
Israeli lawmakers voted yesterday to approve a draft resolution rejecting the creation of a Palestinian state even as part of a peace agreement. Some 68 deputies voted in favour of the bill in the General Assembly session, nine voted against it or abstained from voting, while the centrist Yesh Atid Party left the session before the vote was held, according to a statement issued by Knesset. The resolution declares that “the Israeli Knesset opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state on any piece of land west of the Jordan River” claiming that “the existence of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel will pose an existential threat to the State of Israel and its citizens, will further extend the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict and be a source of destabilisation for the entire region.” The motion concludes: “Supporting Palestinian statehood at this time would reward terrorism and serve to encourage Hamas and its supporters. Israel’s enemies will interpret it as the victorious outcome of the massacre perpetrated on October 7 and a precursor to the conquest by jihadist Islamism of the entire Middle East.”

IDF Hit 6 UNRWA Schools Over Past 10 Days – Representative (2:53)
by RT

What Comes After “Assassination Attempt” On The Globalist Itinerary?
(Hint: It sounds a lot like another assassination attempt.)
While the world continues to reel from the epic failure of the Secret Service to protect President Trump from some loud popping noises a blatant assassination attempt that scores of people saw coming and tried to prevent, life on the third rock goes on. VP candidates get picked, bikini clad trophy wives frolic in Mykonos, the climate change PR campaign remains stuck in screaming overdrive. It’s a lot to keep up with, especially when you keep getting sucked into stories like “Secret Service boss blames ‘sloped roof’ for not putting sniper team on building used by would-be Trump assassin.” I wish I were making that up. There are plenty of folks on this perplexed planet who’d prefer an expired version of DJT to the fist-pumping, fight-fight-fight, MAGA-loving one, including the countless disgusting humans openly lamenting “he missed” after the assault. I wonder if any of the haters ever stop to imagine what this country/world would (will?) look like in the wake of a successful Trump takedown. Spoiler: It won’t be pretty. The internet is teeming with grim predictions about what the next several months are going to look like, especially if the lone shooters of the world are successful at unaliving either candidate (TL; DW: false flags, cyber attacks, civil unrest, food shortages, martial law, mass hysteria). If I were a billionaire running for office with a target the size of Texas on my back, I think I’d be spending some hefty coin on private security protection and not leaving that task to the folks who desperately want me dead.
by Jenna McCarthy

US Declares ‘Mission Complete’ For Gaza Aid Pier After Delivering One Day’s Worth Of Food
Only a portion of the aid that entered Gaza via the US-built pier ever made it into the hands of starving Palestinians, as the UN suspended its operations in the area following the 8 June Nuseirat camp massacre
The Pentagon announced on 17 July that the floating pier built off the coast of Gaza would be dismantled for good, declaring its “mission complete” two months after it started operations. “The maritime surge mission involving the pier is complete. So there’s no more need to use the pier,” Navy Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, deputy commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM), told a news briefing late Wednesday. “Our assessment is that the temporary pier has achieved its intended effect to surge a very high volume of aid into Gaza and ensure that aid reaches the civilians in Gaza in a quick manner,” Cooper said, adding that nearly 20 million pounds of aid entered Gaza via the pier – the equivalent of about 600 truckloads. For months, the UN and other human rights organizations have established that a minimum of 500 to 600 truckloads of aid need to enter Gaza daily to alleviate critical famine conditions. A large part of the aid that reached Gaza via the pier rotted under the sun for weeks after the US and Israel used the alleged humanitarian corridor to launch a bloody rescue operation in Nuseirat camp that killed nearly 300 Palestinians.
by News Desk

Learn Some Compelling Perspectives About The Border From A Man Who Has Guarded America (Text and Audio 58:15)
With guest J.J. Carrell–Nowadays, illegal immigrants are set free at airports with tickets to anywhere they want in America…
At a time when some people we once identified as leaders in the freedom movement are denying threats to our freedom, such as the border crisis, we are heartened to introduce a relatively new face to you. J. J. Carrell, a courageous, recently retired United States Border Patrol agent, tells the truth as you’ve never heard it before about the catastrophe now being inflicted upon our nation by the wildly open border. J.J. contrasts his personal experiences in the decades before and during Biden. For decades, he was hunting down illegal immigrants to catch them and send them back to where they came from, but before he recently retired, he was ordered to catch and release them into America, never to be seen again. He describes how nowadays, illegal immigrants are set free at airports with tickets to anywhere they want in America, with a new iPhone, cash in their pockets, contact with a [leftwing] NGO, and documents giving them access to many privileges to use our medical, social, and educational services. Then, with a sympathy for their ultimate plight I’ve never heard about before, J.J. explains that after a year or two, the immigrant that Biden invited to America with his family loses all his privileges, becomes labeled an illegal immigrant and is denied a right to work permit, utterly betraying him and his family.
by Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin

The Catholic Monument Was Shot And Dynamited By Red Militiamen In 1936 (Text and Photographs)
The Hill of the Angels, witness of the red terror in Spain: thus attacked a monument to Christ
The martyrs of Cerro de los Ángeles and the destruction of the monument. On Saturday, July 18, 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out. That same day, 30 members of the Workers’ Companies of San José and of the Sacred Heart of Jesus went to Cerro de los Ángeles for a vigil of nocturnal adoration. At the end of the mass, at dawn, most of the congregants returned to Madrid, except for five: Pedro-Justo Dorado Dellmans, 31 years old. Fidel Barrios Muñoz, 21 years old. Elías Requejo Sorondo, 19 years old. Blas Ciarreta Ibarrondo, 40 years old. Vicente de Pablo García, 19 years old. The five stayed in the Cerro to protect the monument. The inhabitants of a nearby farm reported them when they saw them praying the Rosary and blessing the table before eating. On July 23, they were killed by Red militiamen. At the time of his murder, the five looked at the monument, and his last breath was to shout a “Viva Cristo Rey” (Long live Christ the King!), before their bodies collapsed on the floor of Cerro, where they were abandoned for a whole day. Today the remains of those five martyrs rest inside the church located under the new monument. On July 28, five days after that crime, red militiamen went to the Cerro de los Ángeles and a photo was literally “shot” of the monument. A real photo, but that some leftists have crossed out during years of false, although its authenticity is well documented: thus they want to erase the trace of that infamy. They destroyed all the sculptures with chisels, with cables pulled by a tractor and finally with dynamite. The militiamen needed five explosions to completely demolish the monument, since it miraculously resisted the first attempts to demolish it.

by Outono

Tiny Sunlight-Powered Drone Flies For An Hour (Text and Video)
A team of engineers at Beihang University, working with a colleague from Center of Advanced Aero-Engine, both in China, has developed a micro-aerial vehicle that flies using direct sunlight. They reported their results in the journal Nature. As drone technology matures, scientists and others have been finding new uses for them. One potential use is high-altitude surveillance. With the right technology, drones powered by the sun could be sent aloft and would never have to land, much like satellites, only at much lower altitudes. Such drones would be so small that it would be nearly impossible to see or track them, or to shoot them down in a war. In this new study, the research team in China found a way to overcome some of the roadblocks that have stood in the way of developing such drones. Currently, micro-aerial vehicles are limited in flight time to about a half hour. The smallest, called ultralight MAVs, can only fly for about 10 minutes. This is because electromagnetic motors are used to power them, using electricity from a solar panel. Unfortunately, the smaller the drone, the smaller the surface area of the solar panel. Also, smaller electromagnetic motors are less efficient. To overcome these problems, the researchers used an electrostatic motor that powers a rotor using electrostatic fields. The approach allowed the team to build a motor weighing just 1.52 grams.
by Bob Yirka

July 18, 2024, 30 Posts Published And Archived

The Parents Of Thomas Matthew Crooks Called Police Before The Assassination Attempt To Warn Them (1:17)
(To view with many links, click the link below.)

Karli Bonne

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Trump Assassination Attempt
Dozens of posts have already been published.
This page is updated regularly with pertinent articles, news, photographs, quotes and videos.
by Mark R. Elsis

Quote Of The Day
“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism
that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”
Creepy Joe Biden


Video Of Quote (0:51)

Website Of The Day
Freedom Taker
Our governments and private monopolies are now so massive that the majority of society’s wealth is consumed by institutional overhead, corruption, waste and service to public debt. The product of government is no longer service to us, it is now control of us and service to itself. If our central collectives were eliminated or permanently reduced to a small fraction of their current size, wealth and power, the abundance that society would experience would be beyond our current imaginations.

Over 33,000 informative articles, news stories, videos, memes, and music posts
have been published and archived since June 21, 2020.

Dozens of memes are published monthly with over 1,600 archived.

United States With 3,437 Posts

Why The Zionist Lobby And The New World Order Wants The Death Of Trump
It is a certainty that Jewish and Zionist fingerprints are in the latest (and hopefully the last) attempt against Trump’s life although the MSM is now running a red herring by blaming Iran, despite the fact that the shooter was Jewish and he worked for BlackRock, which has its own private militia.
It looked like a quiet hot afternoon in Butler, Pennsylvania, one of the states where a massive electoral fraud was carried out against Donald Trump 4 years ago. People had gathered to listen to the leader of MAGA, the founder of the American patriotic movement, Donald Trump. The supporters of the President were cheering and listening to Trump’s speech when a series of shots was heard. Trump has just moved his head quickly to the right to look at a sign against the migrants invasion, and a bullet wounded his right ear. This unexpected movement saved his life. Had the President stayed still, he would have been history by now. The shot was quite accurate and the sniper who fired it was not a newbie, like they are claiming as of now. The aspirant killer, Thomas Crooks, had received some military training and if we look at his history, we can trace it back to the Jewish lobby. Crooks was a student at BlackRock, the biggest investment fund in the world that basically owns the world. In BlackRock you can find everything. You can find the pharmaceutical cartel, namely Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. You can find Delta, Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft and every big corporation that you can think of. The owner of BlackRock is Vanguard, another investment fund that does not disguise its ownership. In order to find the real owner of these two huge funds, we must follow the traces of their investors, and by doing so, we will find the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the Morgans and the Warburgs. Here we find the lords of international finance and the leaders of the Ashkenazi finance that has been ruling the Western world ever since the Rothschilds, at the beginning of the XIX century, became the lords of international usury and the agitators of countless wars. The business of the Rothschilds is war, and their money is called blood. This family that has been dominating European politics after the breakout of the French Revolution is the real force that guides and inspires liberal democracy. Crooks seemed to thrive in such an environment. He was also a student of the Jewish Talmud and a regular to the synagogue of Butler, as we can see here in this picture.
by Cesare Sacchetti

They Want You Dead And You’re Clutching Your Pearls? (13:02)
by Peter R. Quiñones

Cops Radioed “Blanket Tactical Channel” About Shooter After Rooftop Confrontation, Yet Nothing Was Done
Evidence continues to mount that Saturday’s attempted assassination of Donald Trump by shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks was allowed to happen, despite ample warning from bystanders, local PD, and even the shooter’s parents. [She says they called to say he was missing even though we know he told his dad he was going to the gun range with the AR-15 he borrowed. Context: That doesn’t warrant the description of ‘missing’. Instead, it indicates that his parents feared he left with a purpose and there’s no way they didn’t relay that to the police.]
To review: Three hours before the shooting, security for the rally caught Crooks with a rangefinder and let him go. 40 minutes before the shooting, law enforcement circulated a picture of Crooks crawling around on the ground. Local PD notified the Secret Service that they had inadequate resources to monitor the building used by Crooks. The parents of Thomas Matthew Crooks called law enforcement before the assassination attempt to warn them that their son was “missing” and they were “worried” about him. Local law enforcement observed Crooks leave the area and return three times, during which they took two pictures of him and reported the suspicious activity. A Secret Service agent in charge of security for the event was on the phone with local and state police about the threat while the shooting took place. Crowds were shouting at the police to do something about the guy on the roof with a rifle for several minutes. And now for the kicker: After Crooks was positioned on the roof, one cop boosted another cop up to the roofline – only for Crooks to point his weapon at him. At that point, the boosted cop fell.
by Tyler Durden

Do Not Resuscitate
Many decades ago, doctors agreed that it was wrong to resuscitate patients who were in severe pain and who were terminally ill (or ‘terminally, terminally ill’ as is preferred these days). Before the introduction of the ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) protocol it was common for severely ill patients to be dragged back to life time and time again. Whenever such a patient stopped breathing (and effectively died) a ‘crash team’ would be mobilised. Doctors would run to the ward with masses of equipment and the patient would be injected, intubated and (literally) shocked back to life. As a young hospital doctor I was accustomed to seeing patients repeatedly dragged back to life from the brink of death. No one really thought of just letting someone die. If and when a patient died we considered that we had failed – however old and ill they were. That was then. Today, the DNR protocol has been expanded and my mailbox has, for years been full of stories of patients complaining of being asked to sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate Forms or having Do Not Resuscitate forms signed on their behalf. (These are known as DNR forms or DNAR forms – for Do Not Attempt Resuscitation.) DNR notices are only inches away from euthanasia and could, perhaps, be best described as ‘passive euthanasia’. The doctor doesn’t actually do anything to kill the patient. But he doesn’t do what he could do to stop them dying. In recent years, GPs all over the world have been contacting their elderly patients, and those with chronic health disorders, and asking them two questions. Even perfectly healthy patients have been approached if they have reached a certain age. (The age at which doctors consider a patient not worth saving varies but is usually around 70.) ‘Are you happy for us to put a DNR on your file?’ And ‘Are you happy for us to put on your file a note that you won’t be admitted to hospital if you become unwell?’ Note the clever wording, designed to elicit a positive response. It’s the sort of trickery used by crooked pollsters and insurance salesmen – knowing what answer they want and shading the question in such a way as to ensure that they get it.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

26 Minutes (30:42)
by Redacted

US Election Should Not Easily Make China An Issue
Recently, there has been significant progress in the restoration of contact and dialogue between China and the US, as well as in managing the risks of conflict. However, we also regret to see an increase of the voices calling for a hardline stance toward China within the US. Both parties in the US are competing to manipulate the China issue, and the so-called “policy plans” to contain China that each party has put forward are becoming more and more absurd. Although some of these “plans” are not feasible and will not become reality, the damage to bilateral relations is real. Although China and the US have different historical cultures, social systems, and development paths, many emotions are shared between the people of both countries. The book Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, Donald Trump’s vice-presidential running mate, has stirred sympathy in Chinese society for the “Rust Belt” of America. However, at the same time, there are some misconceptions about China in American society. China and the US should have a correct understanding of each other. Making an issue of China for election purposes is a disregard and hijacking of the huge common interests between China and the US. For US presidential candidates, it accumulates a deficit in the development of relations with China for the next US government. This approach seriously undermines the atmosphere of bilateral cooperation, and is also not conducive to world peace and stability.
Editorial by Global Times

A Huge Financial Bet Against Donald Trump’s Company Was Made Before The Assassination Attempt
Must be a coincidence, right?
Donald Trump is a significant owner of Trump Media & Technology Group (DJT) shares. That publicly traded entity operates Truth Social, a pro-Trump social network in which Mr. Trump owns 78.8 million shares. The network’s business plan is to be the hangout for like-minded Trump fans who want to be the first to read their favorite politician’s announcements and socialize. Like other stocks, many people buy and sell shares of DJT for various reasons. However, an interesting financial bet stands out. A little-known private financial firm reported initiating an unusually large short position by buying put options for the nominal amount of 12,000,000 shares. So, on July 12th, a day before the assassination attempt, Austin Private Wealth reported a short position nominally equivalent to 12 million shares. It is huge: it represents approximately one-seventh of Trump’s ownership in the same company, or 16% of all available stock float not held by major insiders. A sudden demise of Truth Social’s central figure, Donald Trump, would make the DJT 0.00%? stock worthless, making Austin Private Wealth a beneficiary of a gigantic payoff. Depending on the strike price, it could be a couple hundred million dollars. What do you think? Is a giant put position, which would benefit from a sudden drop in DJT stock, initiated so close to the assassination attempt, just another unrelated coincidence?
by Igor Chudov

Trump Elevated To “The Chosen” Status, Genocide In Gaza Increases In Violence
Those who will vote Trump and Vance because “America first” will continue a neocon policy that does not change regardless of Democrat or Republican – the targets may change, the goal does not – Biden may start nuclear war with Russia, Trump will exterminate Palestinians and destroy West Asia with Iran as the final prey. Americans don’t get to be isolationist or protectionist about their foreign policies until America gets the hell out of every country it has occupied in the world today and for example, stops nesting unlawfully in sovereign nations to steal their resources. If people really want to put America first, they should be ending US hegemony and military expansionism which has nothing to do with “national security”. Nobody wants America first except Americans who want to continue the neocolonialist agenda and don’t give a shit about the millions of brown people murdered in the name of US “democracy”. The world is not a stage governed by the US, it is a world of diversity and culture that has existed way longer than America. Leave it alone, repair the damage but don’t vote in another wave of military adventurism.
by Vanessa Beeley

Trump Assassination Attempt: Timeline Of Events (4:29)
The footage shows the timeline of events at Pennsylvania rally, where Donald Trump was injured. It appears to show that law enforcement did not react to the shooter being spotted by onlookers for about two minutes, until shots were heard.
by RT

The Ascendance Of Sociopaths In U.S. Governance
An International Man lives and does business wherever he finds conditions most advantageous, regardless of arbitrary borders. He’s diversified globally, with passports from multiple countries, assets in several jurisdictions, and his residence in yet another. He doesn’t depend absolutely on any country and regards all of them as competitors for his capital and expertise. Living as an international man has always been an interesting possibility. But few Americans opted for it, since the U.S. used to reward those who settled in and put down roots. In fact, it rewarded them better than any other country in the world, so there was no pressing reason to become an international man. Things change, however, and being rooted like a plant – at least if you have a choice – is a suboptimal strategy if you wish to not only survive, but prosper. Throughout history, almost every place has at some point become dangerous for those who were stuck there. It may be America’s turn. For those who can take up the life of an international man, it’s no longer just an interesting lifestyle decision. It has become, at a minimum, an asset saver, and it could be a lifesaver. That said, I understand the hesitation you may feel about taking action; pulling up one’s roots (or at least grafting some of them to a new location) can be almost as traumatic to a man as to a vegetable.
by Doug Casey

Catalyst Events And The Trump Assassination Attempt
A Theory for How Trump Dodged the Assassin’s Bullet
Note: this article is very different from the content typically publish, but I felt it should be written due to a few questions I was repeatedly receiving.
Both I and my spiritual teachers believe we live in a very unique era, where due to cyclical cosmic forces that are at a play, longstanding paradigms can change in a blink of an eye and previously inconceivable events will occur one after another. On one hand, this cyclical period where “time is cut in half and cut in half again” is often thought of as “the age of darkness” because humans often cannot adapt to the rapid changes it brings forth, but on the flip side these periods offer immense opportunities for both individuals and societies at large to evolve and discard dysfunctional paradigms which caused immense damage to everyone for generations. For example, imagine for a moment how slowly human society changed over the centuries, and then compare it to how profoundly different our society has been in each successive decade, or that the pace of change has only continued to accelerate-especially with the advent of the internet. Because society becomes so mutable in these eras, events will frequently emerge that have the potential to radically shift the direction of the society for decades if not generations to come. More importantly, those events are often inflection points that offer two very different paths depending on which way the society bifurcates, and hence the way individuals in the society respond to the event carries truly profound consequences.
by A Midwestern Doctor

Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph
New evidence strongly suggests that one of Britain’s greatest war adventurers was murdered by MI5 the British Secret Service. The legendary desert warrior, friend of outstanding writer Henry Williamson and admirer of Adolf Hitler, previous to his murder, had stated his intention to join Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF). The academically brilliant Irish-American William Joyce was falsely dubbed ‘Lord Haw-Haw’. During the war it was said, he betrayed Britain. The sobriquet Lord Haw-Haw was due to a mistake made by a Daily Express reporter. Influential American LIFE magazine calculated that 50% of the English people listened to William Joyce’s opinions broadcast from Hamburg. The manager of East Riding Radio Relay Service complained; “We are inundated with requests for Lord Haw-Haw broadcasts, which we are not allowed to give.” Statesman David Lloyd George; “The Government ought to take notice of every word this man says.” This is the story of an Irish-American who was to become a champion of British rather than globalist interests. If T. E. Lawrence and Henry Williamson were set to oppose the war lobby’s intention to enter into war with trade competitor Germany.
by Michael Walsh

The Failed Assassination Attempt On President Trump (4:29)
by Greg Reese

Total Must Read: Everyone Knew The Assassination Attempt Was Imminent (Text and Videos)
Am I exaggerating? If so, not by so much that it makes much difference. Here’s the must read article: Cops Radioed “Blanket Tactical Channel” About Shooter After Rooftop Confrontation, Yet Nothing Was Done
Evidence continues to mount that Saturday’s attempted assassination of Donald Trump by shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks was allowed to happen, despite ample warning from bystanders, local PD, and even the shooter’s parents. This article answers so many questions. Like … What did the cop who poked up onto the roof do after the shooter pointed his rifle at him? What was going on between the counter snipers and the SS command center at the time the shooting started? How long before the shooting was the shooter caught and released? How many times was the shooter observed and reported for suspicious activity? The officer who confronted Thomas Matthew Crooks on the roof radioed a “blanket tactical channel” that there was “an individual on the roof with a weapon” before the assassination attempt on President Trump. Why wasn’t President Trump immediately evacuated?
by Mark Wauck

Puzzling Features Of Crooks Crime Scene
Did Crooks toss his rifle aside? If so, was he hoping that counter-snipers would refrain from shooting him to preserve him as a witness?
The following still images from aerial video footage of the dead would-be assassin on the rooftop strike me as puzzling. Note the large flow of blood downslope of his body in the following closeup. The position of his body marks the position at which he was shot in the head. I initially wondered if if the photo was taken after law officers checked Crooks’s body to make sure he was dead, then separated the weapon from his body, and then left the scene. Perhaps initial responders were told to leave the roof to minimize contamination of the crime scene, and to wait in the parking lot below for the coroner and crime scene investigators to arrive. However, I still believe it is worth trying to ascertain if it was Crooks who tossed the weapon far to his left after he finished shooting. It appears that the weapon’s magazine is still seated in the weapon. Did the responders check to make sure the chamber and magazine were empty, and then reinsert the magazine? The position of Crooks’s body—a few feet below the roof’s ridge—suggest that he was trying to crawl in reverse, back down the roof, but was unable to keep his head low enough to avoid getting shot by a counter-sniper. I wonder if he believed—or was led to believe—that if he made a show of tossing his rifle far to the side, the counter-snipers would refrain from shooting him to preserve him as a witness. Obviously, the time to shoot Crooks was the second he aimed his weapon from the roof’s ridge, not after he’d finished shooting and was crawling in retreat back down the roof’s slope.
by John Leake

“Lady MacBiden”
Trump Assassination Attempt: Does Dr Jill Biden Need to be Questioned?
I am careful about my words. I don’t throw around accusations, and, for the legal record, I am not here making an accusation. This essay is deliberately written so as to not be an act of defamation or of libel. Here is my immediate response on Saturday July 13, to the assassination attempt. As I warned you all in my recent essay “What Time It is”, about the incarceration of Stephen K Bannon, the attempt on President Trump’s life on Saturday July 13 was sadly predictable, as we are in the period, foreseeable per the historical record in a declining democracy, of the “physical mopping-up of the opposition.” Subsequent to the assassination attempt against President Trump last Saturday in Butler, PA, I need to talk about Dr Jill Biden and her office. I believe Dr Jill Biden and Hunter Biden and Dr Jill Biden’s staff need to be investigated subsequent to (my awkward grammar is to avoid the legal repercussions of saying, “in relation to”) the assassination attempt against President Trump. There has been historic reluctance to challenge any First Lady. But someone made the decision to surround President Trump with tiny female Secret Service agents, at least one of whom cowered behind him while he was being shot at, and who appeared later not to know how to manage her holster. All this happened when who knows how many tall, strong, experienced Secret Service agents were just 54 minutes away. Someone made sure to arrange to be short of a third counter-sniper team; someone made sure to fail to secure a building 130 meters away from the speaker. Someone is directing SS director Cheatle to give nonsensical answers (this is itself a message, about impunity). Most chillingly, to me, is that someone directed a guard in military uniform to point his rifle directly at the van with a wounded Pres. Trump in it, before raising it again.
by Dr. Naomi Wolf

Why Wasn’t President Trump Immediately Evacuated? (1:40)
The officer who confronted Thomas Matthew Crooks on the roof radioed a “blanket tactical channel” that there was “an individual on the roof with a weapon” before the assassination attempt on President Trump.
Why wasn’t President Trump immediately evacuated? Was the Secret Service listening to this “blanket tactical channel”? Two officers went to the lowest point of the building. One officer boosted the other high enough to reach the roof, where he saw the shooter with a weapon. Crooks turned and pointed his weapon at the officer, who then ducked and fell off the roof. “The boosting officer and the officer that fell were both on the radio indicating that there was an individual on the roof that did, in fact, have a weapon.” “There was a blanket tactical channel being used. Everyone who was on that tactical channel heard it.” How much time was there between that radio communication and the gun being fired at President Trump? It’s bad enough that the Secret Service didn’t put anyone on the most obvious roof 150 yards away. But after two police officers radioed in that there was a guy on the roof with a gun, why wasn’t President Trump immediately evacuated?

Alex Soros Is A Nut Job – Implies Assassinating Trump
Anyone who does not know had better open their eyes. Alex Soros is far worse than his father – far worse than you can ever imagine. He lacks the school of hard knocks and is spoiled with money that has made him think he is Superman and above the law. This image of $47 and a bullet hole implying to assassinate the 47th President, Trump, is his answer to his and his father’s attempt to rule the world. They are not satisfied tearing down borders, pushing for authoritarian insanity, funding the prosecutions against Trump, funding the case in Colorado to remove Trump from the ballot all in the name of democracy? They ignore culture, religion, and even family, force their view upon the world, and assume only what they know is best. Both he and his father think their Open Society promotes a better world when he himself makes veiled threats to assassinate Donald Trump. Bidenomics is a complete failure, and George knows that as a hedge fund manager. He shorted the pound because of fiscal mismanagement. Yet George and Alex still advocate destroying the very foundation of the United States to further their one-world government headed by the United Nations.
by Martin Armstrong

Iran, China Inaugurate New Freight Train Route Via Turkmenistan
The Islamic Republic has been steadily expanding its trade routes with allied nations as part of a strategy to overcome unilateral western sanctions
A new railway line connecting China and Iran through Turkmenistan was launched on 16 July, with the departure of the first Chinese transit train Headed to Tehran from Shaanxi province in northwestern China. According to the Iranian Ambassador to China, Mohsen Bakhtiar, the train is expected to arriv