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The Hidden Agenda For World Government (52:23)
G. Edward Griffin Interviews Norman Dodd
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G. Edward Griffin

Norman Dodd

February 21, 2024, 60 Posts Will Be Published

David Irving has died.
Thank you for all you did to bring forth Real History.
In September 2012, David was a guest at my home in Sarasota.
Requiescat In Pace, David Irving.

“It [the Holocaust] is something like a religion… The Intellectual Adventure is that we are reversing this entire trend within the space of one generation – that in a few years time no one will believe this particular legend anymore. They will say, as I do, that atrocities were committed. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, but there were no factories of death. All that is a blood libel against the German people.”
David Irving

Dozens of memes are published monthly with over 1,300 archived.

February 19, 2024, 60 Posts Published

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
Saint Francis of Assisi

Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dozens of memes are published monthly with over 1,300 archived.

Palestine Archive With 260 Posts

David Dees
Power Of Art

Hundreds Of Thousands March Across Europe To Call For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza
Hundreds of thousands of people marched on the streets of major European cities to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza as the death toll in the Palestinian enclave neared 30,000 due to relentless Israeli attacks since 7 October, Anadolu Agency reports. Marchers in London gathered in Marble Arch to initiate the march on the Global Day of Action – organised by UK-based advocacy and Palestine action groups. The procession followed the main roads in central London to reach the Israeli Embassy. The march was one of the biggest pro-Palestinian marches held in London since 7 October. It was also attended by a group of Jewish protesters. In Irish capital Dublin, tens of thousands of people gathered to call for action on Gaza and an immediate ceasefire. Spanish capital Madrid saw thousands of protesters marching for an end to bloodshed in Gaza. In German city Munich, where world leaders and ministers are attending the Munich Security Conference, protesters gathered some 200 meters away from the main conference venue to call for a ceasefire. Tens of thousands of protesters also filled the main Dam Square in Dutch capital Amsterdam. “Ceasefire Now”, “Stop the Genocide”, and “Free Palestine” read on many placards and banners carried by the crowds. The second Global Day of Action was organised by the Palestine Coalition formed by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Stop the War Coalition, Friends of Al-Aqsa and Muslim Association of Britain.

Powers And Principalities: Episode 336 Tim Kelly Interviews Joe Atwill (Audio 1:16:21)
Super Bowl Massacre, Mayorkas Impeachment & the Tyranny of Liberalism

Why Israel’s War On UNRWA Is So Sinister
Tel Aviv’s goal of dismantling the UN agency in the name of security is a strategic move aimed not only at depriving Palestinian refugees of lifesaving assistance, but completely eradicating the notion that they will one day return to the lands they were expelled from.
The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is facing the gravest existential crisis in its 74-year history, as funding cuts by several western countries come on top of ongoing atrocities perpetrated by Israel in Gaza. The UN agency is unique in being the only one dedicated to a specific group of refugees in specific areas, and the only relief organization that operates a full-fledged educational system. UNRWA is also the only organization mandated to work in Gaza and distribute aid to the two million people currently trapped and starved in the besieged enclave.
by William Van Wagenen

Death Of Aleksei Navalny: The Brits Did It!
It is remarkable how an invitation to do a live television interview can change your schedule and concentrate your mind. This afternoon I got a WhatsApp message from TRT, Turkey’s premier English language international broadcaster with whom I had done several interviews a year ago, followed by many months of silence. That is not unusual. Broadcasters rotate experts in and rotate experts out at their pleasure. The invitation today was to speak about breaking news, the reported death in a remote Yamalo-Nenets prison colony of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny at age 47. A glance at the latest online edition of The Financial Times confirmed that Navalny had indeed died and set out the comments of leading Western statesmen condemning what they considered to be the latest murder by Vladimir Putin of prominent activists who oppose his rule. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, European Council President Charles Michel and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were among those who already had spoken before microphones and were reading from the same anti-Putin script.
by Gilbert Doctorow

It’s Information Warfare To Control You (1:13:54)
Syriana Analysis Interviews Whitney Webb

Palestinians In Gaza Do Have Somewhere To Go: Their Homes In What Is Now Israel
Many professing solidarity with Palestinians — including alleged legal experts — being slaughtered in Gaza have said they have “nowhere to go”. It’s not true. They do. Somewhere they actually should go. Their homes in what is now Israel. The majority of families of Palestinians in Gaza were forced there by Israel in 1948. See great thread by Hanine Hassan: “Who told you that the 1.5 million displaced Palestinians sheltering in Rafah have nowhere left to go? My family, now in Rafah, has a home in Jaffa, from which we were expelled by a fascist German family. The majority of our people in Gaza have homes to go to, all over Palestine.” As Prof. John Quigley has noted: “They are entitled to repatriation under international law, including the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination which Israel has signed and ratified.” See his writing on this subject here and here. And of course there’s UN Resolution 194 of Dec. 11, 1948 which “Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return…”
by Sam Husseini

Israel Behind Attacks On Iranian Gas Pipelines – NYT
The covert operation required deep knowledge of the country’s infrastructure, a source has said
Israel conducted clandestine strikes against two key natural gas pipelines in Iran this week, marking an escalation in the years-long standoff between the two states, the New York Times has reported. “Israel has long targeted military and nuclear sites inside Iran,” but this week’s attacks on the energy infrastructure “marked an escalation in the covert war and appeared to open a new frontier,” the NYT wrote, citing Western officials. The newspaper’s anonymous sources also attributed a separate incident to Israeli sabotage – an explosion that rocked a chemical factory on the outskirts of Tehran on Thursday, which local officials ruled an accident. The two gas pipelines run for more than 1,000 kilometers and carry around 2 billion cubic feet (57 million cubic meters). The blasts temporarily took out around a sixth of Iran’s daily natural gas production, causing local outages.
by RT

Julian Assange’s Final Appeal
Julian Assange will make his final appeal this week to the British courts to avoid extradition. If he is extradited it is the death of investigations into the inner workings of power by the press.
LONDON — If Julian Assange is denied permission to appeal his extradition to the United States before a panel of two judges at the High Court in London this week, he will have no recourse left within the British legal system. His lawyers can ask the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for a stay of execution under Rule 39, which is given in “exceptional circumstances” and “only where there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm.” But it is far from certain that the British court will agree. It may order Julian’s immediate extradition prior to a Rule 39 instruction or may decide to ignore a request from the ECtHR to allow Julian to have his case heard by the court. The nearly 15-year-long persecution of Julian, which has taken a heavy toll on his physical and psychological health, is done in the name of extradition to the U.S. where he would stand trial for allegedly violating 17 counts of the 1917 Espionage Act, with a potential sentence of 170 years.
by Chris Hedges

A Medical Emergency (2:12)
by Died Suddenly

Espionage Act Of 1917 And Sedition Act Of 1918
Throughout American history, free speech has often been tested during times of war. During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson pushed for new laws that criminalized core First Amendment speech. Congress passed the Espionage Act shortly after the U.S. entered the war. The Act made it a crime to convey information intended to interfere with the war effort. Later, the Sedition Act imposed harsh penalties for a wide range of dissenting speech, including speech abusing the U.S. government, the flag, the Constitution, and the military. These laws were directed at socialists, pacifists, and other anti-war activists. The Wilson Administration argued that these Acts were essential to the war effort and prosecuted thousands of anti-war activists under their various provisions. While modern scholars view these Acts as violating core free speech protections, the Supreme Court at the time upheld these convictions. The Supreme Court reversed course in future decades, increasingly protecting free speech over time—building on a series of famous opinions by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and Justice Louis Brandeis in the 1910s and 1920s. By the 1960s, the Supreme Court advanced a broad vision of free speech protections.
by The National Constitution Center

Enemies Above: The FBI And The Creation Of The Brown Scare Myth
“Today’s threat to our national security is not a matter of military weapons alone. We know of new methods of attack. The Trojan Horse. The Fifth Column that betrays a nation unprepared for treachery.”
Such were the remarks from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chat on May 26, 1940. Roosevelt’s sentiments captured and propagated a growing sense of fear and paranoia that the United States was entering a covert war with a hostile foreign power. These sentiments, coupled with the steps taken by the United States government to fight them, are strikingly similar to those of today. With Vladimir Putin as a stand-in for Hitler and MAGA for the alleged rising presence of domestic fascism, supporters of the foreign policy status quo are mobilizing a version of history to frame current dissent as beyond the pale and to justify their extraordinary steps to curtail it. As they had during the Great War, the United States government and American interventionists preceded official entry into World War II with a concerted effort to convince Americans of the need to aid the Allies. This push to move foreign policy opinion accompanied a growing panic concerning domestic extremism, particularly on the Right, in what historian Leo Ribuffo called “the Brown Scare.”
by Brandan P. Buck

Special Committee To Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations | Reece Committee (1954) (2,086 Pages)
by Reece Committee

The Charm Of A Woman (0:36)

The Rise And Fall Of The Second Amendment
The People vs. the Occupying Force
Everyone has undoubtedly heard about the shooting during the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City. These victory celebrations always bring the potential for trouble, what with all those young males consuming prodigious amounts of alcohol. And they draw the worst elements; the seemingly perpetually armed gang-bangers. The shooting has triggered the yawningly predictable response from the “Woke” crowd. Which at this point means nearly our entire government and corporate leadership. One marvels at how many times clueless celebrities can breathlessly tweet out, “We have to do something about this!” or “We are failing the children!” It’s odd how the inanimate object- the gun- is always the Oswald-style patsy in these incidents. Often the names of those wielding the inanimate objects for no good are barely mentioned. Quick; name the Parkland school shooter. The Pulse gay night club shooter. It’s the guns, racist! The tweets in response to this most recent shooting, especially those emanating from the dying embers of Hollywood, are examples of insipid mindlessness. Digital postcards from the Idiocracy.
by Donald Jeffries

Tracked, Traced, Monitored, Surveilled, Data-Based: Controlled!
How does it feel to be owned and controlled by this abominable government, its murderous military, the criminal ‘intelligence’ services, the corrupt police, and government’s fascist corporate partners? How does it feel to be spied on at nearly every turn, every opportunity, in most every aspect of your lives? Most have a cell phone these days, and that phone is tracking and monitoring your location by GPS technology every moment. Every keystroke you enter, whether on your phone, text, email, internet, or computer, is captured, your data mined and stored. Every single transaction you make with a credit or debit card, every electronic purchase, every banking transfer or transaction is viewed and held. Your entire health history and all medical records are electronically seized.
by Gary D. Barnett

ACH (2309) Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #95 – Sanctity Of Life II: A Conversation With An Abortionist Audio 7:21)
In today’s show originally broadcast on February 18 2024, Andy presents a show entitled, “Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #95 – Sanctity Of Life II: A Conversation With An Abortionist” that was written by Dr. Peter Hammond.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock Drop Out Of Massive UN Climate Alliance In Stunning Move
Was it the negative return or the potential lawsuits that is starting to turn this crazy climate leviathan around?
JPMorgan Chase and institutional investors BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) on Thursday announced that they are quitting or, in the case of BlackRock, substantially scaling back involvement in a massive United Nations climate alliance formed to combat global warming through corporate sustainability agreements. In a statement, the New York-based JPMorgan Chase explained that it would exit the so-called Climate Action 100+ investor group because of the expansion of its in-house sustainability team and the establishment of its climate risk framework in recent years. BlackRock and State Street, which both manage trillions of dollars in assets, said the alliance’s climate initiatives had gone too far, expressing concern about potential legal issues as well. The stunning announcements come as the largest financial institutions in the U.S. and worldwide face an onslaught of pressure from consumer advocates and Republican states over their environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities.
by Meryl Nass

Federal Judge Permits Navy SEALs’ Religious Discrimination Suit To Continue Despite Vax-Mandate Repeal
A federal judge on Wednesday allowed a class-action lawsuit challenging the Navy’s religious-accommodations process to proceed even though the Defense Department’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, which occasioned the suit, has since been rescinded. “While the mandate may be gone, the effects of that mandate and the discriminatory treatment the class members were subject to because of the mandate still linger,” U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor wrote, quoting the supplemental briefing of the plaintiffs, a group of Navy SEALs and other Naval Special Warfare personnel who had been denied religious exemptions from the mandate. O’Connor, of the Fort Worth Division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, issued a preliminary injunction against the vaccine mandate’s application to the 35 original plaintiffs in January 2022. He later expanded it to cover all sailors who had objected to being vaccinated on religious grounds, observing: “Each has submitted a religious accommodation request, and each has had his request denied, delayed, or dismissed on appeal. Exactly zero requests have been granted. And while defendants encourage this court to disregard the data, it is hard to imagine a more consistent display of discrimination.”
by Michael Tennant

Out-Of-Africa Theory Debunked (44:57)
by Robert Sepehr

Washington Readies Thousands Of Bombs For Israel Despite ‘Push For Truce’
The White House is preparing a package worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’ of MK-82 bombs, KMU-572 JDAMs, and FMU-139 bomb fuses
US President Joe Biden and other White House officials are preparing to send additional bombs and other weapons to Israel even as the US claims to be pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on 16 February. Citing current and former US officials, the WSJ says the proposed arms delivery includes 500-pound MK-82 bombs, KMU-572 Joint Direct Attack Munitions that add precision guidance to bombs, and FMU-139 bomb fuses. The value of the weapons deliveries is estimated to be “tens of millions of dollars.” The proposed delivery is still being internally reviewed and must be approved by a congressional committee. As of December 2023, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has twice used emergency measures to bypass congressional review to send weapons to Israel.
by News Desk

Israeli Army Bars Access Of UN Aid Convoy To Nasser Hospital In Gaza
The health ministry in Gaza said on Friday that the Israeli occupation army blocked a World Health Organization (WHO) aid convoy and top UN officials from reaching the besieged Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis. In a statement, the ministry said that the convoy, which consists of two trucks carrying food, water and fuel, had been stopped by the Israeli army on the road for several hours, while bulldozers dug holes in front of and behind the convoy. There was no information if the Israeli army released the convoy later and allowed it to go back or reach the hospital. In this regard, Palestinian minister of health Mai Kayla accused the Israeli army of committing a genocidal crime against the remaining displaced civilians, patients and medical staff at the Nasser Hospital.
by The Palestinian Information Center

Conditioning (0:24)

Germany Swims Or Sinks With NATO
There couldn’t be a better metaphor than what a Chinese analyst used to characterise the NATO while commenting on its secretary general Jens Stoltenberg’s recent remark that the West does not seek war with Russia but should still “prepare ourselves for a confrontation that could last decades.” The Chinese commentator compared Stoltenberg to an in-charge of a firm of undertakers, “a store owner of coffin and casket, which makes no money in peacetime. As an undertaker, NATO needs conflict, bloodshed for earnings. So it spreads fear and panic in order to ensure its member countries continue to contribute military funding.” Stoltenberg’s remark appeared in an interview with German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag on Feb. 10, soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s famous interview with Tucker Carlson where the Kremlin signalled that Russia did not refuse and is not refusing negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. Stoltenberg spoke for the Pentagon, no doubt.
by M. K. Bhadrakumar

Russian Space Nukes And Navalny’s Death… U.S. Psyops Go Ballistic
Two “breaking news” items this week provided a timely opportunity for the United States and its media-intelligence apparatus to regain control of the narrative.
The claims about Russian space-based nuclear weapons unraveled to become a joke. Fortunately, the death of Western-sponsored dissident Alexei Navalny then occurred to enable Western media to go into a frenzy of anti-Russia headlines. First up was the scaremongering story about Russia allegedly developing a space-based nuclear weapon. Initially, it was dramatically trailed as posing a serious national security threat to the United States. Despite the sensational reporting, the story quickly became a laughingstock. Even some U.S. lawmakers dismissed it as “bullshit” and a blatant attempt by the Biden White House and intelligence agencies to push Congress into passing a new mega military aid bill for Ukraine worth $61 billion. We’ll get to the Navalny story in a moment. But let’s just first parse the orchestration of the alleged Russian space nukes. As for the far-fetched Russian space nukes and the death of Navalny, the criminologist’s question of Who Gains? and the factor of timing are often reliable indicators.
Editorial by Strategic Culture

The Jews And The British Empire (Audio 12:51)
Good short booklet on Britain’s recent history (1935).
by L. Fry

Time’s Up: Threats Won’t Prevent US Ouster From Iraq After Years Of Occupation
All eyes in Iraq are glued to the negotiations taking place at the moment between American officials and the government of Mohammad Shia’ al-Sudani, aimed at ending the years-long military occupation.
The climate of these talks is believed to be tense. A source familiar with the latest security developments in the Arab country said the Iraqi resistance has threatened to shut down the US embassy in Baghdad, which has long been accused of acting as a US military base instead of a diplomatic mission. This would also see all Western embassies affiliated with the US-led military coalition getting closed if the American occupation rejects popular and growing calls to withdraw from Iraq, the source noted. The Iraqi government can also expect threats from Washington during the meetings. With the revenue of Iraqi oil sales heading to the US Treasury in a very unfair measure, Washington can threaten to impose sanctions that could weaken the Iraqi Dinar. This sinister ploy would be aimed at downgrading the living standards of Iraqi families in a bid to turn the people against their government and the resistance. They may both (as Washington would hope) be blamed for any damage to the country’s economy, despite the US pulling the strings.
by Wesam Bahrani

The U.S. Housing Market: Rent-Serfs And Artificial Scarcity
Unleash the powers of unlimited credit / excess capital on a limited, essential resource such as shelter and this is what we end up with: artificial scarcity, rent-serfs and half-vacant neighborhoods.
Ideologies sound wonderful in the abstract, but run aground in the granular real world. The dominate ideology in the world today isn’t a political ideology, it’s the ideology of the market: in this ideology, the market is presented as the ideal problem-solving mechanism, as the interplay of supply and demand and the free flow of capital and labor will automatically fill unmet demand with new supply and provide competition that increases quality and reduces costs. Let’s consider how the market functions in the real-world U.S. housing market. Take a mixed-use neighborhood of single-family homes with a scattering of low-rise rental buildings. It’s desirable but still affordable to buyers and renters alike.
by Charles Hugh Smith

Is Egypt Building A New Prison For Palestinians In Egyptian Rafah? (10:23)
My report for UK Column News 16th February
Map from SINAI Foundation for Human Rights reportedly showing the work on an area to imprison Palestinians on the border with Gaza and the Occupied Territories – it is important to understand that under the Philadelphi Accords signed between Egypt and Israel in September 2005 – Egypt effectively handed over control of this territory to Israel which means potentially the prison would be under control of the Zionists.
by Vanessa Beeley

China Committed To Possible Peace Talks As Ukraine Crisis Drags 2 Years
As the Russia-Ukraine conflict, breaking out two years ago, has caused casualties and resulted in serious damages to both sides up to today, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) that China has stayed committed to promoting peace talks on the Ukraine issue and will not give up as long as there is a glimmer of hope. Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks on Saturday during a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on the sidelines of the MSC. China insists on resolving hot spot issues through political means and keeps promoting peace talks, refrains from adding fuel to the fire or taking advantage of the situation, and refrains from selling lethal weapons to conflict areas or parties, Wang said.
by Yang Sheng

US Official Admits Israeli Actions Make It ‘Virtually Impossible’ To Distribute Aid In Gaza
A US Middle East official explained that Israeli decisions to target police in Gaza have made the distribution of aid in the besieged enclave “virtually impossible.” The official added that Israel has failed to provide evidence for its claim that Hamas is stealing the aid sent into Gaza. Tel Aviv has used allegations that Hamas is tied to international humanitarian agencies and steals shipments to severely restrict aid deliveries into Gaza as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are starving to death. David Satterfield, the Biden administration’s special Middle East envoy for humanitarian issues, explained that Israel had killed several members of the police force in Gaza that safeguarded aid deliveries. Targeting the police force led to them being unable to escort aid deliveries. “With the departure of police escorts, it has been virtually impossible for the UN or anyone else, Jordan, the UAE, or any other implementer to safely move assistance in Gaza because of criminal elements,” Satterfield said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Friday.
by Kyle Anzalone

The Irrefutable Toxicity Of Fluoride (6:23)
GreenMedInfo’s Database Shows 90+ Signals Of Harm
by Dr. Joel. Bohemier

A New Power Could Be Emerging In Asia
Indonesia, the world’s fourth-most-populous country, is treading carefully between China and the US as it gathers strength
It is tempting to frame global geopolitics as a binary struggle between China and the US, as a competition between two economic giants, each of which has grown to see the other as the fundamental obstacle to its own security and success. Yet the world is more complicated than that. International affairs are not moving towards a bipolar world in which two superpowers create rival systems and force all other countries to take sides, but is rather moving to a multipolar world, where there are many great powers all competing against each other. Multipolarity is preceded by the disintegration of unipolarity, whereby one hegemonic power finds itself increasingly declining amid a rise of others. Thus, China is not the only rising power to reshape the global environment, even if it is at this time the largest, and because of this it is unlikely that Beijing will ever be a hegemon in the same sense as America was, for we must take other rising powers into account such as India and Russia, among others.
by Timur Fomenko

Just The Tip, Baby
It’s the Gosplan, can you gig it?
Every month of positive jobs figures is exaggerated using part-time and gig economy jobs, while in the months following the job creation data is always revised downward. The downward revisions never get reported or make headlines. “Every single month this year has seen its payroll numbers revised down. It’s difficult to stress how unusual this is as it’s so statistically unlikely. There is clearly something wrong with the estimations being done by President Joe Biden’s Department of Labor,” said EJ Antoni, an economist at the Heritage Foundation in that same piece for Bloomberg. Even the revisions downward later get “re-revised” again, and sometimes further downward than the initial revision. Worse than the fudging of statistics and hiding the economic realities from the American people is that most new jobs added since the demented one took office went to foreign-born workers and illegals. While American citizens saw major losses. The crazy truth about the economic oddities of the past few years is how few Americans have been preparing for hardship or trouble, and want to continue to live a disproportionate lifestyle to their means, even if it requires paying for it later in excessive interest. Instant gratification culture has conditioned consumers to see no further than the next paycheck or credit card payment due date.
by Good Citizen

David Lloyd George Visits Hitler’s Germany (17:49)
by Gott Mit Uns

Top Ten Reasons “Anti-Semite” Is A Compliment
I’m sure you can think of others
Though it originally meant “racism against (Jewish) Semites,” the term anti-Semitism has evolved over time. Today it refers to critics of certain Jewish ideologies and behaviors, many of which richly deserve criticism. Anyone who deplores the genocidal massacre of more than 30,000 Gaza civilians, most of them women and children, will be called an anti-Semite. Ergo, the term anti-Semite refers to people who don’t like genocidal massacres of women and children. Anyone who discusses Israel’s power in the United States, as Walt and Mearsheimer and James Petras and Alison Weir have, will be called an anti-Semite. Ergo, the term anti-Semite refers to people with the courage to discuss important but taboo issues. People who investigate the ADL’s power in American society will be called anti-Semites. Ergo, the term anti-Semite refers to people curious about the history of America’s most powerful pro-censorship organization.
by Kevin Barrett

The Situation Room T-Shirt
Joe Biden trying to decide matters of national security with top advisors.
by Artoons

Corporate Media Won’t Let You See What “Migrants” In The Netherlands Are Doing (1:11)
by TheLibertyDaily

The Most Spectacular Backfire In History
Noteworthy is the absence of media-paraded experts who confidently predicted the collapse of the heavily sanctioned Russian economy. What comes to mind is the child who thinks that by closing its eyes it can’t be seen. Not so reticent is the Russian leader: “The economy has demonstrated resilience, withstood unprecedented external pressure and continues to develop confidently. “We were predicted recession, failure, collapse, and that under the pressure of sanctions, we would retreat, surrender, fall apart. I would like to show a well-known gesture… They won’t succeed,” teased President Vladimir Putin on February 2 at the plenary session of the Everything for Victory forum. In 2023, the Russian economy grew by 3.6%. The IMF doubled the country’s GDP growth forecast for 2024. By comparison, the eurozone economy grew by a mere 0.1% in 2023. It is significant that in 2023, the Russian economy not only fully recovered from the initial sanctions losses but also showed far higher growth rates compared to the G7 and European states, the very same states that foolishly and to great fanfare by mainstream media accelerated anti-Russian sanctions. During the same period in the USA, GDP grew by only 2.5%, Japan, by 1.9%, Canada by 1.1%, France by 0.8%, Italy by 0.7%, the UK by 0.5%, and in Germany the figure decreased by 0.3%.
by Michael Walsh

Why Mental Health Education And Prevention Is Harmful
The paradoxical effect of screening and prevention programs
There is a concerted effort to drive a growing number of individuals, particularly the younger demographic, toward mental health screenings and interventions. Schools across the United States are implementing mental health programs to tackle the ongoing mental health crisis. The underlying concept is well-intentioned, drawing parallels between mental health prevention and physical health education. This entails raising awareness of behaviors promoting mental well-being and encouraging active engagement in such behaviors. However, what if the notion of “prioritizing mental health” is inadvertently causing harm?
by Dr. Roger McFillin

Crocodile Tears Over Navalny While Ignoring Assange
The entire western political-media class are currently rending their garments about the prison death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and are being joined by the propaganda-addled citizenry of the western empire. Meanwhile Julian Assange’s last-ditch effort to appeal against extradition to the United States is coming up in a few days with a tiny fraction of the attention. I really could not have a lower opinion of people who would rather talk about Navalny’s persecution in a far away country that has nothing to do with them than Julian Assange being persecuted at the hands of their own government. It’s the most pathetic, bootlicking behavior imaginable. Ooh yeah, you’re so brave self-righteously shaking your fist at some country on the other side of the planet which has zero power over your own country while refusing to oppose the power structure you actually live under as it slowly kills a journalist for exposing its war crimes. Groveling, power-worshipping bootlicker. Absolutely sickening.
by Caitlin Johnstone

ACH (2308) I’m Talking To YOU #106 – Random Acts Of Kindness Day (Audio 22:26)
In today’s show originally recorded and broadcast on February 17, 2024, Andy presents a show entitled, “Random Acts Of Kindness Day.”
“I’m Talking To YOU,” is a largely unscripted solo show covering a variety of topics, which is only available on Andy’s website, and unlike his weekday shows, is not syndicated elsewhere.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Iran Showcases Advanced Homegrown Air Defense Systems
Tehran’s quest for self-sufficiency in modern indigenous military equipment has led to the development of new air defense weapon systems capable of intercepting multiple aerial targets within a range of less than 100 kilometers. Iran has presented its latest advancements in anti-ballistic missile (ABM) and low-altitude air defense (LAAD) systems at an event in Tehran The event was attended by Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani, Iran’s Press TV reported.The new arrivals include Arman (Aspiration) anti-ballistic missile defense system, also known as Tactical Sayyad (Hunter), as well as Azarakhsh (Thunderbolt) low-altitude defense system. Among the new systems was the country’s homegrown Arman (Aspiration), also known as Tactical Sayyad (Hunter) ABM defense system. It can track and detect 24 targets at roughly 180 kilometers (111 miles) and engage multiple targets at once within a range of about 120 kilometers (74.5 miles). The Arman system has short-range self-defense features compared to models like the Khordad-3 and Khordad-15 systems.
by Chimauchem Nwosu

Russian Nationalist And Staunch Anti-Soviet: The Legacy Of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Among the many great Russian writers of the 20th century, one man stands out in particular, whose works have had the greatest impact on social and political views on modern life in the country. This Nobel Prize winning philosopher is often quoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. An ideologist who had envisioned the turn from Soviet ideology (which ran the show for 70 years) to the period of national revival, he also predicted the conflict in Ukraine half a century before it occurred … In general, he was a staunch supporter of traditional values, noted the importance of the family, and encouraged population growth. As a former prisoner of the Stalin camps, he opposed repressions and oppression … His views were based on the 1,000-year history of Russian statehood and the historical strength of the Russian people.
by Maxim Semenov

New Chip Opens Door To AI Computing At Light Speed
University of Pennsylvania engineers have developed a new chip that uses light waves, rather than electricity, to perform the complex math essential to training AI. The chip has the potential to radically accelerate the processing speed of computers while also reducing their energy consumption. The silicon-photonic (SiPh) chip’s design is the first to bring together Benjamin Franklin Medal Laureate and H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor Nader Engheta’s pioneering research in manipulating materials at the nanoscale to perform mathematical computations using light—the fastest possible means of communication—with the SiPh platform, which uses silicon, the cheap, abundant element used to mass-produce computer chips. The interaction of light waves with matter represents one possible avenue for developing computers that supersede the limitations of today’s chips, which are essentially based on the same principles as chips from the earliest days of the computing revolution in the 1960s.
by University of Pennsylvania

(((Jewnocidal Maniacs))) (4:20)
by AurigaBooks

Onward Christian Soldiers
A review
When Pope Francis came to the United States, he chose two American Catholics for public praise, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. Day was a journalist and social activist. She was a woman of strong views and sturdy character who was not afraid to challenge higher authority. The trait seems to have run in the family. Dorothy’s older brother, Donald, was also a journalist, and he ended up sacrificing his career for his principles. Judged simply on their work as journalists, Donald was a good deal more influential than was Dorothy. For more than 20 years, from his post as Eastern European correspondent for Colonel Robert McCormick’s conservative Chicago Tribune in Riga, Latvia, he was the only American reporter to report consistently and honestly on the horrors of the Soviet Union. ling things as he saw them, had turned him into a fierce anti-Communist opponent of the Soviet Union.
by David Martin

Rubbing You The Wrong Way: Laundry Detergent Linked To Allergic Disorders
Your laundry detergent could be worsening your seasonal allergy symptoms or even promoting new ones. Recent concerning research in rodents suggests this household staple may foster the development of allergies
Laundry detergent serves as the ultimate frenemy – crucial for cleanliness yet loaded with skin-irritating ingredients like fragrances and enzymes.1 Still, few would guess this wash-day necessity might actually stimulate allergies. But intriguing new research investigating ingredients frequently used in leading laundry detergent brands like Tide uncovered precisely that in mice.2 The findings demonstrate these rodents develop pathologic skin and respiratory allergies when exposed to laundry detergent chemicals alongside allergens. By damaging the super-thin outer barrier shielding organisms from external insults like microbes, allergens, and toxins, laundry detergent likely allows allergic sensitization, researchers posit.2 They focused specifically on enzymes called proteases added to break down clothing stains.
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

What Are The Facts And Reasons For Biden’s Unconditional Support For Israel
Joe Biden’s emotional embrace with Benjamin Netanyahu on 18 October on the tarmac of Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv was seen around the world and is still being commented on by the world media. The embrace, which took place 11 days after the shameful failure of Israel and its “famous” Mossad intelligence agency on October 7 in the south, gave the Israelis carte blanche to do whatever they wanted against not only the militant organisation Hamas, but also against peaceful Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. On that trip, Biden demonstrated his “ironclad” commitment to Israel, despite the crimes the Israeli army was committing in Gaza, cutting off access to food, water, medicine and other necessities for a population of 2.3 million and destroying homes, hospitals, universities, schools, churches, mosques, etc. And yet, the “Democrat-in-Chief” told Netanyahu, “I come to Israel with a single message: you are not alone. You are not alone.”
by Viktor Mikhin

Lionel Messi, From The First Goal To The Last Goal (1:44:50)

France: ANY Criticism Of The mRNA DEATHVAX™ Platform Punishable Up To 3 Years Imprisonment And 45,000 Euros
The WEF-captured government of France has pushed through a draconian new law entitled Article 4. This Orwellian and unconstitutional color of law power grab is a purposely poor attempt at obscuring the irrefutable slow kill bioweapon death and destruction data. What makes Article 4 particularly incendiary is that the majority of the French population has been outright refusing all “vaccinations.” Throttling their free speech as it pertains to gene modifying poisons will only increase the already heightened tensions between the criminal Macron administration and the awakening French populace, by design. Between WEF puppet Trudeau in Canada and WEF puppet Macron in France, there is now a race to create the most totalitarian technocommunist nation in the West, with France now taking a slight lead; to wit: Removing all BigPharma legal liabilities and prosecuting the various “health” agencies like the FDA, CDC, NIH, et al. has never been more urgent. France’s Article 4 is just a hint at what is to come, especially if the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty scam ever passes in the various nations that they are attempting to further hijack. They want you dead. Do NOT comply.
by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Freedom Convoy Leaders Sue Trudeau Gov’t For Targeting Protesters With Emergencies Act
The lawsuit, announced on the two-year anniversary of Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act, includes Tamara Lich as well as other convoy leaders Chris Barber, Tom Marazzo, and Danny Bulford.
On the second anniversary of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government’s use of the Emergencies Act (EA) to quash the truckers’ Freedom Convoy in 2022, the heads of the protest, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, and a host of others have filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Trudeau government. The lawsuit, announced yesterday by Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson, includes Lich as well as other convoy leaders Chris Barber, Tom Marazzo, Danny Bulford, and a host of others. “On the 2-year anniversary of the Federal Government illegally invoking war measures against its citizens and targeting key protestors in Ottawa by freezing their bank accounts, today Tamara Lich, Chris Barber, Tom Marazzo, Danny Bulford and other protestors who were targeted by @JustinTrudeau and @cafreeland have filed lawsuits against the Federal Government.” Wilson said that Section 24 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms “gives Canadians the right to sue their government for damages when Charter rights are violated.”
by Anthony Murdoch

Paul McCartney Reunited With Long-Lost ‘Treasure’
The violin-shaped Hofner 500/1 bass guitar, potentially worth $12 million, was stolen from the Beatles’ van over 50 years ago
An iconic violin-shaped bass guitar purchased by Beatles legend Paul McCartney in 1961 and thought to have been lost for more than 50 years has finally been returned to the musician, following a global search. The Hofner 500/1 was bought by McCartney before the Beatles became a worldwide phenomenon and was his first bass guitar. He used it at hundreds of concerts throughout the ‘Beatlemania’ period, as well as to record the band’s first two albums, including hits such as Love Me Do, Twist and Shout, and All My Loving. The instrument was stolen from the back of a van in London after a show in October 1972. In 2018, a group of fans launched an international hunt for the long-lost item, dubbed the ‘Lost Bass project’. Hofner, the manufacturer of the instrument, also joined in, starting the hashtag #tracingthebass and encouraging people from all over the world to help find the instrument. After pursuing a number of leads and garnering worldwide attention, the group eventually struck success.
by RT

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“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”
Edmund Burke

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Australian MPs Vote ‘Overwhelmingly’ In Favor Of Freedom For Julian Assange
The Australian federal parliament vote comes one week ahead of Assange’s next hearing in the UK
Australian MPs, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and members of his cabinet, have voted “overwhelmingly” in favor of urging the US and UK to allow embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to return to his home country of Australia. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie praised the vote as “an unprecedented show of political support for Assange by the Australian parliament.” Wilkie added that it was “time for all of us to take a stand” and support the motion. The federal parliament vote on 14 January saw 86 in favor of freeing Assange and 42 against. It comes ahead of Assange’s upcoming hearing in the UK High Court on 21 February, which will determine whether he can continue his case in UK courts. If unsuccessful, he will have exhausted his appeals in the UK, which would lead to the start of his extradition to the US. Assange’s lawyers have filed an application to the European Court of Human Rights, which could possibly block the extradition.
by News Desk

Australian Parliament To US: ‘Free Assange!’ (30:25)
An overwhelming majority in the Australian parliament has voted to request that charges against Julian Assange be dropped and that he be allowed to return to his native country. The UK high court will hold hearings next week on whether Assange can continue to argue his case against extradition to the US, where he faces 175 years in prison.
by The Ron Paul Liberty Report

Supreme Court To Hear Case On Biden Admin Censorship Collusion With Big Tech
The forthcoming Supreme Court decision may decide the status of free speech in America. Though the First Amendment prohibits restrictions on free speech by federal agencies, the legality of federal influence over social media companies is not clearly defined.
The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that this March it will hear the case concerning the actions of federal agencies in removing and suppressing COVID “misinformation” content from social media at the behest of the Biden administration. As The Washington Examiner reported on January 29: The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear arguments on March 18 in Murthy v. Missouri, a major case involving free speech, government agencies, and social media that could have monumental implications for content moderation. The case is significant, as it treats the 2023 decision of the Supreme Court to stop an injunction which ordered the Biden administration to halt its online censorship of a host of controversial subjects, including “the COVID–19 lab leak theory, pandemic lockdowns, vaccine side effects, election fraud, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.” “This case will have a giant impact, one way or another on the U.S. Bill of Rights’ and Constitution’s First Amendment explicit protection of free speech, a critical foundation for the continued existence of the Republic,” warned LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac. “A negative decision will facilitate a rapid descent into greater tyranny in the nation most admired internationally for its unique protections of free speech.”