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Update On The WHO Treaty (42:43)
David Knight Interviews James Roguski
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The David Knight Show

James Roguski
https://ExitTheWHO.org (Global)
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“I hate when I see politicians just trying to denounce Netanyahu as some sort of aberration from Israeli society. No, this is the norm. The whole Israeli society is as fascist as it gets. Look at the polling. Less than 2% think that Israel was using too much firepower in Gaza after they obliterated and decimated the entire Gaza strip.”
Abby Martin

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The Gaza Genocide As Explicit Policy: Michael Hudson Names All Names
Israel, Gaza and West Bank should be seen as an opening of the New Cold War.
In what can be considered the most crucial podcast of 2024 so far, Professor Michael Hudson – the author of seminal works such as Super-Imperialism and the recent The Collapse of Antiquity , among others – clinically lays down the essential background to understand the unthinkable: a 21st century genocide broadcast live 24/7 to the whole planet. In an email exchange, Prof. Hudson detailed he’s now essentially “spilling the beans” about how, “50 years ago when I worked at the Hudson Institute with Herman Kahn [the model for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove], Israeli Mossad members were being trained, including Uzi Arad. I made two international trips with him, and he outlined to me pretty much what has happened today. He became head of Mossad and is now Netanhayu’s advisor.” Prof. Hudson shows how “the basic Gaza plan is how Kahn designed the Vietnam War’s division into sectors, with canals cutting off each village, as the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. Also already at time, Kahn pinpointed Balochistan as the area to foment disruption in Iran and the rest of the region.” It’s not by accident that Balochistan has been CIA jewel territory for decades, and recently with the added incentive of the disruption by any means necessary of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – a key connectivity node of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
by Pepe Escobar

American Circumcision (1:40:57)
by Brendon Marotta

Bad Medicine
If you think that iatrogenic disease (doctor induced disease) is something new then you’re wrong. The following essay is taken from Vernon Coleman’s book `Betrayal of Trust’ which was published in 1994. If you have any interest in health matters, the contents of the book will astonish and horrify you.
Drug-related tragedies are often the ultimate responsibility of the drug industry rather than the medical profession but there is ample evidence to show that incompetent or careless doctors do cause a horrifying amount of death or injury. When doctors from the Harvard School of Public Health studied what happened to more than 30,000 patents admitted to acute care hospitals in New York they found that nearly 4% of them suffered unintended injuries in the course of their treatment and that 14% of the patients died of their injuries. This survey concluded that nearly 200,000 people die each year in America as a result of medical accidents. This means that more than four times as many people die from injuries caused by doctors as die in road accidents. Carotid endarterectomies – in which deposits are removed from the arteries in the neck – are currently fashionable in America where doctors earn $1.5 billion a year performing them.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Iran’s Strike On Israel Was Much More Successful Than It Seems. Here’s Why
Tehran’s retaliatory attack may not have caused much destruction, but it was far from a failure
On the night of April 14, Iran and its proxy forces launched a series of cruise missile and kamikaze drone strikes on Israeli territory. The attacks did not come as a surprise. Tehran had warned that it would respond to the Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, on April 1, which killed several high-ranking officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including two generals. The retaliatory strike was called Operation True Promise. There is still much debate on whether Iran’s retaliatory strike was successful. Most military experts agree that there was nothing unusual about Tehran’s actions, except that this was Iran’s first direct attack on Israel. From a technical point of view, the strategy was simple and correct: Iran first suppressed the enemy’s air defense systems with drones and then launched hypersonic missiles which the Israelis and Americans were not able to intercept. Incidentally, in light of this, Ukraine’s statements about shooting down Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles sound ridiculous.
by Abbas Juma

Funded By Your Tax Dollars (43:33)
Tucker Carlson Interviews Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac

What You Need To Know About The Iranian Attack On Israel But Will Not Find In Your Mainstream News Provider
Iran’s weekend massive drone, cruise missile and ballistic missile attack on Israel has now been covered in the global media, with the headlines announcing that 99% of the barrage was shot down by Israeli, U.S. and other friendly air defense systems. The question these media pose is what will be the Israeli response, as if that were a matter strictly to be decided by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet. In fairness, I note that The Financial Times has also published a front page article setting out what it considers to be the Iranian perspective on the attack, namely that it was successful insofar as it demonstrated their country is not shying away from direct military confrontation with Israel and is confidently prepared to prosecute a full scale war if it comes to that. See “We’re crazier than you realize”: Iran delivers its message with attack on Israel. Tehran believes calibrated missile and drone barrage is enough to restore deterrent and bolster image.” As host Vladimir Solovyov commented at the opening of the program, the principal fact is that the Iranians did it. They spat on the U.S. and its allies, and they just did what they believed was necessary. In consequence the world ‘built on rules’ counts for nothing.
by Gilbert Doctorow

Israel Obstructs UN Investigation Into Alleged Rape On 7 October, Prevents Interviews Of Victims
United Nations’ investigators have criticised Israel for actively preventing them from speaking to victims and witnesses of the 7 October attacks into Israeli-held territory by Hamas, amid growing scepticism of Israel’s account of the events. According to Chris Sidoti, former human rights commissioner of Australia and one of the three members of the UN’s Commission of Inquiry into abuses committed in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, “we have not only seen a lack of cooperation [from the Israeli government], but active obstruction of our efforts to receive evidence from Israeli witnesses and victims to the events that occurred in southern Israel”. Over the past six months, Israel has repeatedly alleged that Hamas militants and fighters committed numerous atrocities against Israeli civilians in settlements and areas surrounding the besieged Gaza Strip on 7 October last year, as part of the Resistance group’s Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. One of the key acts Israel accuses the fighters of committing was the rape and sexual assault of numerous Israeli women. Those claims have increasingly been disputed and questioned over the months, however, with even Israeli police reportedly being unable to find victims – either dead or alive – of the Hamas’s alleged sexual crimes.

Great Pyramid K 2019 (3:37:20)
by Fehmi Krasniqi

Iranian Media Confirms Use Of Unstoppable Hypersonic Missiles In Israel Counterstrike
Tehran fired dozens of ballistic and cruise missiles and hundreds of drones at Israel Saturday night in response to the April 1 Israeli strike on the Iranian Embassy compound in Damascus, Syria. The IDF declared that “99 percent” of the projectiles were shot down and that the Iranian attack failed. Iran said it achieved its strategic objectives.
The Islamic Republic used hypersonic missiles during the Operation True Promise missile and drone barrage against Israel, with all of them hitting their targets after evading Israel’s air and missile defenses. That’s according to a Press TV report, citing informed sources. The Iranian news agency and broadcaster did not elaborate on the details of the missiles which were used, how many were fired, or what their targets were. However, earlier, Iranian media reported that the Islamic Republic fired at least seven hypersonic missiles during the attack, with none of them intercepted. Separately on Sunday, Lebanese national security expert Ali Hamie told Sputnik that he had information that Iran had fired its new Fattah 2 hypersonic missiles in Saturday night’s strikes.
by Ilya Tsukanov

A Unique Moment In Monetary History Is Four Days Away… And Most Have No Idea
Three things can explain gold’s extremely low supply growth rate of 1.7%. First, gold is indestructible; it doesn’t decay or corrode. That means that most of the gold people produced even thousands of years ago is still around today and contributes to the current stockpiles. Second, gold has a history of thousands of years of production, unlike other metals like platinum and palladium, which humans have mined for only a couple hundred years. Third, unlike copper and other metals, industrial processes don’t deplete a large portion of gold’s stockpiles. These three factors make gold’s existing stockpiles so large relative to new production. That means nobody can arbitrarily increase the overall gold supply, which helps make it a neutral store of value. It’s what gives gold unique and unmatched monetary properties among other metals.
by Nick Giambruno

Along Came Majestic (3:08)
by We Love Animals

US Media Smears China For Western Failure To Defeat Russia
It’s often a marvel to see the Western media’s capability to fabricate lies and hurl mud at China. Bloomberg, citing anonymous officials, recently accused China of “providing Russia with significant quantities of components to build cruise missiles and drones as well as optical parts for tanks and armored vehicles.” The report, published on Saturday, claimed that “while there is no evidence China is providing lethal assistance, people familiar with the US intelligence assessment characterized the aid as just as significant, saying that without the imports, Russia’s military industrial base would struggle.” The theory of “Chinese components found in Russian weapons,” or “China secretly sends [military] gear to Russia” has been repeatedly hyped up by Western media outlets since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, upon closer examination of all the stories and quotes, no solid evidence can be found to support these claims.
Opinion by Global Times

The West Now Wants ‘Restraint’ – After Months Of Fuelling A Genocide In Gaza
The Middle East is on the brink of war precisely because western politicians indulged for decades every military excess by Israel
Suddenly, western politicians from US President Joe Biden to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have become ardent champions of “restraint” – in a very last-minute scramble to avoid regional conflagration. Iran launched a salvo of drones and missiles at Israel at the weekend in what amounted a largely symbolic show of strength. Many appear to have been shot down, either by Israel’s layers of US-funded interception systems or by US, British and Jordanian fighter jets. No one was killed. It was the first direct attack by a state on Israel since Iraq fired Scud missiles during the Gulf war of 1991. The United Nations Security Council was hurriedly pressed into session on Sunday, with Washington and its allies calling for a de-escalation of tensions that could all too easily lead to the outbreak of war across the Middle East and beyond. “Neither the region nor the world can afford more war,” the UN’s secretary general, Antonio Guterres, told the meeting. “Now is the time to defuse and de-escalate.”
by Jonathan Cook

Childhood Innocence (14:49)
On The Marxist Queering
It can’t be overstated that Queer Theory thinks all children are sexual. The Queer Cult thinks society has constructed a myth of the “innocent child” to repress children’s sexuality so they can’t explore and experience it until they are already conditioned to be heterosexual or, at the very least, conditioned to fit into and stabilize a heterosexual society. – The Queering of the American Child
by Unbekoming

US Will Try To Rally Other Nations To Sanction Iran Over Israel Attack
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will attempt to convince the international community to increase economic penalties on Iran as punishment for the drone and missile barrage Tehran launched at Israel. Iran’s attack followed Israel’s assassination of several high-ranking officials when Tel Aviv bombed Tehran’s consulate in Damascus. On Tuesday, Axios reported that the Treasury is preparing new sanctions to levy on Iran and will use an International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting later this week to try to convince other countries to join. “All options to disrupt terrorist financing of Iran continue to be on the table,” she said. The sanctions would be a response to Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel. The Iranian attack was a response to Israel’s bombing of the Iranian consulate in Syria, which killed 16 people, including seven IRGC officials. “Treasury will not hesitate to work with our allies to use our sanctions authority to continue disrupting the Iranian regime’s malign and destabilizing activity,” Yellen is set to say during her opening remarks at the IMF conference. “The attack by Iran and its proxies underscores the importance of Treasury’s work to use our economic tools to counter Iran’s malign activity.”
by Kyle Anzalone

Financial Forecast 2025-2032: Please Don’t Be Naive
Rather than attempt to evade Caesar’s reach, a better strategy might be to ‘go gray’: blend in, appear average.
Let’s start by stipulating that I don’t “like” this forecast. I’m not “talking my book” (for example, promoting nuclear power because I own shares in a uranium mine) or issuing this forecast because I favor it. I simply see it as the most likely trajectory of the global financial system, based on history and the dynamics of human systems. “Liking” it or not liking it has nothing to do with it: the opinions of Titanic passengers who didn’t “like” that the ship was sinking didn’t affect the outcome. You already know the global financial system is untenable. In a nutshell, the expansion of production and consumption has been funded by the expansion of credit–money borrowed from future resources and income. The rate of expanding debt far surpasses the anemic rates of expanding production, and this rapidly expanding mountain of debt is perched precariously on the phantom collateral generated by The Everything Bubble, the astounding expansion of asset prices as those with the lowest cost access to credit have bid up every asset class, from real estate to gold to bitcoin to stocks to fine art.
by Charles Hugh Smith

Iran’s True Promise Operation (Videos)
In depth analysis at UK Column today
I do thoroughly recommend watching this UK Column News special episode in full as 90% is in-depth analysis of the Iranian retaliation against Israel’s egregious attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus.
by Vanessa Beeley

the road to serfdom is paved with lost perspective
inflation is tax farming and debts and deficits are the road to dictatorship
it’s often said that “inflation is a tax upon savers” but i think that few people really understand what that means. they see the part about “it devalues the money you have in the bank” and sort of nod and say, “yup, that’s a tax on savings alright!” but this is small potatoest acreage of that tax farm. the bigger game is a bit more subtle. if you really step back and look at it with fresh eyes, there is so much of “taxation” that does not make any sense. you buy a house. you pay property taxes on it for “services” and “safety.” this is forced. you cannot opt out. doing so means they take your house even if you own it outright. (this, of course, implies that you cannot really quite own it outright, but that’s a whole other discussion) then you sell this house 3 years later for more (in nominal terms) than you paid for it. now let’s posit a scenario where the real value of the house has stayed about the same but the value of the dollar has been debased through inflation: because of this debasement nominal price rose. you now owe tax on the capital gain. it’s quite literally a tax on the government trashing the currency. and this tax is always with us, even if housing outperforms CPI. some of that gain was debasement of currency and uncle sam and most states get paid for that too. you even get taxed on real losses.
by el gato malo

Annihilating The Human Spirit
Dopamine receptors impaired by SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination
Lately I’ve been wondering if SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination may be impairing the brain’s dopamine receptors. My curiosity about this began after observing the movements of people in airports and at my local Costco. In so many people-not only the elderly-there seems to be a slowness, reticence, and lack of decisiveness in their movements. Likewise, in recent years, I’ve had an increasing perception of widespread mental slowness-a decreased processing power in many people. Finally, I know several cases in my extended social circle of what appears to be rapidly onsetting Parkinson’s Disease and a worsening of Parkinson’s symptoms shortly after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. My perception crescendoed this morning at my local cafe, where it I observed two young baristas moving painfully slow. In the space it took them to make my cappuccino, the old barista at my favorite coffee shop when I lived in Rome could have served at least fifty. It wasn’t just that these young people are lacking barista experience. They are definitely moving painfully slow, with a clear lack of decisiveness.
by John Leake

Ice Cream Driplomacy T-Shirt
“Don’t” apparently didn’t persuade Iran not to attack Israel. Maybe “Make my day” or “Do you feel lucky” would have worked better.
by Artoons-org

Inflation Comes In Hot … Again (3:50)
by Peter St Onge, Ph.D

Massie Kicks Effort To Oust Speaker Johnson Into High Gear
State of the Union: Marjorie Taylor Greene is no longer alone—she gained a crucial ally on Tuesday in her campaign to oust Johnson. The Speaker may not last the week.
Rep. Thomas Massie has announced he will be cosponsoring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson. “I just told Mike Johnson in conference that I’m cosponsoring the Motion to Vacate that was introduced by @RepMTG,” Massie posted on Twitter. “He should pre-announce his resignation (as Boehner did), so we can pick a new Speaker without ever being without a GOP Speaker.” Just prior to Massie’s Twitter announcement, Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News scooped Massie’s support of the motion to vacate. According to Sherman, “[Massie] told Johnson in front of the entire House Republican Conference that he should clean the barn and resign or else he’ll be vacated.” Previously, after Johnson jammed through a $1.2 trillion, 1,000-page minibus that funded the government through fiscal year 2024, Greene filed a motion to vacate. While that motion has so far remained in the hopper, Massie’s endorsement of Greene’s motion means she could trigger the motion by asking for privilege on the House floor at a moment’s notice.
by Bradley Devlin

36 Survey Studies Of Side Effects Following Vaccination Showing Shocking Rates Of Severe Adverse Events
From heart conditions to menstrual irregularities, it’s not only the rate of systemic side effects that’s stratospheric
Although the establishment has been forced to concede that many of the injuries long denied to have any association to the covid vaccines can indeed be caused by the covid vaccines, they still insist that they are exceedingly rare. The following compilation of studies are all surveys of a defined cohort of vaccine recipients where the rates of severe adverse events – or something that is a good proxy for a severe adverse event – are orders of magnitude greater than the proffered “exceedingly rare” rates in the ballpark of something like 1/100,000 proffered by the medical establishment. For each study I am including the title, link, the highlights, and a screenshot/s of the highlighted data in the study (if one is readily available). At the end of the article there is a more detailed explanation of the virtues and limitations of these studies. One point before we begin, 0.1% = 1/1000. If 1/1000 vaccine recipients suffer a major adverse event, that would mean worldwide approximately 5.5 MILLION people suffered this severe adverse event (5.5 billion vaccinated people / 1000) – and this is only for the ONE adverse event that is showing up as .1%.
by Ashmedai

Censorship And Persecution Of Dissident Voices Continues Across The World
The ‘cautionary tale’ modus operandi
Those who, like the members of HART, have been speaking out for three or four years about the perils of lockdowns, the lack of access to proper medical care and the utter debacle of the unsafe and ineffective vaccines, keep hoping the tide is turning. But for every stone upturned another boulder seems to descend to crush the truth. There is also no apparent end to the persecution of doctors speaking out. Two physicians from opposite ends of the world and facing loss of their medical careers for speaking out against the vaccine saviour narrative, typify the current authoritarian approach. Charles Hoffe from Canada and Shankara Chetty from South Africa have two things in common, firstly both are clinicians serving a large local population and secondly both have shared their experiences widely. In Dr Chetty’s case he has reported his success at treating over 1000 covid patients with a combination of repurposed drugs including antihistamines in a clinical centre in rural South Africa with no access to oxygen let alone intensive care. In Dr Hoffe’s case, he first hit the headlines when he reported a high frequency of serious adverse events when his patients started receiving the mRNA vaccines.

Small US Businesses To Be Forced To Serve As NSA Spies (4:19)
Call your Senators now and tell them to block the “Everyone is a spy” surveillance bill.
by Greg Reese

The Tax Preparation Industry Is A Sheep-Shearing Operation
Parasites, parasites, everywhere, and lots of blood to drink!
In honor of Tax Day I am republishing a (modified) piece I wrote for American Greatness last year.
A pox on the IRS. A pox on Congress. A pox on Intuit TurboTax. America’s tax collection system is an abomination. It is an offense against our constitutional rights, republican government, and common sense itself. As of 2019, Americans spent 1.7 billion hours and paid $31 billion per year to do their taxes. This is obscene. In a just world, the vast majority of taxpayers should pay zero dollars to do their taxes. The IRS knows how much you owe (because it violates your Fourth Amendment rights by demanding that information from your employer), and it will punish you for not paying that amount. But the IRS won’t tell you what that amount is. Today, the average American needs to work until April 18, or 108 out of 365 days a year, in order to pay his tax burden to the federal government. America is one giant fleecing operation. You are a sheep, and you are getting sheared whether you like it or not.
by Josiah Lippincott

EU Regimes Declare War On Their Own People
Irish women in tears are being pushed around the road by Gardaí (Irish Police) to force through a deeply, deeply unpopular immigration policy. This is now a familiar sight, and that is an absolute disgrace. ‘We live in this village, we live here,’ says one visibly upset woman, her voice breaking as she is pushed down the road by gardaí, who have blockaded the public road in Wicklow to enable the burden by the state of a Centre to hold 150 non-European migrants. A state-employed Garda shouts that the women have been given a direction to move and that they cannot protest in the area – in their own community where they were born, met and married, live, and work, and build communities, and raise their families. A woman told media that she had been coming to the protest for a month now even though she was 6 months pregnant. A glimpse into just how upset and worried ordinary people are. Pregnant women don’t ordinarily want to haul themselves around to protests or spend time fretting and worrying about who the government is planning to bus into their village without consultation. They only do so if they are given no other option.
by Michael Walsh

Iran’s Response Against Israel Was Calculated, But Not If You Listen To Western Media
On Saturday night, Iran launched what its foreign minister called a “limited” retaliatory strike directly against Israeli military sites. The attack included the launch of a large batch of suicide drones and missiles, managing to inflict damage and triggering a multi-national air defense reaction. Not a single Israeli civilian was killed and the number of combatant casualties is not yet confirmed, yet the G7 and the entirety of Western media are treating the event as if it was an unprovoked terrorist attack.
Iran’s attack on Israeli military sites has prompted a flood of condemnatory remarks from Western politicians, as the mainstream corporate media attempts to frame Israel as the victim of Iranian aggression. While claiming victimhood, the Israelis and their allies also attempt to claim a “success” and that they shot down “99%” of all Iranian munitions fired at them — an allegation that is directly contradicted by video evidence of what appears to be several missile strikes. At this current point, there are various different narratives being spread across social and mainstream media, all sharing separate interpretations of the events that transpired.
by Robert Inlakesh

The Approaching ‘Tidal Wave’ Of Cancer (8:16)
Many have abandoned the media’s desperate attempt to ignore why cancer rates are spiking. Now, the American Cancer Society is sounding the alarm, predicting an 80% increase in tumors by 2050. Meanwhile, independent researchers have stepped up and honed in on credible sources pointing to the mass COVID vaccine rollout in 2021 as the prime culprit.
by The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Jesus Would Be Labeled As “Antisemitic” Today Because He Attacked The Jews And Warned His Followers About Their Evil Ways
Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible, was a full-blooded Jew who could trace his ancestry all the way back to Abraham. Jesus did not view his fellow Jews as all being the same. He divided them into two categories: 1. Jews who believed in him, and therefore “knew” God, with “know” being defined as a relationship, and not just intellectual consent. You can “know” somebody by reading about them in a book or news article, or you can “know” someone through a personal relationship, by spending time with them and communicating with them directly, where they communicate back to you. 2. Jews who attacked Jesus, and eventually killed him, because their “knowledge” about God was only intellectual/religious, and not personal. They could not recognize the “voice” of God, because they did not know God personally. Jesus called the Jews who believed in him and who could recognize the voice of God his “disciples” (students, apprentices, etc.) Jesus called the Jews who attacked and eventually killed him the “children of the Devil.” Here is the actual account from the words of Jesus himself as recorded in the Biblical texts where he defined these two different kinds of Jews who were his fellow citizens of Israel in the First Century. Read through this story as recounted by John very carefully, because it is the key to understanding everything that is unfolding in the Middle East today.
by Brian Shilhavy

Israel And US Deliberately Gutting International Law In Gaza
Over the past six months in Gaza, Israel has killed civilians on an industrial scale, turned hospitals into strategic military targets and food into a weapon of war. Blatantly violating basic principles of the laws of war, Israel has deployed the language of international humanitarian law as a form of “humanitarian camouflage,” in the words of independent UN expert Francesca Albanese, in the furtherance of its genocidal campaign. In her new report titled “Anatomy of a Genocide,” Albanese says that one of her “key findings is that Israel’s executive and military leadership and soldiers have intentionally distorted jus in bello principles, subverting their protective functions, in an attempt to legitimize genocidal violence against the Palestinian people.” Jus in bello refers to the conditions under which states may legitimately resort to war. It regulates the conduct of parties engaged in an armed conflict. International humanitarian law, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, “is synonymous with jus in bello; it seeks to minimize suffering in armed conflicts, notably by protecting and assisting all victims of armed conflict to the greatest extent possible.”
by Maureen Clare Murphy

Saudis ‘Confirm’ Shooting Down Iranian Drones – Media
A royal source in Riyadh has criticized Tehran for “terrorism”
Saudi Arabia took part in downing some Iranian UAVs during Saturday’s strike on Israel, a source in the royal family has admitted in response to a report by the Israeli public broadcaster Kan. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Tehran’s attack involved 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles. The strikes came in retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, that left several senior Iranian military officers dead earlier this month. The US, UK, France and Jordan helped the IDF intercept almost all of the incoming projectiles during Saturday’s attack. According to Kan, Saudi Arabia joined in the effort as well. “A source from the Saudi royal family, who prefers anonymity” has spoken with Kan and “subtly acknowledged” the kingdom’s role, stating that Riyadh’s air defenses automatically intercept “any suspicious entity,” according to the official website of the al-Saud dynasty.
by RT

CrossTalk Bullhorns With Peter Lavelle: Biden’s Many Wars (25:21)
Iran has retaliated. Is the US getting ready for a wider war? And, how many wars is the Biden Administration planning on fighting? How many can it win? CrossTalking with George Szamuely and Martin Jay.
by RT

Sorry, But Iran Is Not The Aggressor Here
Amid the Israeli genocide in Gaza, Western condemnation of the intercepted Iranian attack on Israel is sickeningly cynical.
On Saturday, April 13, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in retaliation for a deadly Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, that took place on April 1. The vast majority of the projectiles were intercepted by Israel’s air defence system, with assistance from the ever-helpful United States military, and damage was minimal. Having completed its retaliation, Iran has now declared that the matter can “be deemed concluded” – although Israel is not usually one to let anyone else have the last word. In the meantime, the barrage of criticism of Tehran’s “aggression” has continued unabated in the West. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned “in the strongest terms the Iranian regime’s reckless attack against Israel”, which he insisted had once again shown that Iran was “intent on sowing chaos in its own backyard”. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs lamented that “Iran’s long term aggressive behavior is preventing the Middle East region to live in peace and security”.
by Belén Fernández

Magnetic Levitation: New Material Offers Potential For Unlocking Gravity-Free Technology
Researchers at the Quantum Machines Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) are studying levitating materials—substances that can remain suspended in a stable position without any physical contact or mechanical support. The most common type of levitation occurs through magnetic fields. Objects such as superconductors or diamagnetic materials (materials repelled by a magnetic field) can be made to float above magnets to develop advanced sensors for various scientific and everyday uses. Prof. Jason Twamley, head of the unit, and his team of OIST researchers and international collaborators have designed a floating platform within a vacuum using graphite and magnets. Remarkably, this levitating platform operates without relying on external power sources and can assist in the development of ultra-sensitive sensors for highly precise and efficient measurements. Their results have been published in the journal Applied Physics Letters.
by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

New NPR Chief Katherine Maher’s Guide To The Holidays
What might America’s future national holiday calendar look like? A trip around the calendar with new NPR chief Katherine Maher, current world champ of unintentional comedy, offers a clue
Katherine Maher, the new head of NPR, was a minor character in the Twitter Files. She was CEO of Wikimedia when the company was (like Twitter) being invited to election tabletop exercises at the Pentagon and “Industry meetings” with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. She also scored the rare personal triumverate of being member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a World Economic Forum young global leader, and a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Labs. She took a job heading NPR in January, shortly before senior editor Uri Berliner set off a nuclear newsroom stink-bomb by publishing a tell-all article at The Free Press about station failures on stories like Russiagate. Berliner’s piece triggered a frenzy of anti-NPR Schadenfreude, which led to a furious examinations of Maher’s sitting-duck tweet history. Maher’s timeline reads so much like the Titania McGrath site spoofing overeducated nonsense-babbling white ladies that it’s difficult to believe she’s real — she even looks like the fictional McGrath, if Titania had more money to spend on personal upkeep.
by Matt Taibbi

Homœopathy (Transcript and Audio 20:10)
Interview with Jayne Evans
I know little about endometriosis and less about homeopathy1. Then I came across Jayne, it might have been via comment to one of my interviews. I realised that she knew a thing or two, of three, about both subjects, so I invited her to an interview. I’m so glad I did, and that she agreed, as there is so much here to learn from her. Far too many women suffer with endo, and Cartel Medicine knows only how to manipulate and take advantage of that suffering. There are other ways as we will soon see. Far too many people (me included) know nothing of homeopathy. What we do know is a construction. Indeed, our ignorance has been constructed once again. Agnotology. This exchange will help with deconstructing some of that ignorance. Turns out we are in the middle of Homeopathy Awareness Week. This interview was meant to be. With thanks to Jayne Evans.
by Lies are Unbekoming

Germany Confirms Its Collaboration With Genocide
A three day Palestine conference in Berlin was forcibly shut down after three hours on Friday. Electricity was abruptly terminated in the midst of the presentation by Salman Abu Sitta, the 87 year old author of the authoritative “Atlas of Palestine”. Former Greek Finance Minister and leader of DIEM25, Yanis Varoufakis, was prevented from entering Germany to attend the conference. He went on Twitter/X to send a message: Do you know that the German Interior Ministry has just banned me from entering Germany? Indeed if that were not enough, I have been banned from talking to you via zoom, or indeed through a video message like this, exactly like this. The threat being that I will be tried in Germany for breaking German law. Why? Because of a speech that I published yesterday on my blog calling for universal human rights in Israel- Palestine …. So my question to my German friends, to Germans in general whether you agree with me or not doesn’t matter. … Is this (banning) in your name? Is it something that you feel comfortable happening in your democracy? From my perspective this is essentially the death knell of the prospects of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.
by Rick Sterling

Prioritizing Your Exit Plan
An increasing number of people are coming to the conclusion that their home countries (particularly the US, EU and Canada) are in decline. More and more, such people are deciding to seek greener pastures elsewhere in the world. Many of them have never “left home” before and are very unsure of how they should prioritize an exit. Since International Man feature writer Jeff Thomas has for decades been advising those expatriating, we’ve asked him to weigh in on the topic. International Man: If you could tell those who are planning to expatriate only one thing, what would it be? Jeff Thomas: There are two primary priorities. Everything else would fall under sub-headings. The number one concern would be, “Get your money out.” I can’t stress that strongly enough. The number two concern would be, “Get yourself out.” International Man: Investment advisors often suggest that investors salt away a portion of their wealth in another country – say, 10%. Is that sufficient? Jeff Thomas: That would be prudent in times of prosperity; however, when your home country is heading toward a cliff economically, politically and socially, you’d be wise to put a very different number on it.
by Jeff Thomas

Orange Peel Extract Shows Anti-Breast Cancer Potential While Being 1,000 Times Less Toxic Than Conventional Chemo
Could the key to fighting breast cancer be hiding in your fruit bowl? A surprising new study suggests that limonene, a natural compound in the peel of citrus fruits, may pack a powerful punch against this devastating disease
In a remarkable discovery, researchers have found that a compound in the humble orange may have potent anti-cancer properties. Limonene, a natural chemical found in the peel of citrus fruits, has shown promising results in a recent study on women with early-stage breast cancer, offering hope for a new, natural approach to preventing and treating this pervasive disease.1 The study, conducted by Miller et al. at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, recruited 43 women with newly diagnosed operable breast cancer who agreed to take 2 grams of limonene daily for 2-6 weeks before undergoing surgical tumor removal.1 The goal was to determine how well limonene would be absorbed into breast tissue and to assess its effects on biomarkers related to cancer risk and progression.1
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

Young Bioweapon Victims Dying (1:09)
As A Paramedic I’m Being Utilized More And More To Not Only Run 911 Calls But Take People Home To Die. Young patients put on hospice due to highly aggressive cancer. Many of these patients know the covid 19 vaccine caused it. Talking to murder victims is the new normal.

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Surveillance On Every American Except For Those Who Bring Cocaine Into White House
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. government has passed a new bill allowing for widespread surveillance of every American citizen — unless, of course, they happen to be carrying cocaine into the White House. The legislation grants unprecedented powers to intelligence agencies to monitor the communications and activities of individuals across the country without obtaining a warrant. Despite pushback from citizens who believe the government ought to obtain a warrant to spy on it own citizens, lawmakers laughed heartily and passed it anyway. However, the bill does carve out an exception for anyone sneaking a little nose candy past the Secret Service and into the Oval Office. “I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” asked a confused Hunter Biden. “Congress ensured we’re all free to get a quick bump to get our heads straight. What’s the big deal?”
by Babylon Bee

What Authority Would Scare And Shame An Already Frightened Population?
Answer: The UK Government and their behavioural science advisors
In the knowledge that people are already in a state of heightened anxiety, what government would choose to further frighten and shame them? When citizens have amended their lifestyles in order to function under difficult circumstances, what government would seek to actively disrupt these necessary and understandable adaptations? And what government believes that a fearful population during a ‘pandemic’ is not acceptable, and opts to instil panic instead? A recently published paper by HART member, Dr Gary Sidley, has revealed that such a regime is our very own UK Government, aided and abetted by their advisors and behavioural science experts. The state’s strategic deployment of fear, shame and peer pressure/scapegoating – affect, ego and normative pressure ‘nudges’ – to promote compliance with covid restrictions has been widely documented (for example, see here and here). Focusing on the harrowing, and highly contentious, ‘Look them in the eyes’ (LTITE) messaging campaign of January 2021, Sidley has conducted a forensic analysis to expose the rationales offered by the Cabinet Office to justify the use of these emotionally disturbing advertisements on the British people. The findings provide insight into the mindsets and motivations of our political leaders and expert advisors, and convey their callous disregard for the wellbeing of those they are paid to serve.

A Single Atom Layer Of Gold—Researchers Create Goldene
For the first time, scientists have managed to create sheets of gold only a single atom layer thick. The material has been termed goldene. According to researchers from Linköping University, Sweden, this has given the gold new properties that can make it suitable for use in applications such as carbon dioxide conversion, hydrogen production, and production of value-added chemicals. Their findings are published in the journal Nature Synthesis. Scientists have long tried to make single-atom-thick sheets of gold but failed because the metal’s tendency to lump together. But researchers from Linköping University have now succeeded thanks to a hundred-year-old method used by Japanese smiths. “If you make a material extremely thin, something extraordinary happens—as with graphene. The same thing happens with gold. As you know, gold is usually a metal, but if single-atom-layer thick, the gold can become a semiconductor instead,” says Shun Kashiwaya, researcher at the Materials Design Division at Linköping University.
by Linköping University

April 15, 2024, 60 Posts Published

We’re Out Of Touch

We take for granted
All too much
Our news is slanted
We’re out of touch

Bred to compete
For the almighty dollar
A sucker to beat
They’re born every hour

by Mark R. Elsis

April 16, 1982

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by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Iran Breaches Anglo-Zionist Defenses In Historic Attack: A Breakdown
Iran made history yesterday by launching “Operation True Promise”. In our usual style here, let’s cut through all the noise currently clogging up social networks and incisively demonstrate the facts as thoroughly as possible, while also pointing out how this was a game-changing and historic event which has brought Iran onto the world stage in a big way. Firstly, as establishment, Iran’s stated goal for the operation was to strike back at the bases from which the Israeli consular attack was launched on April 1: IRGC has listed its objectives for last nights missile attack: Ramon and Nevatim airbases (where attack on Iran Consulate was conducted from). Israeli Air Force intelligence HQ in Tel Aviv (where attack on Iran Consulate was planned) and degrading of Israeli air defence radars and assets. The footage is of the Intelligence HQ getting hit. I have yet to see evidence of 99% interception. Ramon has been badly hit. Nevatim was hit by more than 7 missiles. Air Force Intelligence HQ completely leveled. Other strikes on air defence installations obviously not close to population centres and out of view but I’m sure sat intel will show extent of damage. And another: Nevatim Airbase in the south of occupied Palestine; Ramon Airbase in the south of occupied Palestine; The Israeli top-secret intelligence-spy base in Jabal al-Sheikh (Mount Hermon) in the north of the occupied Golan. It should be noted that the rest of the explosions or hits in other areas of the occupied territories are related to the confrontation of the Israeli air defense systems with the projectiles in the sky or the falling of the wreckage of the interceptor missiles or the wreckage of Iranian missiles.
by Simplicius

Congress Introduces ADL-Backed ‘Countering Antisemitism Act’ To Police Online Speech
A bipartisan pair of AIPAC-funded senators have introduced a new bill backed by the Anti-Defamation League aimed at silencing criticism of Jews and Israel and policing Americans’ online speech. The bill comes as Israel is committing an active genocide of Palestinians with US-supplied bombs and inducing a man-made famine in Gaza. “The Countering Antisemitism Act is the most far-reaching antisemitism initiative to be introduced in Congress,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said Thursday on X. “It offers a smart, bipartisan, whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to combating this hatred and protecting Je