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June 13, 2024, 30 Posts Will Be Published And Archived

Disturbing Gobekli Tepe Update (22:52)
by Bright Insight
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Bright Insight

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“He who controls the past controls the future

and he who controls the present controls the past.”
George Orwell

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June 12, 2024, 30 Posts Published And Archived

New Whistleblower Documents Show The FBI Is The Politicized Secret Police Force You Feared It Was (15:53)
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Tucker Carlson

Tristan Leavitt

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“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,

you are being ruled by criminals.”
Edward Snowden

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Russia Could Consider Changing Nuclear Doctrine
Actions of the US and its allies could prompt Russia to amend its nuclear posture, Deputy FM Sergey Ryabkov said
Russia could potentially make changes to its nuclear doctrine should the “escalatory actions” by the US and its allies push it into doing so, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a BRICS ministerial meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, Ryabkov admitted the international situation has been getting increasingly “complicated” and changes to his country’s nuclear posture could not be ruled out. “The challenges that are growing thanks to the unacceptable and escalatory actions of the US and its NATO allies undoubtedly prompt a full-fledged question of how the basic documents in nuclear deterrence can be brought more into line with current needs,” Ryabkov said. The diplomat refused to elaborate on the exact nature of the potential amendments, explaining that Moscow does not have a “practice of covering in advance what kind of changes can be made” before actual decisions are taken. The remarks come shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin again reiterated Moscow’s stance on nuclear weapons as a last-resort option. Speaking during a question-and-answer panel at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) last week, the president stressed that Russia has never been the first to resort to aggressive nuclear rhetoric.
by RT

The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse
In light of the recent resurgence of inflation on top of increasingly rigged employments stats, declining manufacturing and stagnant wages I think it’s important to revisit a fundamental question: What does an economic collapse look like? As I have said for years an economic collapse is NOT an event, it’s a process. When people think of a historic crisis they usually imagine something like the stock market crash of 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression. However, there were numerous indicators and warning signs leading up to that crash that should have tipped people off. There were even a handful of economists that voiced concerns about impending instability, yet they were ignored. Then, after the crash occurred numerous establishment economists denied that the system was in any real danger. They continually claimed that recovery was “right around the corner”, but the recovery never materialized. Instead, the crash spiraled onward for over a decade until world war erupted, largely because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates into economic weakness (a disaster they have openly admitted to causing and a policy they are instituting right now). The point is, the mainstream “experts” are almost always wrong. The skeptics of collapse either ignore the evidence or they don’t comprehend the implications of events. They don’t want to believe that the economy is broken and that consequences are possible. They operate from the limited view of their own personal experience. For most of their lives the system has functioned without catastrophe so that must mean catastrophe is impossible. In truth, catastrophe has merely been deferred to a later date, not prevented.
by Brandon Smith

Celtic Origins (37:30)
by Robert Sepehr

Meat Causes Cancer – The Evidence They’ve Ignored
When the meat industry made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about my book about food, I offered a number of scientific papers as evidence that I was simply telling the truth – that meat is a major cause of cancer. The ASA refused to look at the evidence I provided, found in favour of the meat industry and tried (unsuccessfully) to ban ads for the book. So here, in this brief extract from my book (Meat Causes Cancer’) are basic details of the scientific papers which I submitted to the ASA. The Press Complaints Commission also refused to look at this evidence when the meat industry complained.
There is clear medical and scientific evidence available to show that nothing, not even tobacco, influences your chances of developing cancer as much as the food you choose to eat. It is estimated that between 30% and 60% of all cancers are caused by what you choose to eat. Back in 1982 the National Research Council in the United States of America published a technical report entitled Diet, Nutrition and Cancer which showed that diet was probably the single most important factor in the development of cancer, and that there was evidence linking cancers of the breast, colon and prostate to particular foods or types of food. It is a scandal of astonishing proportions that a majority of the population still do not know about these vitally important and well established links. It is an even bigger scandal that a majority of the medical profession are unaware of these links too. Most doctors I have spoken to – even recently qualified ones – still dismiss the idea of a food/cancer link as mumbo jumbo nonsense. The average medical student probably spends more time staring down a microscope at histology slides than he or she spends studying the importance and significance of nutrition.
Dr. Vernon Coleman

Before And After
Compare before and after photos of any Arabs held captive by Israel with Israeli prisoners held by Hamas in Gaza. The difference is stark, reflecting the difference in treatment. It’s pretty clear whose prisoners get three squares a day and whose prisoners are starved and subjected to torture: Hamas has established moral superiority over Israel. This is one of the most astounding aspects of the events that are unfolding in Palestine. Israel has released Bassem Tamimi after throwing him in a torture dungeon for 8 months without charges He was held hostage for defending his town from settlers and the apartheid army without weapons And look what they did to him. Some of the Israeli prisoners who have been released are getting rough treatment from their fellow Israelis: Israelis wanted her to suffer more: Agam Goldstein-Almog, an Israeli freed in November truce, has been receiving intense hatred from other Israelis because she accurately described the decent treatment from Palestinians holding her. One of the most recent prisoners who was freed in the horrific massacre in Gaza is now—already—being accused of suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”. Note, the accusation of “Stockholm Syndrome” is an obvious clue that the word “cynically” was inserted by editors. “Almog Meir said that on his birthday, cynically, his captors made him cake.”
by Mark Wauck

This Bill Gates Slip Up Is Concerning (11:59)
by The Body Language Guy

SITREP 6/11/24: Roundup Of Hottest Developments
It’s mostly a light update day, as there aren’t any huge developments; so let’s clear the slate with an irregular scattershot style roundup of the top items of interest I’ll post then briefly comment on. The biggest news, of course, is the bloodbath at the European parliamentary elections. Macron had to shoot down rumors that he is planning to resign over the electoral humiliation: Wow, France’s republican right, the party of Chirac and Sarkozy, ask for an alliance with Le Pen for the elections (making her more likely to win). The dam was already very fissured but it’s now completely broken: no taboo about Le Pen in France anymore. Of course, it doesn’t mean as much as we might like as Le Pen has mostly been ‘captured’ by the globalist machine at this point, but it’s still something. Palace of Versailles even caught fire today—symbolic? A Russian flotilla is currently just miles from the Florida coast, giving the U.S. a taste of its own medicine vis-a-vis the drones which buzz daily around Crimea. U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidons do tracks searching for the Russian Yasen class “Kazan” sub armed with nuclear SLBMs. The US cannot find the Kazan submarine off the coast of Miami. Foreign experts say that the Russian submarine “Kazan” project 885M is currently about 100 kilometers from Miami, in the waters of the Florida Straits. Two P8 Poseidon patrol aircraft and two Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers have been deployed to search for the Kazan. On June 10, the carrier of hypersonic missiles “Zircon” frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” arrived in the capital of Cuba. It was later joined by a Russian nuclear-powered submarine, a carrier of hypersonic and cruise missiles. Where the submarine is currently located is unknown.
by Simplicius

Intel Halts Construction Of Multibillion Chip Plant In Israel
Foreign investment in Israel took a nosedive from $29 billion in 2021 to $5 billion in 2024
The US-based chip giant Intel Corp is halting a $25 billion chip manufacturing project in Israel, Calcalist reported on 10 June. The Israeli news agency writes that Intel’s decision to stop the building of the multibillion-dollar factory after “Intel’s suppliers received in recent days notice of the cancellation of contracts for the supply of equipment and materials required for the establishment of the company’s new factory.” The plant was announced in December of last year and was expected to be built in Kiryat Gat, just shy of 60 kilometers from Tel Aviv. The Calcalist report states Intel said in response that Israel continues to be one of the technology company’s “key global manufacturing and [research and development] sites, and we remain committed to the region. “As mentioned previously, the scope and rate of expansion of Intel’s production at the company’s sites around the world depend on a number of changing factors,” Intel’s response read. “Managing a project of this magnitude, especially in our industry, usually involves schedule adjustments. Our decisions are based on business conditions, market dynamics, and responsible capital management.” Since the beginning of the war in October of last year, Israel has suffered economic consequences at the hands of the Palestinian resistance. Venture capitalist investments in Israel peaked in 2021 at $29 billion, but as of 2024, foreign investment has sunk to around $5 billion. Chief of Israel’s central bank, Amir Yaron, said in May that Israel’s current war costs $70 billion of the Israeli 2025 budget.
by News Desk

Pro-Liberty, Anti-Empire: The Forgotten Founder Who Lived The Revolution (Show Links and Video 35:31)
Have you ever heard of Dr. Joseph Warren? He was a key figure in the American Revolution, a fiery orator who defied British tyranny, and the man who sent Paul Revere out on his famous Midnight Ride. This video dives into the incredible story of Joseph Warren, the “Pro Liberty, Anti-Empire” Founding “Grandfather” that history almost totally ignores.
by Michael Boldin and the Tenth Amendment Center

Russian Embassy In The US Receives Threats
The administration of the Russian embassy in the US and regular diplomats receive threatening messages on a daily basis, the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has said.
“I can confirm that threatening messages to the Russian embassy, for example, are received almost daily. And not only to the administration, but also to regular diplomats,” Antonov said in a commentary distributed by the embassy. According to Antonov, the US authorities with their “Russophobic policy only condone such tendencies.” “Thus, we know very well that in some states, primarily on the West Coast, groups of natives of Ukraine and relocants from our country sympathetic to Kiev are gathering. Someone is nurturing, mentoring, pumping poisonous propaganda into the youth. They are being prepared to be thrown onto the battlefield in Eastern Europe, and maybe even to other gangster antics. A lot of money is spent on this. And it is unlikely that the organization of such extremist cells goes unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. However, nothing is done regardless of the obvious risks,” he said.
by Sputnik

As The World Looks On With Horror On The Palestinian Massacre Prompting Calls For Ceasefire, Christian Pastors Continue To Urge Genocide
This past weekend, the world watched with horror as details emerged about an Israeli rescue of four hostages, which resulted in the deaths of 274 Palestinians, including at least 64 children, as well as 4 other hostages who were killed in the rescue, including one American. This has renewed calls for a ceasefire and an end to the war in Gaza, and the UN Security Council passed a resolution to do just that yesterday (Monday, June 10th). So is this proposed ceasefire UN resolution just smoke and mirrors? I would think so, because if you understand the mindset of the Zionist Satanic Freemason Jews, you will understand that they do not believe that they did anything wrong in massacring so many civilians in their rescue of 4 Israeli hostages, because they genuinely believe that their nationality makes them better than any other race of people, who are just the “Goyim” (Gentiles or Non-Jews), whose lives are worthless compared to the Jewish master race. As I have been reporting since October 7th in 2023, the most hardcore Satanic Zionists in the United States are actually Zionist Christians, whose pastors and leaders fully support the massacre and genocide against the Palestinians, as many of these pastors and leaders have literally called upon the U.S. to send nuclear bombs into Gaza to “finish the job” of genocide. So as the world watched with horror the massacre this past weekend which has prompted new calls for ending the war, Christian Pastor John MacArthur was interviewed by Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro where he supported the continued genocide of the Palestinian people, referring to them as “Amalekites”.
by Brian Shilhavy

Assange’s Extradition Appeal Hearing To Be Held Next Month
WikiLeaks is asking Americans to urge their representatives to support a resolution calling for charges against Assange to be dropped
A hearing for WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange to appeal his extradition to the US will be held next month on July 9 and July 10, British court officials announced on Tuesday. Assange, an Australian citizen, has been granted the chance to appeal his extradition on the grounds that he may not have the same First Amendment protections as an American citizen. Assange faces up to 175 years in prison and has been indicted with 17 counts under the Espionage Act and one charge for conspiracy to commit a computer intrusion for obtaining and publishing documents from a source, a standard journalistic practice. If he is convicted, it would have grave implications for press freedom in the US and around the world. The charges stem from documents WikiLeaks published in 2010 and 2011 related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2019, Assange has been held in London’s Belmarsh Prison on no charges as his legal team has fought the extradition, and his health has been deteriorating. Family members fear extradition would mean his death.
by Dave DeCamp

Bioweapons 101: The Story Of Anthrax (19:49)
As my husband Mark documented in “HIV Inserts”, Lies & “Lab Leaks”, the COVID-19 “lab leak” narrative has been in play before the World Health Organisation even officially opened the “pandemic”. In recent years I have covered “gain of function” gaslighting and garbage as well as the pseudoscientific fantasies involving ‘bio-weapons’ here and here. In recent years most of the fear-promoting stories have related to alleged “viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2 or the so-called Avian flu. When dismantling these tales we go back to the foundational papers to expose the fact that there is no evidence that any virus exists outside of computer labs. For many of us, we have bid A Farewell to Virology and its virus model. Additionally, because of the fatally flawed germ theory there is no evidence for the existence of microbial pathogens. However, anthrax is a curious case because it is alleged that the spores of Bacillus anthracis can be weaponised. In this video we examine the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States and the alleged military facility leak with dozens of deaths in the Soviet Union in 1979. Is this nature’s only true bio-weapon or has the mixture been spiked? This was a fascinating investigation into decades of scientific work and it revealed more than a few bizarre twists…
by Dr. Sam Bailey

How An Israeli Colonel Invented The Burned Babies Lie To Justify Genocide (Text and Video)
Atrocities against babies that the head of the Israeli army’s national rescue unit alleged were committed by Hamas fighters when they attacked an Israeli kibbutz on 7 October were in fact lurid tales of the officer’s own invention, intended to provide a pretext for genocide in the Gaza Strip, and to protect the massacre’s actual perpetrators: Israel’s own soldiers, acting on the orders of a top general. As Israeli forces recaptured territories temporarily taken by Hamas earlier that day, the commander of the national rescue unit of the Israeli army’s Home Front Command Colonel Golan Vach led the recovery of corpses from the region, which spanned an area of hundreds of square kilometers. A week later, Vach began asserting that Hamas fighters had brutally executed “eight babies” in a single house in Kibbutz Be’eri. “They were concentrated there and they killed them and they burned them,” Vach told a throng of reporters on 14 October, pointing through a smashed window into the charred living room of kibbutz resident Pessi Cohen. According to the only two captives who survived the bloodbath, however, a total of 13 civilians died at Cohen’s home, including Cohen herself, and none were babies or toddlers. All of them were middle-aged or older, save for adolescent twins taken captive from next door.
by David Sheen

Changing The Definition Of A Vaccine Has Legal Consequences
“The CDC went behind the scenes and changed the definition of the word vaccine. I guess they didn’t expect us to notice.” ~ Stew Peters, September 22, 2021
June 11, 2024: Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) issued a press release regarding their recent win in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, remanding the case back to the district court. Judge R. Nelson and Judge Collins concurred that the LA County School District’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate violated individual human rights of employees because the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ do not prevent against infection, nor transmission, and therefore, are not ‘vaccines.’ Per Judge R. Nelson’s Opinion: “Plaintiffs claim that the Policy interferes with their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment. Their complaint’s crux is that the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine. “Traditional” vaccines, Plaintiffs claim, should prevent transmission or provide immunity to those who get them. But the COVID-19 vaccine does neither. Plaintiffs’ complaint supports these assertions with data and statements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For example, Plaintiffs claim that the CDC changed the definition of “vaccine” in September 2021, striking the word “immunity.” Thus, they argue, the CDC conceded that the COVID-19 vaccine is not a “traditional vaccine.” The Key Word Here is ‘Immunity’ As Judge Nelson points out, by striking the word ‘immunity’ from the definition of vaccine (as well as the lack of the evidence that the COVID-19 mRNA injections provide immunity – or any clinical benefit) the CDC inadvertently dissolved the legal merits of the ‘COVID-9 mRNA vaccine’ mandates.
by Karen Kingston

Inclusiveness Makes ‘Greater BRICS Cooperation’ Vibrant
The BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting is held in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, from June 10 to 11. Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of Foreign Affairs, was invited to attend. In addition to the BRICS foreign ministers, representatives from the rotating chairmanships of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and ASEAN, as well as representatives of the African Union and the Arab League were also invited to attend the meeting. Today, when far-right forces are impacting the European Parliament and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict divides the world’s perception, the “greater BRICS” remains united and vibrant, attracting global attention with its stability. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran and Ethiopia joined BRICS in January, 2024, marking a milestone in the development of the BRICS mechanism. The expansion of the “BRICS” family is still ongoing, with dozens of countries expressing interest or formally applying to join the BRICS mechanism. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said during his visit to China on June 3 that Turkey hopes to join the BRICS. At the end of May, the Thai government approved a draft of the official letter that indicates Thailand’s intention to become a member of the BRICS. The international community is highly interested in the identities of these two countries as “a NATO member” and “an ASEAN country,” which not only expand the imagination of the BRICS family but also sends a unique signal of inclusiveness for “greater BRICS cooperation.”
Editorial by Global Times

Circumcision – Satanic Ritual Abuse And The Genital Torture Of Infants Must Come To An End (56:48)
Warning – Graphic Images In This Podcast. Viewer Discretion Is Advised!
Dear friends – it is BEYOND wakey wakey time for us to see that the medical establishment (and the jews who control it) are 100% evil and deliberately trying to cause harm! There is nothing beneficial about cutting off a healthy infant body part. This torturous surgery is 100% medically unnecessary and is nothing other than a medical/Luciferian RITUAL designed to induce extreme trauma in the child, causing long-term harm and dysfunction. This shit has got to end and those responsible for doing it need to be locked up for life. This is child abuse of the worst kind. Enough is enough.
by BirthOfANewEarth

Gaza: Child Survivors Of Nuseirat Massacre Say Israeli Soldiers Targeted Them Deliberately
Mohammad Matar has told Anadolu news agency of the horrors of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation army against the Palestinians in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. Miraculously, the 15-year-old child survived the brutal attack. Matar is being treated for his wounds in the Nasser Medical Hospital in Khan Yunis. An Israeli soldier shot him twice at point blank range, hitting him in the shoulder and stomach. The bullets exited his body through his back. The Israeli occupation army attack on Saturday killed 274 Palestinians and wounded at least 700 others in a massacre committed after a major artillery and air bombardment of the refugee camp. Matar was walking in the street when the explosions began. He did not expect the area where he lived to be turned into a battlefield. Within seconds, the boy told Anadolu, a number of Israeli helicopters flew overhead and fired randomly into the street where he was walking. He headed quickly to his home and gathered with his family members in the basement to take cover. Minutes later, the family heard the sounds of Israeli tanks in the area, so they ran up to the first floor, where they thought they would be safer.

Microplastics In Human Blood: Polymer Types, Concentrations And Characterization Using µFTIR
This new study on microplastics in human blood continues to confirm everything we have been seeing in live blood analysis. Of course the scientists do not question any correlation to the C19 bioweapon. 90% of healthy volunteers did have microplastic polymers in their blood. Polyethylene was most common. Polyethylene Glycol is used for the lipid nanoparticles in the C19 bioweapons. The particles were from 5 to 800 micrometers, so well within the size range that we are able to see on our Darkfield Microscopy. Please note that this is a catastrophic finding, as a red blood cell and capillary size is about 5-7 microns. Some particles were up to 3000 micrometer in length, which is enormous and certainly can cause heart attacks and strokes. 79% of the polymers where white or clear, which is what we are seeing in live blood as well. Of course the scientific literature is ignoring the polymer spraying via weather warfare assault from geoengineering operations and the C19 injections. Remember that stealth nanoparticles of all plastic polymer types were in the Moderna patent.
by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Carbon Credits Are The Biggest Scam Since Indulgences—How You Can Avoid Being Fleeced
In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church convinced the commoners to buy indulgences to alleviate their sins. And they made a fortune in the process. Similarly, today, our overlords—the mainstream media, central bankers, and their political allies—are working overtime to convince the commoners to pay for their alleged climate sins. Enter carbon credits, government-issued permits that grant you the privilege to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Although advocates promote them as a way to “save the environment,” in reality, carbon credits are nothing more than a devious mechanism to tax, regulate, and control you. It’s not a coincidence that the most philosophically and ethically bent people are promoting them. For example, at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, participants revealed and touted an “individual carbon footprint tracker.” It will track where people travel, how they travel, what they eat, and what they consume. Carbon accounting is already creeping into many places, like Google Flights.
by Nick Giambruno

Overwhelming Questions On The Dreadful History Of Depopulation (Audio 58:52)
The “elite” have wanted a world with far fewer people
How do we begin to understand the intentional violent impulses behind the murder of more than two million people in the United States at the hands of other Americans and the global predators wielding the weapon of mRNA “vaccine?” How do we fathom the motives that have led to an even greater worldwide massacre of innocents — an unprecedented tens of millions of people dying from the effects of the mRNA/DNA injections? What sense can be made out of intentionally making people infertile?
by Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin

Robert Fico Attempted Assassination Timeline, May 10-June 5, 2024
May 10, 2024—Slovakia refuses pandemic treaty and IHR amendments despite a meeting with Tedros to convince Slovakia otherwise. May 15, 2024—Slovakian PM Fico shot at very close range by multiple bullets by a former security guard and writer. May 16, 2024—The Atlantic Council just one day later tells us five things we need to know about the attempted assassination, attempting to gain quick control of the narrative. Did the Atlantic Council possibly know beforehand about the shooting? Showing no sympathy to the victim, who was at that time on death’s door, the Atlantic Council worries how the shooting will be used by Fico’s party to quell opposition. They also spin the shooting as due to “hate politics” (lone nut) rather than a political hit: Based on what we know so far, what consequences could the shooting have for Slovakia’s politics? Mr. Fico, 59, was shot multiple times at close range on May 15 in Handlova, in central Slovakia, and required several rounds of surgery before he was released from a hospital on May 30. He has been recovering at his home in Bratislava, the capital. He said in his address that the attack seriously harmed him, adding that he was receiving outpatient care. He said he hoped to return to work gradually by the end of June or early July “if everything goes as planned,” according to an English translation provided by Mr. Fico and Smer. Mr. Fico said that “an activist of the Slovak opposition” had attempted to assassinate him because of his political views, describing the gunman as “a messenger of evil and political hatred.” Opposition parties have denied any connection to the shooting. “I have no reason to believe this was an attack by a lone madman,” he said.
by Meryl Nass

Wealth Chimera
We have a GDP that is largely fraudulent… with as much as half of it directed, controlled or be-muddled by government, rendering it unfit for human consumption.
The subject is nothing. Zero. The thing that isn’t a thing. If you have a little of it, you accept it for what it is. Like an empty wallet, you know it won’t take you very far. But what if you have a lot of it? Fifty trillion dollars’ worth, for example. Then, you must feel a little like Donald Trump when he was down on his luck in the early ‘90s. He was reportedly in the hole by $100 million. But he was proud of it. The banks would never lend so much to a poor guy. Only a very rich man could be that poor. America’s great wealth is a source of pride too. But as we discovered, much of its proud tower is rickety, hollow or simply missing. Often, there is nothing where there should be something. And since a third of Americans live ‘hand to mouth,’ we’re going to see what happens when the mouth realizes that the hand is empty. We have stocks that are not worth a fraction of their prices. We have ‘meme’ and ‘zombie’ companies that are not worth anything at all. They may have negative value, in fact, since they take valuable resources and waste them. We have a mountain of debt… nearly $100 trillion of it… every penny of which is counted as an “asset” on the creditors’ balance sheets. Probably only about half of it is ‘money good.’ The rest may go ‘poof’ in the credit cycle’s downturn. The safest part of this pile is US Treasury bonds. And yet, in gold terms, we’ve seen that they lost 30% of their value in the last four years… and 75% since 1999.
by Bill Bonner and Tom Dyson

Magnesium Deficiency: The Silent Killer Linked To A 4x Higher Death Rate
You may religiously pop your daily vitamins and pride yourself on eating a balanced diet, but could you still be deficient in a mineral as essential as magnesium? A staggering 50% of Americans fail to get enough of this crucial nutrient1–and it may be putting their hearts and lives on the line. But fear not, dear reader, for science has unveiled a potential solution: a shiny new tool called the Magnesium Depletion Score (MDS) that could crack the code on your magnesium status and help you sidestep serious health consequences. Strap in as we embark on a journey to unravel the magnesium mystery and explore how this simple score could be the key to a healthier heart and a longer life. Magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body,2 plays a starring role in over 300 biochemical reactions.3 From regulating muscle and nerve function to keeping your heart rhythm steady, magnesium is the unsung hero of your health. But despite its undeniable importance, many of us simply aren’t getting enough. In fact, a staggering half of the US population falls short of the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium.4 This widespread deficiency has been linked to a host of health issues, including type 2 diabetes,5 cardiovascular disease,6 and even death.7 The problem? Identifying magnesium deficiency can be trickier than finding a needle in a haystack.
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

June 11, 2024, 30 Posts Published And Archived

Celtic Origins (37:30)
by Robert Sepehr
(To view with many links, click the link below.)

Robert Sepehr

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, letter to his father Leopold about the “Paris Symphony”

Symphony No. 31 In D Major K.297/300a “Paris” (20:50)
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The Three Key Messages From St. Petersburg To The Global Majority
In the year of the Russian presidency of BRICS, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) had to deliver something special. And deliver it did: over 21,000 people representing no less than 139 nations – a true microcosm of the Global Majority, discussing every facet of the drive towards a multipolar, multinodal (italics mine), polycentric world. St. Petersburg, beyond all the networking and the frantic deal-making – $78 billion-worth clinched in only three days – crafted three intertwined key messages already resonating all across the Global Majority. President Putin, a “European Russian” and true son of this dazzling, dynamic historic marvel by the Neva, delivered an extremely detailed one-hour speech on the Russian economy at the forum’s plenary session. The key takeaway: as the collective West launched total economic war against Russia, the civilization-state turned it around and positioned itself as the world’s 4th largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP). Putin showed how Russia still carries the potential to launch no less than nine sweeping – global – structural changes, an all-out drive involving the federal, regional, and municipal spheres. Everything is in play – from global trade and the labor market to digital platforms, modern technologies, strengthening small and medium-sized businesses and exploring the still untapped, phenomenal potential of Russia’s regions. What was made perfectly clear is how Russia managed to reposition itself beyond sidestepping the – illegitimate – sanctions tsunami to establishing a solid, diversified system oriented towards global trade – and completely linked to the expansion of BRICS. Russia-friendly states already account for three-quarters of Moscow’s trade turnover.
by Pepe Escobar

Trump, Elections, Netanyahu, D-Day Worship of Killing, Zionist Israel’s Holocaust Of Palestinians, Nuclear War, And Stupidity
Where does one dare to begin to describe the total idiocy that has gripped this country’s population? It is an impossible task to call out all the insanity going on, as it would require massive volumes of material just to scratch the surface. There is no term qualified to describe this lunacy, as even terms like bizarro world, dystopia, delusional, outrageous, idiotic, criminal, insane, and even phantasmagorical, do not come close to explaining the complete breakdown of intellect, and the voluntary acceptance of any and every maniacal stupid, freakish, unnatural, controlling, immoral, and murderous form of behavior. The non-thinking and non-action of the majority of people of this country and much of the world, are astounding to me; so much so as to force one to believe that all of humanity is just the result of a computerized program being played by some retarded controlling gamers from another galaxy. What else could explain such psychotic lunacy as this? Coming up soon; another presidential ‘election’ where 160 million mentally deranged ignoramuses will vote for their new master, expecting after 59 previous failures, to achieve victory and freedom this time around. Keep in mind that approximately another 80 million people are under the age of 18 and cannot vote, bringing this total to 240 million people. That leaves less than 100 million who will not vote. Please do not take this to mean that all those not voting are withholding their voluntary ‘consent’ for rule, as that would be a monumental mistake in judgement. There are only a very few who do not vote because it is the only sane thing to do, even though it is brutally obvious that this voting scam is only meant for the braindead, government-educated, intellectually-challenged dolts, who still seek to be ruled, but who mostly still identify as sheep awaiting slaughter.
by Gary D. Barnett

Why Is There No Record Of Ancient Humans? (12:49)
by Randall Carlson

Hamas Welcomes UN Security Council Resolution On Ceasefire Plan
Hamas has welcomed the UN Security Council’s earlier adoption of a resolution that has backed a plan aimed at bringing about a ceasefire in the Israeli regime’s ongoing genocidal war against the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian resistance movement voiced its approval of the resolution in a press statement on Monday, hours after the 15-member council voted overwhelmingly in its favor. Hamas said it “welcomes what is included in the Security Council resolution that affirmed the permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the complete withdrawal [of the Israeli forces], and the prisoners’ exchange.” It also said it approved of the plan’s other provisions, namely “the reconstruction [of the Gaza Strip], the return of the displaced to their areas of residence, the rejection of any demographic change or reduction in the area of Gaza, and the delivery of needed aid to our people in the strip. ”The statement expressed “readiness” on the part of the group “to cooperate with the mediators to engage in indirect negotiations on implementing these principles that are consistent with the demands of our people and resistance.“
by Press TV

Russia Could ‘Intensely Respond’ After Ukraine’s First Warplane Attack
After a Ukrainian warplane, for the first time, fired a weapon that struck a target inside Russia, Chinese experts said that Ukraine’s move is an attempt to demonstrate its “confidence” to the US and Europe in order to gain more support and assistance in the future, but Russia is anticipated to respond intensely and vigorously. According to Sky News, a Ukrainian military source said that a Ukrainian Air Force (UAF) mission struck a Russian command node on Sunday in the area of Belgorod, which is close to the border with northeastern Ukraine. It was not immediately clear what type of munition was used in the attack, including whether or not it had been a Western weapon, the report said. The attack was confirmed as a “direct hit,” and was the first UAF air-delivered munition delivered against a target within Russia, the military source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Ukraine has previously launched multiple drone strikes deep into Russian territory. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview with the CBS television channel that American weapons have already been used to deliver strikes on Russia’s territory, TASS reported on Sunday. His words came after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed on May 31 that US President Joe Biden had authorized the use of American weapons for attacks on Russian territory.
by GT Staff Reporters

The Pete Quinones Show Episode 1056: The Foreign Policy Of Adolf Hitler Part 3 With Thomas777 (1:01:37)

Here’s How Russia Can Prevent WW3
For 80 years, the Atom bomb has prevented a repeat of the horrors of the 1940s – Russia needs to leverage it again to stop American aggression
Nuclear deterrence is not a myth. It kept the world safe during the Cold War. Deterrence is a psychological concept. You have to convince a nuclear-armed adversary that it will not achieve its objectives by attacking you, and that if it goes to war its own annihilation is assured. The mutual nuclear deterrence between the USSR and the US during their confrontation was reinforced by the reality of mutually assured destruction in the event of a massive exchange of nuclear strikes. Incidentally, the abbreviation for Mutually Assured Destruction is MAD. And that’s very apt. There are several reasons for ‘mythologising’ nuclear deterrence. Since the end of the Cold War, there has been a widespread belief that every conceivable reason for nuclear war has disappeared. A new era of globalisation, with its emphasis on economic cooperation, has dawned. For the first time in history, the hegemony of a single power, the US, has been established globally. Nuclear weapons remain in the arsenals of the great powers – though fewer than at the height of the confrontation – but the fear of their use has faded. More dangerously, a new generation of politicians has come to the fore, unburdened either by the memory of decades of confrontation or by a sense of responsibility. The American belief in its own exceptionalism and European ‘strategic parasitism’, devoid of any sense of self-preservation, is a dangerous combination.
by Dmitry Trenin

US Doctor Criminally Charged After Reporting Illegal Child Trans Procedures
A US doctor has been charged with a criminal offence after reporting illegal child trans procedures. The Biden regime has criminally charged a surgeon who exposed secret sex-change treatments on minors in Texas. US federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against a surgeon who revealed that a Texas hospital was continuing to perform sex-change procedures on children – in violation of state law – after falsely claiming that it had shut down the program. Dr. Eithan Haim was indicted earlier this week by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on four felony charges for allegedly violating a patient-privacy law. US President Joe Biden’s régime had been threatening Haim with prosecution since last year. It moved after the physician leaked documents to a journalist showing that Texas Children’s Hospital was still providing sex-change surgeries and hormone therapies to minors as young as 11. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVIL ‘They wanted to intimidate me into silence using every technique the federal leviathan they had at their disposal, but they failed,’ Haim said on Thursday. ’The only way to lose is to submit to corruption. It’s time to fight back harder than ever!’ Haim is scheduled to make his first court appearance later this month. An online fundraising campaign for his legal defense fund had raised nearly $350,000 toward a $500,000 goal as of Friday afternoon.
by Michael Walsh