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4 Turning Points Before Election Day 2024 by Video Rebel

November 5, 2024 is scheduled by law to be America’s Presidential election day. Previously, I reported that Colonel Douglas Macgregor said we might not be able to have elections in 2024 as things will be that bad. I have been predicting Nationwide Food Riots in America which will take down our major cities before November 2024.
I see 4 Turning Points that will end the Government Media complex that is currently strangling us in the West.
The first major Turning Point is already happening. It was the release of the movie Sound of Freedom in which Jim Caviezel plays Tim Ballard who rescues children from human traffickers. Lara Logan says the average child lives 2 years after being kidnapped by international trafficking rings. Even Corporate Media told us that 300,000 women and children are being trafficked internationally by criminal gangs. I read the first 12 comments on Yahoo from people who saw the movie. One critic said you do not need conspiracy theories from Q Anon, Wayfair and Pizza Gate to prove your point. A man who actually saw the movie said the film never mentioned any of them at all.
I like to mention to people that Biden has taken in 85,000 children who are unaccompanied by relatives and are sent using taxpayer dollars to pimps and other exploiters. One very young girl tested positive for the presence of DNA from 67 different men.
Homes for Blacks and Latinos in LA’s Watts district average $549,000 but wages at garment factories have dropped to $1.68 an hour. Homes elsewhere in Los Angeles county get very quickly to $900,000 due to extreme over population.
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