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IDF Begins Allowing Troops To Shoot At Fleeing Rock-Throwers by Judah Ari Gross

Military says soldiers are still directed to first try to make an arrest without using deadly force, but experts raise questions about legality of new guideline. The Israeli military has revised its open-fire policies for the West Bank, officially allowing troops to shoot at Palestinians who had thrown rocks or firebombs at cars, even if […]

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The Irish Holocaust by Christopher Fogarty (Book / Free eBook / Petition / Website)

Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect”by Christopher Fogarty are offering this historical masterpiece free to everyone! The book is also available in hard copy format direct from Christopher Fogarty, (email: and he will sign and inscribe any message you so desire, the cost is $25 + shipping or you can […]

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The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by Dr. E. Michael Jones (Book, 2nd Edition)

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by Dr. E. Michael Jones is the story of the 2,000 year long battle between Logos and Anti-Logos: from the foot of the Cross in the Gospel of St. John, to the French Revolution, through the revolutionary movements of the 21st century, including the Neoconservative takeover of the United States. Israel […]