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Christopher Caldwell’s “Why Are We In Ukraine? A Steep Bill Comes Due For Decades Of Democracy Promotion.” by Kevin MacDonald

Writing for the traditionally neocon-friendly Claremont Institute, Christopher Caldwell (Summer, 2022) describes the unintended consequences of the Ukraine war—consequences that are indeed playing out now. Caldwell starts out with Prof. John Mearsheimer’s view on the causes of the war: [2014] was a hinge year. Ukrainian diplomats had been negotiating an “association agreement” with the European […]

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Jewish Assimilation? by Kevin MacDonald

An issue that comes up when talking about Jewish influence, especially, say, in the early twentieth century, is how to interpret the calls of some Jewish intellectuals for Jews to assimilate. Assimilation can mean many things. We can all agree that Orthodox and Hasidic Jews tucked away in self-created ghettos and eschewing secular education are […]

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Aleksandr Dugin On The Alien, Substantially Jewish Elite In The U.S. And Its War Against Traditional American Individualism by Kevin MacDonald

A translated version of an article by Aleksandr Dugin has appeared on KATEHON, an anti-globalist, pro-Russian website. (When I tried to post a link to the article on Twitter, they said that “the link has been identified by Twitter and its partners as harmful” and they blocked it.) Dugin’s article indicates that he has a […]

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