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Preventing The Coming Collapse by Video Rebel

Economists say a Financial Collapse is inevitable. As I previously said, Depressions are periods in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse which evaporates our debt based money supply. Since we have more debts to cancel than anytime in history, we are headed to the worst financial collapse in at least 500 years which would include both 1923 Weimar Republic and 1933 America. In 1929 there 123 million Americans. Of those between 3 and 7 million Gentiles starved to death. We had poor government record keeping in those days so we do not have an exact figure.
Also of immediate concern is the collapse of commercial real estate. Let me address that problem first as most people seem to run the other way when I talk about all that boring financial stuff of how to avoid a Depression and mass starvation.
I agree that there is a physical problem of what to do with empty office space. I would convert a large open space into small retail units with shop owners offering a hundred different specialties from food (Chinese, Korean, Tex Mex, Italian, Thai, Hindu, BBQ, etc) to retail shops. San Francisco had such a place called the Crystal Palace until a developer tore it down for condos.
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