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“Globalists” At Work by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

True Catholics must the New World Order grasp,
To see how the Devil has everything in his clasp.

The Ukrainian crisis was planned for years, well before the Euromaidan or “colour revolution” of 2014. The corrupt regime of Ukraine submitted itself to the globalist elite long ago, so that now the Ukrainian people are being slaughtered in a war that could have been avoided simply by enforcing the Minsk accords of 2015. The truth is that NATO had undertaken not to expand eastwards; that the Euromaidan revolution was conducted with the support of the American deep state; that the Minsk Protocol was not respected, and we have heard Angela Merkel herself admit that the purpose of that agreement was to give Ukraine time to arm itself. If in 2022 President Putin decided to defend Russian-speakers inside Ukraine from the continuous aggressions of the Kiev government, this did not happen suddenly. On the contrary, this was exactly what NATO wanted to achieve, by more than a decade of provoking Russia.
Those who wanted this war had two parallel objectives. The first was to prevent an alliance between the European nations and the Russian Federation, so as to isolate Russia for its destruction. The second was the destruction also of the economic fabric of Europe, because of course somebody knew that the sanctions against Russia would backfire against the countries of the EU, and force them to accept the so-called green transition, based on climate change fraud. To achieve this, for the dress rehearsal with the Covid farce of 2020 to 2022, there had to be a deep state puppet in the White House, and it was therefore necessary to oust President Trump in 2020 by means of an electoral fraud.
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