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World War III Update by Dr. Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media is successfully suppressing news about World War III (which, as I recently explained, started recently). There has been little or no recognition of the fact that we seem to be heading towards the planet’s first (and probably last) nuclear war. I estimate that the mainstream media is reporting less than 1% of what it should be reporting about a war which will affect everyone.
NATO needs a nice big war otherwise it will become obsolete. (Its original purpose was to counteract the USSR – which has gone.) And the arms industry is constantly hungry for more wars. If no one is firing bullets, no one is buying bullets. World War III is set to last for years. At the end of the war, people will be so desperate for peace they will be happy to be ruled by a world government.
Rishi Sunak (the British Prime Minister) has called for Russia’s war criminals to be tried at the International Criminal Court. The US hasn’t agreed with this because they are worried that many American politicians and military chiefs will be prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Sunak should be careful. As the law stands, the leaders of the Western Alliance are possibly the ones breaking international law. If and when World War III is over, Biden, Sunak, Trudeau, Macron et al will be standing alongside Tony Blair accused of war crimes. Russia regards Biden, Sunak et al as the accomplices of terrorists.
The life expectancy of Ukrainian soldiers at the front line is said to be four hours. Desperate recruiters have allegedly been dragging teenagers off the streets, handing them guns and sending them into action. Allegedly.

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