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World War III Update (13th March 2023) by Dr. Vernon Coleman

We are clearly fighting World War III (even politicians admit this). If Russia loses the war and NATO sends troops into Russia there will be definitely be a nuclear attack on the USA and much of Europe. And that will be the end of that. Meanwhile here are some bits of news that the BBC might accidentally have forgotten to mention.
And this might be a good time to re-watch the video I released on 3rd May 2022 which was entitled `Why they need World War III’. (I was, of course, sneered at when I made that video. ‘That will never happen’ insisted the naïve, the gullible and the still innocent. I was told that there would be no war because ‘the people wouldn’t allow it’.)
China is setting up ‘military offices’ on the bit of China straight across from Taiwan. And Chinese fisherman have ‘accidentally’ cut cable lines to Taiwan. And the Chinese Government is telling its citizens the location of their nearest nuclear bunker. World War III is spreading East.
North Korea now says that ‘there is a realistic chance of nuclear war’. Since they probably won’t be fighting a nuclear war with Iceland, it’s a good bet that the war will be with the US, the UK and the EU.
The American Government lost wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. What makes Biden think he can fight Russia and China and win?
America and China are both rapidly increasing their armoury of nuclear weapons.
President Orban of Hungary has said that western countries are close to discussing the possibility of sending NATO troops into Ukraine to fight Russia. The Russians will then have to kill NATO troops very quickly. And that is when WWIII will become very dangerous. Don’t buy any long books or start watching lengthy TV series.
A few days ago I warned about Israel’s plans for attacking Iran. Mark R Elsis of Earthnewspaper tells me that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that the option of attacking an Iranian nuclear facility in ‘self-defence’ must be kept open. ‘Horrible nuclear war will break out if Iran isn’t stopped’, said President Netanyahu of Israel, who presumably thinks that a `nice’ nuclear war is possible.

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