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US Dollar And Military Both In Their Death Throes by Video Rebel

NATO is a cause of war and instability in Europe. Without NATO we may have a real prospect of peace. ~ Alexander Mercouris of the Duran
Alex also said that the US administration has been trying for 6 weeks to get President Xi Jinping of China to take a phone call from President Biden. All this to no avail. The world’s estimate of America’s leadership is much lower than our media’s.
I remember a few years ago of a survey of American and South Korean high school students. The American students scored off the charts on self-esteem, the Koreans scored very poorly on self-esteem. The Americans, when asked if they knew math, rated themselves as very knowledgeable and proficient, the Koreans not so much. Then the students were given math tests. The Koreans scored off the charts in math and the American’s scores were abysmal.
Back in the Clinton years, I worked at a couple of websites in Silicon Valley. I noticed that temp help who graduated recently from California public schools did not grasp the concept of an alphabet. They literally did not understand that if they were to file something with D for Dog in the title and they were standing in front of E for elephant that they would have to move to the left. Thank you Randi Weingarten and the American Federation of Teachers.
by Video Rebel
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