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Bilderberg 2023 Annotated Members List by Video Rebel

The Bilderberg Society was founded in 1954 by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and David Rockefeller with the assistance of the Dutch royal family. They discuss their agenda which we can see as public policy shifts within the next few weeks. Currently,they have strong links with the World Economic Forum at Davos.
Their announced agenda includes AI, the (collapsing) Banking System, China, Energy Transition, Europe, Fiscal Challenges, India, Industrial Policy and Trade, NATO, Russia, Transnational Threats, Ukraine and US Leadership.
Hints: The ancestors of the Bilderbergers looted the British Raj (Modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) of $45 trillion dollars. Their ancestors also launched 2 Opium wars against China. They also invented concentration camps killing 26,000 South Africans so they could get the mines for Jewish people and low paying mining jobs for Africans. These men looted Russia of $250 billion after the Soviet collapse. Russia, India, China and South Africa do not intend to go back to the good old days of colonialism. Though I do agree with their invited professor (Sally Benson) who believes China will collapse.
Some attend without public acknowledgement as Obama and Hillary did in 2008. I decided to include all of the Steering Committee members (even if they skipped this meeting) as their elevated rank reveals a lot about Bilderberg’s intentions.
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