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An Epidemic Of State-Sanctioned Euthanasia by Dr. Vernon Coleman

In numerous countries around the world, euthanasia programmes have been introduced in order to eliminate the elderly and the sick by encouraging them to end their lives.
Life, it seems, is imitating art for in 1953, Evelyn Waugh wrote a novel called ‘Love Among the Ruins’ in which he described a state-run euthanasia centre.
In Trudeau’s Canada, the government has introduced a very forceful euthanasia programme called ‘medical assistance in dying’. There were 13,000 state sanctioned ‘suicides’ in Canada in 2022 and that country is now deciding whether to allow children and the mentally ill to kill themselves. Please read that sentence again.
In the Netherlands, healthy individuals with autism are allowed the option of euthanasia, and Australia is deciding whether to let children as young as 14 kill themselves (or allow someone to do it for them). Today, euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Columbia and parts of Australia.
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