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Vigano On Russia by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Cannot our leaders see what is at stake? –
Everything God made, man wants to remake.

In a Catholic Church where very few churchmen still have the insight to see, or else the courage to denounce, why the world around them is preparing its own suicide, one churchman is fearlessly telling, month after month, the essential truths. Here follows, in summary form, the encouraging Message of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to the Founding Congress of the International Movement of “Lovers of Russia,” held in Moscow last month. When a Catholic bishop is consecrated bishop, he promises not to call evil what is good, nor to call good what is evil. Here Archbishop Viganò calls out clearly our present world leaders as evil, and the Russians standing up to them as good. One may have certain reservations, but he is still essentially correct. If his Message is not heeded, we will have to learn the hard way.
Recent events have shown that the materialistic atheism that has devastated the Russian Empire and the world since 1917 – as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary announced at Fatima – has today joined forces with liberalism, to constitute the globalist ideology underlying the New World Order. As President Vladimir Putin rightly pointed out in a recent speech, it is a project out of Hell, whereby hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite. The aim is a dystopian society, without past or future, without faith or ideals, without culture or art, without fathers or mothers, without family or spirituality. Can we be surprised if, after de-Christianizing the Western world, this elite considers Russia an enemy to be overthrown? The Russian Federation undeniably stands as the last bastion of civilization against barbarism, gathering around it all those nations that do not intend to submit to the colonization of the world by NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
by Bishop Richard N. Williamson
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